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  1. 1. FALL / WINTER 2012Everyday Glamour
  2. 2. FALL / WINTER 2012 2 T 1 his is the season where style really gets going — BIG, COLORFUL clothing is more layered, This symbol guides NECKLACES accessories are key and EFFORTLESS there’s more to play with. I you to Elena’s favorite Youll be naked this looks and styling tips. EARRINGS season without them love that. But more options Everyone loves mean more style decisions, too. to sparkle In creating this lia sophia collection, as always, we’ve taken key trends and lia sophia interpreted them so they’re easy to Creative Director wear and mix together. You’ll find Elena Kiam glamour for all day long … bright, modern fun … carefree, bohemian style … looks that are softer, feminine — or bolder, stronger … and a whole new collection for girls, inspired by a third generation of Kiams, our daughters Lia and Sophia. Our designers have outdone themselves THE WANT again, with original, handcrafted, of-the- moment looks that you don’t have to be Lia Kiam and Sophia a fashion fanatic to love. Kiam, daughters of Elena and Tory and As a working mother of three, time is the inspiration for LIST a concept I lost track of long ago. So we our new Sisters™ made sure that every time you turn a Collection, pg. 14. page here, all the styles coordinate. You’ll find designs to transform a basic outfit, and looks that let you express different AN UNEXPECTED sides of yourself. It’s a spectacular BRACELET collection, and whatever you choose Exclusive style that CONTENTS Fashion expert and 05 GUEST & HOSTESS BENEFITS will help finish your look and boost your TV host Jeannie starts conversations 06 HERE COMES THE FUN colorful, optimistic, right-now looks confidence right away. Mai, a good friend 14 SISTERS™ for anyone who’s a girl at heart and longtime fan of All of this comes to life in lia sophia lia sophia, hosted a 20 TICKET TO STYLE our inspiration comes from everywhere parties, which are the most fun way breakfast with Elena 26 IN LOVE WITH LOVE put a little romance in your day to shop for jewelry that I can imagine. for fashion bloggers 40 LIVING LUXE any doorway can be an entrance And behind all the excitement and style during New York 48 LIA SOPHIA RED CARPET COLLECTION™ are serious businesses — and savvy Fashion Week. businesswomen. I couldn’t be prouder to 50 KIAM COLLECTON™ timeless elegance be part of a company that has women’s At the annual 54 FLASH silver looks that let them know you’re here empowerment as the cornerstone of its Dress for Success 60 STREET SMARTS pretty but powerful style mission. And seeing women in the Gala, Tory and Elena 66 SAY IT WITH JEWELRY look the way you feel lia sophia family succeed together is were honored for lia 68 SECOND NATURE relaxed looks, natural materials, easygoing style the very best part of my day. sophia’s commitment to their organization, 80 THE WEAR NECESSITIES simple solutions for easy, everyday style It’s going to be a beautiful fall. here with DFS CEO, 94 HOOP-DE-DO gorgeous hoop earrings and more Joi Gordon. Read more 96 PUT A RING ON IT ten fingers will never be enough about DFS on pg. 99. 98 SALES COUNCIL take it from the tops 99 DRESS FOR SUCCESS® going places, going strong Elena Kiam, Creative Director 1. Roll the Dice earrings (pg. 47) On the cover: Versailles earrings, 2. Amazonia necklace (pg. 9) Versailles necklaces & Visionaire ring (pg. 41) 3. Ladylike (pg. 19), Ruffle (pg. 37) & Chromatic (pg. 7) bracelets2 3
