Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Timeline


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If you think the Facebook Timeline for business is a royal pain, then you are doing it wrong! Your timeline offers tons of promotional opportunities for your business. Take a look at how you can grow your brand, sell more products, build your list and expand your visibility with the Facebook timeline.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Timeline

  1. 1. Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook TimelineCelene
  2. 2. New And Improved! Facebook is trending towards images The average engagement per post has shot up for brands 46% more engagement since the timeline launch Versatile – everything on your timeline can be changed up regularly Up to 12 apps – showcase your business in a variety of ways
  3. 3. Facebook Cover No-Nos No pricing or purchase info No contact info such as; address, phone # or web url No call to action of any kind No promos, coupons or ads
  4. 4. Timeline Image Sizes Cover Photo: 851 X 315 px Profile: 180 X 180 px – FB shrinks to 160 X 160 App photos: 111 X 74 px Shared images: 404 X 404 px Highlight: 843 X 403 px Milestone: 843 X 403 px
  5. 5. Timeline Covers Google Free FB Timeline Covers Change up often to creates interest and showcase what you do and what you are about Be creative
  6. 6. Profile Photo Should represent you or your business Not your cat or child, you or your brand Is a clickable image – add description, tag and link If you outline your profile pic in red it will create the desire to click it.
  7. 7. About Details about your business Always add link - above fold Contact info, website or opt in
  8. 8. Apps Apps are awesome! You can have up to 12 apps Use them like ads or promos You can change these up regularly to showcase products, events, your opt in pages, specials or sale, etc. This is where you’ll use your call to action
  9. 9. Rules Of Engagement Pinyour posts Pinned posts have orange ribbon Use an image for impact Use a call to action Great for coupons
  10. 10. …Rules Of Engagement Highlight you posts Goes across double columns Use images for impact
  11. 11. …Rules Of Engagement Milestones… Can be used for any event in your business New products Launches Specials
  12. 12. Message You business page will now have the messaging capability This allows your customers to contact you personally Great customer service tool Creates a way to have conversation with clients Conversation creates conversation – that’s always good for business
  13. 13. Awesome Admin Panel! Likes Reach People talking about this Demographics Post by post – you can see which posts got read, reactions, shares, etc. Incredible insight to guide you how to use Facebook for your business
  14. 14. In Conclusion… Take advantage of these Timeline tools It’s not just another “task” its opportunity to promote your business in a way that Facebook and other Social Networks have never offered before Imaging has become the most effective way to reach people
  15. 15. Resources Today’s slides: Mari Smith’s Timeline for Pages Guide content/uploads/2012/03/Facebook-Timeline- for-Pages-Guide.jpg Facebooks product guide for timeline Pages_Product_Guide_022712.pdf Facebook Insights Guide Page_Insights_en_US.pdf