You’ve run through your warm market – now what


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You’ve run through your warm market – now what

  1. 1. You’ve Run Through Your Warm Market – Now What? Your warm market consists of virtually everyone with a pulse with whom you are not a total stranger. That means friends, family, anyone you’ve ever done business with, and every acquaintance you’ve ever had.
  2. 2. By Celene Harrelson Helping Transform New Solopreneurs Into Happypreneurs! Marketing Strategies for Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales
  3. 3. You’ve exhausted your warm market. Now what? • There is a right way and a wrong way to go about recruiting and prospecting on social media. Link blasting and shooting 52 before and after testimonial pics a day out into the web-o-sphere is not it. This method is pretty darned ineffective and frustrating for both you and your Facebook friends. • So what is the right way you ask? First and foremost, you have to build relationships. People don’t buy from people they don’t know like and trust. Period. When’s the last time you whipped out your credit card because someone online that you don’t know or have any connection with said you should trust them and give them your money? Point made? • I don’t mean you have to have the kind of relationship where they name their kids after you, but there has to be a some trust there.
  4. 4. How Do Big Name Marketers Make Money Using Social Media? There is a course from my network marketing colleague, Jessica Higdon, called 10K Social Media Formula were she walks you through her very simple strategies that have changed her life. She makes 10K a month on Facebook and has built a BIG downline. She has perfected prospecting and recruiting on social media to an art form and only spends an hour or so a day at it! Not only will she show you exactly how to use social media to grow an enormous business she also includes all the scripts she uses every day. Check it out and see what you think.
  5. 5. Network Marketing Mojo Do You Feel Like No Matter What You Do Or How Many People You Talk To About Your Network Marketing Company, You’re Getting Nowhere Fast? Network Marketing Mojo Group Coaching with Celene is your answer!