  3. 3. More social, more fashion Join the lia sophia conversation LIASOPHIA.COM FROM THE PRESIDENT Here’s home to the lia sophia experience, ™ including Elena’s blog — with her style ideas and behind-the-scenes stories — more fashion If you’re just getting to know lia sophia, updates and practical information for Advisors, welcome. I grew up in a family of Hostesses and guests. entrepreneurs — my father, Victor Kiam, FACEBOOK host a party founded and nurtured a number of The conversation is always in full swing here, internationally successful ventures in his with pictures, event updates, videos, tips and lifetime, including this company. And we’ve chats. We like you, and we hope you’ll Like us. been creating high-quality, trendsetting YOUTUBE fashion jewelry for more than a generation. The lia sophia channel refreshes regularly with When Elena and I renamed the company videos of press appearances, compelling stories after our daughters, we did it out of love — from Advisors, and Elena’s very popular Social Be the hostess with the mostest and with an eye to the future. Fashion videos that tour the collection with a stylist’s eye. If you aren’t a subscriber, you’re missing out. lia sophia Advisors, Hostesses and guests have the confidence of our unmistakable TWITTER quality and unmatched Lifetime Replacement Our tweets offer quick, informative updates on events, special appearances, celebrities spotted in Guarantee. And value is as important to our jewelry, and more. It’s fun to follow the leader. us as style. More than half of the pieces in this collection are less than $50. Many are MOBILE APP lia sophia has one of the most rewarding Hostess programs in the less than $30. And our innovative discount Our free mobile app lets you browse all our collections, zoom in on details and get help industry. Just have some friends over, share style and fun, then programs let you have even more great creating looks. iPhone® and Android™ compatible. style, for less. To download, visit and click treat yourself to BIG jewelry savings. “Follow us” on the home page. I hope you’ll join us as a Hostess or an WHEN YOU HOST A QUALIFYING SHOW¹, GET: FASHION TAGS Wow Your Friends with Advisor. You’ll enjoy additional, generous Scanning these symbols, seen throughout • 20% of Show sales in FREE jewelry². Everyday Savings discount plans, including free jewelry for the style guide, gives you quick, easy access hosting parties, and the exceptional support to more fashion ideas and tips from Elena, • Any 4 jewelry pieces at Hostess-only pricing, Our everyday special means your guests and training we offer Advisors. lia sophia is updated throughout the season. Go to starting at $15 each, unless otherwise noted. can purchase any three jewelry styles and on your smartphone, download about jewelry, of course, but at its core it’s the app, and you’re ready to scan. • And any 5 pieces of jewelry at half-price. enjoy 50% off the most expensive piece - about women having a chance to start their • Opportunity to double your Hostess rewards their choice. You can give your friends the own business, change their financial situation for just $15 and receive 40% of Show sales and live life on their terms. Some women want fun of a party and incredible deals, too. in jewelry³. a little change, others want to change it all — it’s all up to you. LOOK AT WHAT YOU CAN GET¹ Our family built this company — now in its More value, 20% OF FOR JUST $15 RECEIVE 41st year — on value, style and trust. Elena and I are proud to be a part of lia sophia more often WHAT’S YOUR HOSTING POTENTIAL SHOW SALES IN FREE JEWELRY² HOSTESS BONUS ITEMS HALF-PRICE ITEMS 40% OF SHOW SALES IN JEWELRY³ every day, and thrilled at the opportunities Follow these symbols to savings $250 Show (minimum) $50 4 5 $100 that women just like you find here. We’ll always be on your side, and we look forward Every third