Social Media Marketing – Are You Being Consistent


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Social Media Marketing - Are you being authentic and consistent about who you are and what you do? People get to know you and decide if...

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Social Media Marketing – Are You Being Consistent

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing – Are You BeingConsistent ?As most of you know, I live in a little town much like Hooterville on the old televisionshow Petticoat Junction. Just a little country store like Sam Druckers minus the picklejar, a bank, post office and gas station. So when I say I live in the middle of a corn field,I mean it literally. As you can imagine, there’s not much to do here but watch the corngrow.In the summer months I like to go to yard sales on Saturdays just for something to do. Isee lots of people I’ve known all my life there. It’s funny, but it gives me a sense ofcommunity. These are people I played with as a child, went to school with, theirparents, my old teachers. It makes me realize how important living in the community Igrew up in is to me as I get older. It anchors me.Thinking about this makes me realize how different we are in these digital times. It usedto be that we got our news talking to our neighbors over the backyard fence, atneighborhood cook outs, from our front porches or school and community gatherings.That was then…Now, we talk on social media. People get to know you and decide if they trust youenough to do business with you on Twitter and Facebook these days. Are you beingauthentic and consistent about who you are and what you do? Or does your blog sayone thing, your Twitter profile another and your Facebook “about” something else? Isyour look consistent? Does your feel and message in your social media marketing match no matterwhere people find you online? Social media is the new backyard fence… It’s not the same as your neighbors expecting to see YOU over the fence on a daily basis and recognizing YOU no matter what you look like that day. You are not meeting your clients in person, face-to-face in most cases, so it’s important that the photos you use on Facebook are the same as the one you use on Twitter and your blog. Your photos need to be recent, not one of you at high school graduation, one at a costume party 5 years ago and one now. You need to become instantly recognizable wherever they find you online, therefore your “look” needs to be consistent.
  2. 2. Is your message consistent, too?Your clients should also know exactly what you do in your business the minute they see you around theinternet. That means you need to say the same things in your profiles across the board as well. To dootherwise will muddy the waters and confuse your would be clients.Make sure you message and image is the same everywhere your clients find you. It’s just fine to letthem know more about your personally within your tweets and posts. As a matter of fact it helps themto know you, like you and want to do business with you, but your “about” information in your all ofyour profiles must convey the same information.With love and blessings,