Are You Building A Profitable Online Biz Or A Seriously Expensive Hobby?


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You can play around at building an online biz and treat it like a hobby or you can build a successful profitable business from home. I'm gonna be blunt - It's time you make a stink or get off the pot.

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Are You Building A Profitable Online Biz Or A Seriously Expensive Hobby?

  1. 1. t he happypre ne m m/are-yo u-building-a-pro fitable-o nline-biz-o r-a-serio usly-expensive-ho bby/Are You Building A Profitable Online Biz Or A SeriouslyExpensive Hobby?Celene Harrelso nWell, which is it, a serious online biz or a hobby?I understand how easy it it to drag your feet,live in fear of success or failure- so much that it paralyzes you and keeps you f romtaking action. Been there, done that – rode thatroller coaster ride. Heck, it took me several years tobecome prof itable.It’s so easy to f all into the trap of learning, learningand then learning some more without implementinganything you are learning. You f eel like you stilldon’t know enough to put yourself and your onlinebiz out there. T hat if you just learn this next thing…I’m gonna be blunt – It’s time you make a stinkor get off the pot.If you are just playing around at blogging as ahobby, that’s f ine, but admit it so you can take thepressure of f and enjoy your ef f orts.But if you are in this to build a prof itable business, then it’s time to shake it up a bit!Stop buying all those courses for now. Go back and look at what you already bought that’s sitting on yourhard drive. Review only the ones that are relevant to what you are doing or needing to learn about right now,study them then implement what you’ve learned. Don’t start something else until you’ve done that.Get off of social media all day. Pop in a couple of times a day. Set a timer and when it goes of f , get out!You can even use Hootsuite to keep all of your social media networks on one dashboard and schedule someposts and tweets ahead of time to go out automatically.Turn off all notifications. Schedule time to check your email and stay out of your inbox in between times.Make a plan. Have a schedule and keep it. Whether it’s a simple to do list, Google calendar or whatever, mapout your week then break that down into what you are going to do each day.Take a good look at what you’ve done so far. How can you leverage that to make drive traf f ic, createcontent and products and start making some money? Can you create a Kindle book out of a series of blogposts already on your blog? How about dusting of f the products you’ve already created and f ocus onmarketing them? If you have products already and aren’t making lots of sales, you should be spending about
  2. 2. 75% of your time leveraging what you already have rather than scampering to start more projects.Hire a business coach. No matter what phase of business you are in, you need a coach. I have one,someone who is much more successf ul and been at this longer than I have and she has one that has seeneven more success. Find someone you resonate with who can show you the next steps to take, stop spendingmoney on courses and “the next big thing” and invest in yourself and the growth of your business. Did youknow I do coaching?It’s time to get serious in your online biz. You can treat it as a hobby and it will be a money pit, or you can workat home and create the lif estyle you really want.