style you buy — your most $500 Show $100 4 5 $200 to sharing success together. expensive one — is always 50% off. $650 Show $130 4 5 $260 Hostesses get free jewelry just for $1000 Show $200 4 5 $400 hosting a lia sophia jewelry party. Exclusive style with a Lifetime ¹ Qualified show is a minimum of $250 in sales of regular and/or half-price items and two buying Guests. Replacement Guarantee on all ² May be taxable in some states. Tory Kiam, President lia sophia jewelry. ³ With 10 orders, 2 guests booking their own parties. May be taxable in some states. tag here to see our “host a party” video4 5
  4. 4. On Model: Powdered Sugar earrings, Queue necklace, Chromatic & Technicolor bracelets (pg. 7) D C E F B here comes the fun celebrity favorite A see more at celebrity A. Grommet 34-37" Necklace (33434) $56. B. Electric Pierced (20179) $20. C. Queue Cut Crystals, 18-21" Necklace (32443) $88. G Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63615) $78. Also in jet, pg. 55. Some days, the sun shines brighter, your step is lighter, D. Junction 16-19" Necklace (32L93) $38. anything seems possible. That optimism is captured E. Powdered Sugar Cut Crystals, Pierced (23165) $34. in these fun, colorful, right-now looks that take classic F. Chromatic Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium (13B66) $98 each. Also in jungle & marigold, pg. 9 & jet, pg. 55. preppy and give it a fresh, modern flair. The prices will G. Technicolor Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium, Fuchsia (13B01); put a smile on your face, too. White (13773) $98 each.6 7
  5. 5. On Model: Fairest of Them All earrings & Toni Ann necklace (pg. 8), Attached bracelets (pg. 10) & Ladylike ring (pg. 19) D F E B exclusive style with a lifetime C G replacement guarantee A. Confidant Cut Crystals, 7" or 8" Bracelet (13083) $58 each. Also in lemon, pg. 13. B. Oceanique Cut Crystals, Cuff Bracelet (13098) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. C. Toni Ann Cut Crystals & Resin, 36-39" Necklace (32L38) $148. As Hostess Bonus Item $40. A D. Fairest of Them All Cut Crystals, Pierced (23175) $32. Also in matte gold, pg. 31. “Our Chromatic E. Run Around Pierced (23275) $38. bracelets are a breakout F. Amazonia 22-25" Necklace (32L92) $78. hit — and a new classic. The lia sophia signature is subtle in G. Chromatic Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium, person, but a tasteful reminder Jungle (13B67); Marigold (13B90) $98 each. Also in ocean, pg. 7 & jet, pg. 55. of your style.”8 9
  6. 6. celebrity favorite see more at celebrity A G B F C On Point bracelets & Pitch ring (pg. 13); Roundel earrings (pg. 94), H D On Models: Starry Night earrings, Refresh necklace, Isis necklace (pg. 10) & Capricious rings (pg. 84) A. Four-tet Pierced (22294) $28. Also in matte gold, pg. 12. E B. Denim Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64670) $54. C. Cloud Nine Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet (12082) $40. D. Attached Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium (13B03) $48 each. E. Isis 36-39" Necklace (32N06) $78. F. Riverwalk Pierced (23168) $44. G. Océane Genuine Lapis with Cut Crystals, Pierced (23194) $74. H. Colorama Cut Crystals, Pierced (22845) $30. tag here to see our 16-19" Necklace (33416) $98. “here comes the fun” video10 11
