From Offline To Online – How To Create Income By Helping Local Businesses


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Taking small local businesses from offline to online is one way to create income and build your online business. When just starting out...

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From Offline To Online – How To Create Income By Helping Local Businesses

  1. 1. From Offline To Online – How To CreateIncome By Helping Local BusinessesTaking small local businesses from offline to online is one way to createincome and build your online business. It’s hard to believe there are still so many small brick and mortar businesses that don’t have websites. Obviously, they either don’t understand the value of taking their offline business online or they think it’s going to be too hard and technical for them. It’s up to you to show them why they need a blog or website and alleviate their fears. With WordPress, that’s easy to do. Let’s talk about some ofthe reasons your potential offline to online clients should hire you to build theirWordPress blogs and websites. 1. To get and keep their business in front of potential customers. • Most people use the yellow pages very rarely these days and competition is fierce. So, a blog or website could be the only way to be found by those using smart phones, computers and iPads and unless their customers live under a rock… • If they are not on the Internet, they are losing a huge chunk of business and their competitors are finding it! 2. This is a great way to showcase their products and services to abroader audience. • By showcasing what they have to offer online, they are opening up their business to a whole new huge potential customer base • Get people talking about their business. Brand marketing has never been as easy as it is online through social media. It’s the modern day version of talking to your neighbors over the backyard fence. 3. They will have the ability to collect names and email addresses andbuild a whole new client base
  2. 2. • Not only will this allow them to gather new prospects, it will give them an avenue to contact existing clients on a regular basis other than hoping they walk into their business occasionally • They will be able to market to this new list of customers over and over again via email marketing These are just a few reasons why local businesses need you to help them takethem from offline to online. There are many more. You understand why all brickand mortar businesses that want to grow and become or stay successful needto have a blog or website, but you might have to educate some business ownersand make it easier for them to take their business from offline to online withWordPress and create some cash flow for yourself at the same time.With love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like the wind!