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My ideal home


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My ideal home

  1. 1. My ideal home By: Celia Martínez Gómez 2ª
  2. 2. My ideal home is in the down town of New York.I like a chalet with one kitchen, one dining room, one living room, four bathrooms and five bedrooms.I have in my bedroom one desk, one wardrobe, one bed, one white chair and something bookcase.
  3. 3. My sun is watching the Tv,my daugther is reading a magazine,my other sun is playing on the garden and my husband is making lunch.My favourite room is the living room, because it has a big television and i watch films every weekend.I love my massage armchair
  4. 4. I like my home because i design to my liking with my husband and my family.Also beacuse is in the place that i like to live (New York).