  7. 7. G B E A H D A. Four-tet Pierced (23E97) $28. Also available in silver, pg. 10. B. Veranda Stretch Bracelet (13053) $78. C. Shannons Medley 36-39" Necklace (32L94) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. D. Royal Blue Cut Crystals & Glass Moonstone, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64620) $118. As Hostess Bonus Item $20. E. Spotlight Cut Crystals, F 7-8" Bracelet (13096) $28. 16-19" Necklace (34314) $38. Also in tangerine, pg. 16. J starry night earrings F. Pitch Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64621) $68. spotlight necklace G. Starry Night Genuine Blue Goldstone, & on point bracelet GORGEOUS FOR Pierced (23169) $32. LESS THAN $100 H. Refresh Glass & Resin Beads, with Customer Save Plan® 16-19" Necklace (32L98) $86. C J. On Point Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium, Mint (13025); Midnight (13026); Lemon (13027) $54 each. K. Confidant Cut Crystals, 7" or 8" Bracelet (13B14) $58 each. Also in stone, pg. 8. K12 13
  8. 8. On Model: Flicker earrings (pg. 18), Shortcake necklace, Puppy Love, Berry Patch & Parfait bracelets (pg. 15) A B C Great style is meant to be shared. Inspired by Kiam D daughters Lia and Sophia, our new Sisters™ collection was created for looking pretty, today and tomorrow. Designed for smaller frames, they adapt as she grows. Theyre perfect for mother or daughter, sisters, good friends or anyone who’s a girl at heart. E sisters F A. Shortcake Cut Crystals, 15-18" Necklace (34398) $34. B. Sprinkles Cut Crystals, 6½-7½" Bracelet (13B80) $48. C. Puppy Love Cut Crystals, 6½-7½" Bracelet (13B89) $28. G D. Berry Patch Cut Crystals, 6½-7½" Bracelet, Blueberry (13790); Blackberry (13789) $28 each. E. Parfait Cut Crystals, 6½-7½" Bracelet, Strawberry (13786); Key Lime (13785) $28 each. F. Love Ya 6¾" Bracelet (13B08) $28. G. Light Bright Cut Crystals, Set of 3 Rings, tag here to see whole sizes 4-9 (64643) $78. our “sisters” video14 15
  9. 9. H N Necklace F Set D J M better together necklace 2 pairs of birthday party earrings MOTHER & DAUGHTER LOOK FOR LESS THAN $100 with Customer Save Plan® A E K On Model: Birthday Party earrings (pg. 16), Better Together necklace (pg. 17) & Spotlight bracelet (pg. 16) L G C A. Spotlight Cut Crystals, 7-8" Bracelet (13023) $28. 16-19" Necklace (31401) $38. Also in navy, pg. 13. January February March April B. Tally Set of 2 Rings, whole sizes 5-11 (64635) $48. C. Adore Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64614) $36. May June July August D. Monogram Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace, available in all letters A-Z; (344S add the letter you wish to order at the end). For example, "A" is (344SA) and "Z" is (344SZ) $38 each. E. Roll With It Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (34419) $38. September October November December F. Birthday Party Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace, Purple (34414); Blue (34410) $28 each. G. Birthday Party Cut Crystals, Pierced, Gold (23108); Silver (23872); January (01); February (02); March (03); April (04); May (05); June (06); July (07); August (08); September (09); October (10); November (11); December (12) $19 per pair. H. Blessings Total CZ wt. 1.4ct., 16-19" Necklace (30307) $38. J. Raise the Bar Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (33L69) $38. Also in matte gold, pg. 29. B K. Admire Total CZ wt. 0.4ct., Ring, whole sizes 4-10 (63628) $44. L. Savvy Total CZ wt. 0.2ct., Ring, whole sizes 4-10 (60657) $52. ™ M. Lovable Genuine Freshwater Pearls, 15-18" Necklace (34432) $28. join us online at N. Better Together Cut Crystals, 17-20" & 15-18" Necklace Set (33301) $78.16 17
