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A Learning Commons Journey: 10 year transition


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In March 2018, the construction of a new Mazenod College Library was completed as part of a senior school building project. This presentation charts our journey as the Library Team through that 10 years which involved an interim refurbishment, then a complete new building. It is as much about the ability of the Library Team to be part of a vision and understand the philosophy of Learning Commons and envisage a different, positive future for the role of the Library within the College. It's as much about the people as the paint and furniture. (Notes included on this presentation)

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A Learning Commons Journey: 10 year transition

  1. 1. A Learning Commons Journey: Ten year transition Camilla Elliott Head of Library and Digital Learning Mazenod College, Mulgrave SLAV Conference 15 August 2018
  2. 2. Learning Commons vs Information Commons vs Library Commons vs iCentre
  3. 3. Initial Vision 2010 .
  4. 4. Learning Commons Library as Third Space - • Character is determined by its regular clientele • is marked by a playful [yet studious] mood • contrasts with more serious involvement in other spheres of school
  5. 5. Vision based on 21st century society Belief in shared responsibility Commitment to personal growth Library Team 2.0
  6. 6. Cultures do not change by mandate but by the specific displacement of existing norms, values, structures and processes Cultural change depends on modelling new values and behaviours that you expect to displace the existing ones. Elmore 2004
  7. 7. Change is a process, not an event: it is a journey into uncharted territory. Fullan 1993
  8. 8. Quantity can be an indicator of adequacy but it does not indicate quality AASL 2009 School Library Guidelines
  9. 9. Discuss with Principal, Leadership & Teachers Envisage possibilities Learning Commons – Initial Steps Forward Enable Library team Identify core learning partnerships Establish a plan Review resources – physical, virtual, personnel Consolidate, introduce, change practice Assess progress, review constantly
  10. 10. Vision Statement To be a launching place for learning. A place where cultural, social, and intellectual exchanges occur; often mediated by, but not limited to, the resources in the library collection; a space defined by the social mood, cultural and civic expression, and the intellectual values of the school community.
  11. 11. Stage 2 – New look
  12. 12. Stage 2 – New look
  13. 13. Stage 2 – New look
  14. 14. Maker Activities Meeting Sharing Discussing Belonging • iSupport Student Tech Team • Gaming – Minecraft • Kerbal Space Program • Augmented Reality – iPads • Lego + Little Bits + Coding • Chess • Book Club
  15. 15. New Library plan moved into March 2018.
  16. 16. Now incorporating…… • Archives • Careers • Evening Study Hall Broader Role
  17. 17. Thank You Twitter @camillaelliott