Writing Headlines – If I’ve Offended You, I’m Sorry


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When writing headlines, you must use words that get your readers attention. Period.

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Writing Headlines – If I’ve Offended You, I’m Sorry

  1. 1. Writing Headlines – If I’ve Offended You, I’m Sorry When writing headlines, you must use words that get your readers attention. Period.If you’re doing it right, you are in business to serve others. If your blog posts and emails don’t getread, how will you reach them? If you don’t reach them, how can you serve them? You absolutelygotta become a master at writing headlines. If the headline doesn’t grab your clients, yourcompetition’s headlines will. Period.If you are doing it right, you are in business to make a profit while you are serving others. To do thatyou need to attract your ideal client, then you need for them to open your emails and click on youroffers. Period.As you grow your audience, those that resonate with you will stick around as long as you offer greatcontent and quality products. Those that are not your ideal clients, will go by the wayside and that’s theway it’s supposed to be. As Sandi Krakowski puts it – “attract and repel“. It’s one or the other, youcan’t do both. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. If you try, first you’ll become a crazyperson no one wants to be around, next, you’ll go under! The only people you will be serving then arethe ones you have to ask “Do you want fries with that?”
  2. 2. Today, I had to have a talk with myself about all of this. So instead of just talking to myself (like acrazy person no one wants to be around), I decided to share it with you. There’s a valuable lesson tolearn here. If not for the headline, you wouldn’t have read this, right? That’s point #1.That brings me to point #2. This afternoon I opened my email to find an unsubscribe from someone onmy list that said,“Don’t send me emails with such raunchy offensive headlines!”YIKES!! For a minute, while I was processing this, it was like someone slapped me. Then I took acalming breath and heard Sandi’s voice (in my head – I don’t really hear voices), “Attract or repel, youcan’t do both.” Obviously this woman was most definitely repelled.Recently I have been testing more aggressive, attention getting headlines, (none raunchy, I assure you)and seeing my open rate double and my sales increase! Lately, I’ve been writing less like a businessperson and more like me. When I write, I picture you and I sitting at my kitchen table chatting it upover a cup of coffee. You are important to me. You’ve become like family. I would never everintentionally offend you.Would I write a headline that would make you want to open it and see what’s inside? Absotively,posilutely! That’s my job. That’s how I’m able to serve you. I would be doing you and myself a seriousdisservice if I didn’t. YOU can’t teach them something that will help them to reach their goals, orguide them to products they want and need if your clients don’t read your stuff! You need yourheadlines to make them want to read what’s inside. Period.The moral of this story… If you are writing headlines that get their attention and draw them in,someone, somewhere along the way just might get offended and leave. Then they weren’t your idealclient anyway. But many more will eagerly read your stuff and learn something to help them reach theirgoals or buy a product that will teach them what they came to you to learn in the first place…and begrateful. Period.With love and blessings,