  10. 10. On Model: Flicker earrings, Limesicle necklace (pg. 18), Parfait & Love Ya bracelets (pg. 15) & Ladylike ring (pg. 19) everything on these pages FABULOUS FOR LESS THAN $50 N M O D C B P A J K E L Q R F A. Trinket Cut Crystals, 15-18" Necklace (33445) $48. B. Besties Cut Crystal, 15-18" Necklace (34442) $28. C. Limesicle Cut Crystals, 15-18" Necklace (31444) $28. D. Zest Cut Crystals, 15-18" Necklace (34428) $34. S E. Flicker Cut Crystals, Pierced, Clear (23180); Pink (23224) $24 each. F. Full Speed Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64662) $48. G G. Fast Track Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63632) $48. H. Vertex Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium, Citron (13759); Fuchsia (13762) $38 each. J. Susanne Marie Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (31309) $44. K. Stitch 15-18" Necklace (33456) $28. L. Heartthrob 16-19" Necklace (34435) $28. T M. Fortune 15-18" Necklace (34455) $28. N. Bubbles Cut Crystals, 15-18" Necklace (33448) $34. O. Lanky 15-18" Necklace (34449) $28. P. Better Half Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64648) $34. Q. Hue Ring, whole sizes 5-11, Turquoise (64689); Watermelon (62692); White (64696) $22 each. R. Ladylike Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 4-9 (65665) $38. U H S. Sentiment Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet (13024) $46. T. Aventura Stretch Bracelet (13071) $48. U. Ladylike Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium (13028) $48 each.18 19
  11. 11. B D TICKET TO STYLE Swivel & Rhythmic bracelets & Clementine ring (pg. 21) C On Model: Diary earrings (pg. 30), Tangy necklace, celebrity Here, we’ve been inspired by favorite see more at art and design everywhere, A celebrity from unusual filigree patterns to delicate leaf motifs to chunky tribal influences. Find color, culture E and a touch of the exotic, all in lustrous gold, blues and greens. A. Azalea Cut Crystals, Ring, F whole sizes 5-11 (64680) $54. B. Spring Ahead 18-21" Necklace (33363) $124. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. C. Tangy 34-37" Necklace (34316) $78. D. Clementine Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64622) $54. G E. Verde Stretch Bracelet (13059) $44. F. Swivel Stretch Bracelet (12779) $36. Also in silver, pg. 71, and hematite, pg. 78. G. Rhythmic Stretch Bracelet (13056) $54.20 21
  12. 12. G leaflet earrings eden necklace & swiss dots bracelet GORGEOUS FOR LESS THAN $100 with Customer Save Plan® B H A On Model: Leaflet earrings, Drizzle necklaces, Swiss Dots, Rue & Candy Coated bracelets (pg. 23) J C K A. Adrift Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63686) $58. B. Laguna Glass & Resin Beads, 18-21" Necklace (33N70) $118. E As Hostess Bonus Item $20. D C. Eden Cut Crystals, 29-32" Necklace (33330) $64. D. Lacey Pierced (21803) $42. E. Drizzle 36-39" Necklace (33348) $72. F. Whisper 38-41" Necklace (33459) $82. G. Leaflet Pierced (23185) $28. H. Rue Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet (12B75) $62. F J. Candy Coated Stretch Bracelet (13057) $52. K. Swiss Dots Stretch Bracelet (13058) $38.22 23
  13. 13. “A stunning pair A of earrings really E makes an outfit, and I love anything in turquoise — it flatters everyone, and can feel dressy or casual.” F B D Detachable Dangles earn free jewelry as a hostess G On Model: Persia earrings (pg. 25) & Adrift ring (pg. 22) C A. Family Tree 18-21" Necklace (34397) $48. B. Arboretum Cuff Bracelet (12B99) $218. As Hostess Bonus Item $60. C. Chimera Cut Crystals & Resin, 28-31" Necklace (34346) $88. D. Poema Cut Crystals, Pierced (23204) $28. E. Poema Cut Crystals & Glass Cat’s Eye with Resin, 17-20" Necklace (34321) $48. F. Persia Pierced (22829) $42. G. Windstorm Genuine Turquoise, 30-33" Necklace (33477) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35.24 25
