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An example of the iconic MJ

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Celebrity Branding_MJ

  1. 1. Internal External Define & Formulate your Personal Vision Personal Ambition Implement & Personal Mission Cultivate your Personal Key Roles Personal Ambition, Knowledge Financial Personal Brand & & Learning PBSC Internal Personal SWOT External Personal Brand Objectives Specialization Challenge Plan Service Dominant Attribute Domain Act Deploy Personal Brand Strategy Personal Logo Financial & Slogan Knowledge & Learning Define & Formulate your Personal Critical External Internal Personal Brand Success Factors Formulate your Personal Objectives Personal Performance MeasuresPersonal Balanced Scorecard (PBSC) Personal Targets Personal Improvement Actions Knowledge Financial & Learning
  2. 2. Strengths WeaknessesThreats Opportunities
  3. 3. Strengths WeaknessesThreats Opportunities
  4. 4. t Ac Ch all en ge ImplementationDe Pl plo an y
  5. 5. t Ac Ch all en ge ImplementationDe Pl plo an y
  6. 6. Black OrWhite?
  7. 7. Black OrWhite?
  8. 8. Black OrWhite?
  9. 9. The Man who made “Bad” cool!
  10. 10. Michael JacksonThe Man who made “Bad” cool!