Does Your Business Blog Reflect Who You Are


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Often times when I do business blog reviews for clients, I discover a huge problem. Their blog has no identity - dry and void of personality...

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Does Your Business Blog Reflect Who You Are

  1. 1. Does Your Business Blog Reflect Who You Are?Have you ever visited a business blog and have no idea what it’s about or anything about the writer?Often times when I do blog reviews for clients, I discover a huge problem.Their blog has no identity – dry and void of personality. I’m sure you’ve had this sameexperience from time to time when surfing around, right?Sometimes this happens because of PLR.Don’t get me wrong, I think Private Label Rights is a wonderful thing and I encourageyou to use it as often as makes sense for you. The problem lies with using it “as is”. It’sreally important that you give it your personality. That requires a bit of re-writing tomake it your own. A little tweaking so that it sounds like you goes a long way in yourblog reflecting who you are. I know when I first started out I mis-used PLR by postingmuch of it just the way I got it, which created a pretty bland blog. You see I wasn’tcomfortable writing, so I took the easy way out, but I soon learned. You see, anytimeyou buy anything in life “as is”, it implies there could be problems. When you buy a car“as is” or a lamp or even a china service “as is”, chances are something isn’t exactlyright or perhaps a piece is missing. It’s the same with PLR. There is a lot of half-a$$edPLR out there that needs completely re-written, then there is really great stuff frompeople like Nicole Dean, Melissa Ingold and Alice Selba that just needs a sprinkle ofyour personality to make it perfect.When I first started writing I was all business.It was pretty cut and dry. That’s probably why I didn’t enjoy it much. I wasn’t allowingwho I am to come through. Now I try to write the way I talk by imagining you and Iacross the kitchen table from each other visiting over a cup of coffee.Do you have a good tag line that tells your visitors what your blog is about?Does what you write stay consistent with your tag line? If not then maybe you need tofocus on writing blog posts that stay on the subject of your tag line. If you go too broad,then you could lose the focus of your blog. Instead dig deeper so you are educating yourreaders on what they expect to read about when they come to your business blog.It’s also important to be transparent.There’s a reason you hear the word “transparency” all over the internet these days. It’s
  2. 2. because we live in a digital world where people need to be able to get to know youonline just as they would if they walked into your brick and mortar business. It’s safe toassume because nothing is secret on the internet, that the real you will be exposedanyway, so you might as well be authentic from the get go.So, if you put yourself into your blog, you’ll certainly be rewarded with more satisfiedreaders, which means your community will grow, your audience will stay on your bloglonger, eventually buying what you recommend because they’ve gotten to know andtrust you.With love and blessings,