  14. 14. On Model: Aria earrings, Jody’s Baubles necklace (pg. 27), Regalia bracelets & Crave ring set (pg. 64) D BIN LOVE Chiffon and gossamer. WITH LOVE C Pearls and roses. Silver and crystal. Romance is no longer reserved for evening gowns or A date nights, which is E why it’s in every design here — feminine, frilly, sparkling, soft — to A. Jacqueline Cut Crystals, 40-43" Necklace (33331) $138. make it easy to add As Hostess Bonus Item $35. something especially B. Aria Cut Crystals, Pierced (23226) $34. pretty to every day C. Lemon Chiffon Total CZ wt. 6.7ct., of your week. Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (6C661) $88. D. Jody’s Baubles Glass & Resin Beads, 18-21" Necklace (34323) $118. As Hostess Bonus Item $20. E. For You Cut Crystals, Set of 5 Bangle Bracelets available in Small, Medium & Large (13769) $98 per set.26 27
  15. 15. E G H F D Pin B On Model: Sugar Dusted earrings (pg. 28), Garden Rose necklace (pg. 29), C celebrity favorite see more at celebrity For You bracelet sets (pg. 27) & Adrift ring (pg. 22) A. Glitterbug Cut Crystals & Resin, Pin (52548) $48. B. Rosedust Glass & Resin Pearls, 16-19" Necklace (33499) $118. As Hostess Bonus Item $20. C. Peach Melba Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64676) $74. J D. Parasol Cut Crystals & Resin, Pin (52506) $52. E. Sugar Dusted Cut Crystals, Pierced (22886) $34. Also in matte silver, pg. 37. F. Collateral Cut Crystals, Pierced (23212) $28. G. Nonpareil Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (32L46) $44. H. Raise the Bar Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (32L66) $38. A Pin Also in silver, pg. 17. J. Garden Rose 34-37" Necklace (34334) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35.28 29
  16. 16. G E A H F Detachable Necklaces Fairest of Them All earrings, Dancer necklace, Vanity bracelet sets (pg. 31) & Peaches & Cream ring (pg. 30) D C B J A. Posey Cut Crystals, Pierced (23166) $26. B. Diary Pierced (22283) $24. Also in matte silver, pg. 85. C. Empress 36-39" Necklace (34306) $98. D. Peaches & Cream Cut Crystals, Set of 3 Rings, whole sizes 5-11 (63690) $78. E. Peach Fizz Cut Crystals, Pierced (23103) $58. 18-21" Necklace (33340) $48. F. The One Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (33341) $78. G. Fairest of Them All Cut Crystals, Pierced (23167) $32. Also in silver, pg. 8. On Model: H. Dancer Cut Crystal, 16-19" Necklace (33426) $44. J. Vanity Glass Pearls & Resin, Set of 3 Stretch Bracelets (13062) $98. Also in matte silver, pg. 32.30 31
  17. 17. C B F E G H D A. High Tea Glass Pearls, 28-31" Necklace (33N36) $68. B. Petit Four Pierced (22291) $26. C. Aristocrat 16-19" Necklace (34396) $98. D. Vanity Glass Pearls & Resin, Set of 3 Stretch Bracelets (13065) $98. A Also in matte gold, pg. 31. E. Sparkling Rosé 60-63" Necklace (34347) $78. F. Jasmine Cut Crystals & Resin, 16-19" Necklace (32L35) $48. G. Catch the Bouquet Cut Crystals & Resin, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (64679) $78. download our app so you’re never without us H. Whimsy Cut Crystals, 36-39" Necklace (33N93) $48.32 33
  18. 18. F B D april birthday party earrings antiquity necklace & brocade bracelet GORGEOUS FOR LESS THAN $100 with Customer Save Plan® C G E H J On Model: Hugs earrings (pg. 37), Estate necklace (pg. 35), Cloud Nine bracelets (pg. 10) & Antiquity ring (pg. 34) K A. Reach Glass Beads, 32-35" Necklace (33441) $68. B. Primrose Cut Crystals, 16-19" Necklace (32308) $48. C. Brocade Stretch Bracelet (12054) $38. D. Antiquity Cut Crystals, 17-20" Necklace (32367) $58. A E. Antiquity Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (65623) $68. F. Posh Cut Crystals & Resin, Pierced (22244) $28. G. Love Dust Cut Crystals, 7½-8½" Bracelet (11081) $78. 17-20" Necklace (30L81) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. H. Beaming Total CZ wt. 3.0ct., Pierced (21112) $32. L J. Pristine Total CZ wt. 5.0ct., Pierced (20236) $32. K. Estate Cut Crystals, 30-33" Necklace (32L68) $64. L. Abloom Total CZ wt. 1.2ct., Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (61691) $58.34 35
