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Colour 01


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Presentation on the colour made ​​by our students in their first year of Secondary School.
Group 01 - Laura, Jimena, Sara, Raquel and Froila
Primary colours
Secondary colours
Tertiary colours

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Colour 01

  1. 1. COLOUR THEORY PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND TERTIARY COLOURS By: Laura Marín Cañibano Nº10 Sara Rodríguez García Nº 15 Raquel Rubio López Nº 19 Jimena Sánchez Montoto Nº21 Froila Suárez Álvarez Nº25
  2. 2. PRIMARY COLOURSPrimary colours are colours that canbe combined to make a variety ofdifferent colours called secondarycolours.There are only three primary colours
  3. 3. SECONDARY COLOURSSecondary colours are in between theprimary colours. If two of the primarycolours are mixed together, a secondarycolour is created.There are three secondary colours
  4. 4. TERTIARY COLOURSTertiary colours are combinations ofprimary and secondary colours.An easy way to remember thesenames is to place the primary namebefore the other colour.
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