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Byd pv incentive plan us v1 celia 20120227


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Byd pv incentive plan us v1 celia 20120227

  1. 1. BYD PV Network Program Feb. 24th, 2012
  2. 2. BYD PV Network Program _Agenda 1 Target 2 BYD Packages
  3. 3. BYD PV Network Program _ Targets Brand reputation build for both parties in the market Long term partnership with win-win business mode from PV products to storage products Sales and marketing support from BYD by providing incentives and advanced technology products.
  4. 4. BYD PV Network Program _ Packages BYD marketing tool package Advanced technologies and service package Financial incentive package
  5. 5. Marketing Tool PackageAdvertisement Co-op advertisementCollateral BYD Image, brochures, data sheets….etcPOS Material Posters, Roll-Ups
  6. 6. Advanced Tech.& Service Packages T.O.P. 5 TechnologiesNES, ABC, POP, TJB , DLC 1. More than 10% power output improvedEnergy Storage Solution 2. Turnkey solution from for market expanding generation to storage 3. Quick reaction& low price fluctuation risk Local warehouse
  7. 7. Advanced Technologies_ T. O. P. 5280275 270270 265 265265 260 260 260260 255255 250250 245245240 Poly235 Mono-like230225 Mono Mono-Like Mono-Like Mono-Like Mono-Like Mono Mono Mono Mono Poly Poly Poly Poly Q1, 2012 Q2, 2012 Q3, 2012 Q3, 2012 BYD module power roadmap (60cells) with T.O.P.5 technologies.
  8. 8. Advanced Technologies_ Home Energy Storage Electric Vehicle LED Indoor Lighting Monitoring SystemSolar Panel Fe-Battery Storage Control System Charging Pole
  9. 9. Service Package 2-3 days to customer Approx 3 days for unloading destination after PO and customs clearance BYD HQ Final warehouse Destination in LABYD Shanghai Shanghai port Rotterdam port BYD US Approx 4 weeks on the sea
  10. 10. Financial Incentive Packages I Rebate for down payment II Bonus for monthly pick-up volume III Budget for yearly volume achieved Oversupply volume bonus based on yearly volume IV achieved
  11. 11. Financial Incentive Package I Condition Rate Remark 100% down payment before shipment 1.50% e.g. - 1MW PO#BYD001 released and requested ETD in Jan. 2012 Rebate will be returned toIncentive I - 1MW (PO# BYD001) solar module shipped out with price customers bank account 0.6EUR. 0.6 million payment down before shipment. after payment received. The rebate will be: 0.6 million*1.5%=9.000,00 EUR will be returned to customers bank account.
  12. 12. Financial Incentive Package II Condition Rate Remark 1. Monthly Pick-up Volume achieved 2. Payment received <= 235W 240-245W >=250W Europe QTY< 1MW 0.00% 0.30% 0.50% 1MW<= QTY< 2MW 0.00% 0.80% 1.80% 2MW<= QTY< 5MW 0.00% 1.00% 2.00% Bonus will be returned 5MW<= QTY< 10MW 0.00% 1.20% 2.50% to customers bankIncentive II e.g. account after payment - 1MW (PO#BYD002) 240W solar panel released on Jan. 10th, received. 2012 and requested ETD on Jan. 15th 2012 (payment term 30 days) - 1MW (PO# BYD002) 240W solar panel shipped out with 0.6EUR on Jan. 15th 2012. 0.6 million EUR payment received on Feb. 15th 2012. The bonus would be: 0.6 million*0.8%=4800EUR
  13. 13. Financial Incentive Package III Condition Rate Remark 1. >= 5MW shipment achieved in one calendar year 2. 0.4% of the revenue will be reserved for marketing support budget Budget will be returned to a) 80% of the budget must be consumed in one 0.40% customer based on yearly calendar year and will be returned to customer. shipment volume achieved and payment received.Incentive III b) 20% of the budget will be kept at BYD as security Budget will be calculated buffer and transfer to next calendar year automatically. in Q1 based on the sales revenue in last calendar e.g. year. 5MW shipment volume achieved in 2012, total 3 million EUR received. The budget would be: 3 million*0.4%=12.000,00 EUR.
  14. 14. Financial Incentive Package III80% of the budget Up to 100% cost share for customer branded data sheet with BYD logo. Cost share with certain percentage if BYD is featured with other brands together(e.g. catalog with 10 pages, 1 page for BYD= 1/10 of the cost sharing ) Up to 50% share of the media expenses if BYD is featured as a exclusive module brand Cost share with certain percentage if BYD is featured with other module brandstogether (e.g. 3 module brands featured, 1 is BYD=50%*1/3 of the cost sharing) The same value of BYD renewable products (Home storage system, Mobile power,datasheets, brochure….etc)20% of the budget will be kept at BYD as buffer and transfer to nextcalendar year automatically
  15. 15. Financial Incentive Package IV Condition Rate Remark 1. The shipment volume is beyond 10MW in one calendar year. 2. Payment received 2.00% 3. Only apply with the oversupply volume beyond 10MW in one calendar year e.g. Bonus will be returned to customers bankIncentive IV - PO#BYD015 with 1MW 240W solar panel released on Dec. 10th, account after payment 2012 and requested ETD on Dec. 15th 2012 (payment term 30 days). received. 10MW solar module already picked-up by customer before this order. - 1MW (PO# BYD015) 240W solar panel shipped out with price 0.6EUR on Dec. 15th 2012. 0.6 million EUR payment received on Jan. 15th 2013. The bonus will be: 0.6 million*2.0%=12.000,00 EUR
  16. 16. Thank You