  19. 19. E D F A “I love the ultra-feminine feeling of the Ruffle bracelet, and how it adds a little flourish at your wrist G — like a ruffle on a shirt.” H B Ruffle & Crystalline bracelets (pg. 37) & At Last ring (pg. 38) On Model: Beaming earrings (pg. 35), Breleigh necklace, C A. Plaza Glass & Resin Beads, 16-19" Necklace (32L21) $68. B. Party Favor Cut Crystals & Resin, Stretch Bracelet (12074) $130. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. C. Celestial Cut Crystals with Glass & Resin Beads, 25-28" Necklace (32N03) $68. D. Pop the Bubbly 16-19" Necklace (33N89) $68. J E. Hugs Cut Crystals, Pierced (23213) $48. F. Crystalline Cut Crystals, Bangle Bracelet, Clear (11097); Olivine (13B10) $128 each. As Hostess Bonus Item $35 each. Also in hematite, pg. 61. G. Ruffle Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet, available in Small & Medium (13B11) $98 each. H. Sugar Dusted Cut Crystals, Pierced (22887) $34. Also in matte gold, pg. 28. J. Breleigh Cut Crystals, 36-39" Necklace (34402) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35.36 37
  20. 20. celebrity favorite see more at celebrity F E A G C B On Model: Petit Four earrings (pg. 32), Nostalgia necklace (pg. 39), ask how to get 50% off your most expensive choice Brocade bracelets (pg. 34) & Adore ring (pg. 16) A. Pearlette Genuine Freshwater Pearls, D 15-18" Necklace (30454) $58. B. Crystal Clear Cut Crystals, Pierced (22279) $58. C. At Last Total CZ wt. 8.2ct., Ring, whole sizes 5-10 (62683) $88. D. Charleston Cut Crystals & Resin Pearls, 27-30" Necklace (33359) $74. E. Rumba Cut Crystals, Pierced (23195) $48. F. Nostalgia Cut Crystals & Resin, 16-19" Necklace (34322) $98. H G. Bel Aire Cut Crystals, Pierced (22E84) $52. 16-19" Necklace (3C386) $48. H. Charleston Stretch Bracelet (13015) $72.38 39
  21. 21. On Model: Versailles necklace, Bolt bracelets & Visionaire ring (pg. 41) A C LIVING LUXE B D Glamour is a state of mind, and we’re A. Versailles Cut Crystals, Pierced (23E70) $32. 18-23" Necklace, Olivine (31325); happy to help you channel it for a lunch Black Diamond (31326) $158 each. appointment, an afternoon of errands As Hostess Bonus Item $40. or dinner out — any time you want to feel B. Donoma Pierced (23E85) $58. luxe. Looks deceive in this elegant C. Versailles Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet, Olivine (13B93); Black Diamond (13B94) $98 each. collection — the prices are nothing D. Bolt Cut Crystals, Stretch Bracelet available in Small & Medium, E compared to the payoff. Olivine (13B92); Black Diamond (13B91) $78 each. E. Visionaire Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63603) $88.40 41
  22. 22. C B E D “The openwork On Model: Gotham earrings, Gotham necklace, Appliqué bracelet (pg. 42) & Undercover ring (pg. 65) and lacey feeling celebrity J looks light and delicate on favorite see more at your wrist, but still makes celebrity a statement. It’s the perfect F cuff if you don’t usually A wear them.” G H A. Appliqué Cuff Bracelet (13B16) $98. B. Gotham Cut Crystals & Resin, 18-21" Necklace (32354) $148. As Hostess Bonus Item $40. C. Gotham Cut Crystals, Pierced (23E87) $32. D. Cocktail Hour Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63695) $128. As Hostess Bonus Item $35. E. Inked 17-20" Necklace (32N50) $98. F. Wishing Well Cut Crystals, Ring, whole sizes 5-11 (63669) $88. G. Double Trouble Cut Crystals, Pierced (23206) $48. H. Voltage Pierced (22865) $42. tag here to see our “living luxe” video J. Flapper Cut Crystals, 27-30" Necklace (33371) $64.42 43