How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


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It doesn't have to cost a fortune to drive traffic to your blog. Here are some creative, easy no-cost ways to get more traffic to your blog...

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

  1. 1. How To Drive Traffic To Your BlogNo matter where you are in your business, you need to useevery strategy you know to drive traffic to your blog and opt-ins. Getting traffic to your blog is the name of the game. If you can do it for free, more the better. Let’s talk about how using Inbound marketing strategies can help you to drive free traffic to your blog. So, what the heck is Inbound Marketing? Here’s how Wikipediadescribes it:Inbound marketing is based on the concept of earning the attentionof prospects, making yourself easy to be found and drawingcustomers to your website by producing content customers value.In other words, you create dynamo content and sprinkle iteverywhere you can with the desired result of driving traffic back toyour blog. Pretty simple and very effective if you know how and do itenough. In my recent trip to NAMS8 in Atlanta, one of theinstructors said to me “Celene, you are a mover and a shaker, I seeyou everywhere!” And she does. Why? Because I am an InboundMarketing maniac!Here are a couple of inbound marketing tactics that are kind ofobvious, but often not used to their full potential:Email marketingI know that’s certainly nothing new, but are you using the emails yousend as strategically as you can to drive traffic back to your blog? In
  2. 2. my newsletters, I put the first paragraph or so of the featured trainingarticle in the newsletter with a link that says “Read the rest of thisarticle…” that leads back to that blog post. I always publish thefeatured article on my blog first for 2 main reasons:1.Quality blog content2. As a hook in my newsletter to drive traffic back to my blog inorder to get all the goodiesI also have several other links back to other things on my blog as wellwithin my newsletters. In my regular broadcast emails, it’s a greatidea if you send your reader back to your blog each time as well. There are several ways you can do this, too. • You can link to a post that relates to your email subject • You can give them a link to a product, service or freebie housed on your site • You can have a link at the bottom of your posts that offer resources, training, etc that will entice them to click and go to your siteUse your imagination, get creative. There are all kinds of fun thingsyou can do in your emails to get them to eagerly click to your site.Social MediaAgain, this is obvious, but are you effectively usingyou social media networks to drive traffic to your blog? No, Idon’t mean slimy salesy link blasting either. Using social media is oneof the best ways I know to build relationships and community. As youare engaging with your community you can use some of the samestrategies in social media as you do in your emails. Give them helpfulresources. For instance if your niche is scrap booking, send them to apost which has a short tutorial video on how to do a spiffy beachinspired layout. Be sure to share your blog posts with them often andsend them back to your blog for more information about upcomingevents, webinars, teleseminars. Always be thinking about how toshare interesting and relevant information with your social mediapeeps that require them to go to your blog to get the rest.
  3. 3. Something that drives more traffic back to my blog than anyother is LinkedIn Groups. Even if you are not very active in LinkedIn,join lots of active relevant groups, then use your blog post titles andthe link to the post as an update. Once posted, click on the share linkat the bottom of the update to share with your groups. This goes outto your groups as a discussion and people really do comment quiteoften to the discussion which gives you an opportunity to buildrelationships. These discussions are then mailed to all groupmembers. It equates to some pretty good traffic numbers for me. Ifyou are not doing this, you are missing out on traffic to your blog.It’s pretty simple… Get creative with your emails and in your socialmedia. Make sure that all roads lead back to your blog.With love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like the wind!