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Trabajo de María Domínguez y Carmen Bohórquez

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  1. 1. London Monuments By: Carmen Bohórquez Rodriguez y María Domínguez Domínguez
  2. 2. TOWER OF LONDON-We went to The Tower of London.It is one of the most famous fortified buildings in the world.We visit the Tower ofLondon it cost 18 pounds(22.35 euros).The tower was built in 1078 by Williamthe Conqueror,it was a palace,prison,treasury,arsenal and even a zoo!Todayin the Tower are Crown Jewels.We could find the Crown Jewels.The tower ofLondon was a prison in the past.The responsibility of looking after the prisonerswas given to the Beefeaters.The Beefeaters are guards.
  3. 3. HYDE PARK-We walked to The Hyde Park.We bought an ice cream in Hyde park. they cost 3.23 pound (4 €).Hyde park was acquired by Henry VIII in 1536 for its excellent hunting.Now,the park is famous for boating and swimming in its lake,TheSerpentine,Speaker’s Corner and its riding track,Rotten Row.We visited it on Sunday in the morning and we took the opportunity stand upon a soap box and speak to the crow, but we didn’t do it. We could see Mariadel Mar on the soap box speaking about Justin Bieber and Marta on the soapbox speaking about magic potion.
  4. 4. RIVER THAMES -We went to the River Thames. We visited the River Thames in a ship it cost 14.52 pounds (17.99 €) London has no beach but there’s a river called River Thameswhich has lots of bridges.The most important bridge is the TowerBridge.They open the Tower Bridge when there is a big ship. Wewent on a cruise on the River Thames. From the cruise we could see all London monuments.
  5. 5. LONDON EYE- We rode to The London Eye. We visited the london eye we costed 15 pounds(18.5 €) The London eye or Millenium Wheel is a giant wheel (135 m tall)located next to the river Thames.It was built in 2.000 and it is now one of the most popular tourist attraction London.We rode on the London Eye and saw all London.
  6. 6. BIG BEN -We went to Big Ben.The Big Ben is the symbol of London.It is a big clock tower and it is part of the Houses of Parliament.
  7. 7. WESTMISTER ABBEYWe could see Westminster Abbey. It cost 16 pounds(18’8 euros).This cathedral isnext to the house of Parliament.It is one of the oldest buildings in London. EveryKing and Queen has been coronated in Westminster Abbey since 1066.
  8. 8. ROYAL GUARD In London is very famous the Changing of the Guard, and we could see it. We visited the Royal Guard it cost 6pounds(7.45 euros)Every day lot of tourists stand in from of the palace to watch the changing of the guard .The guard wear red jacket and bearskins (very big black hat).
  9. 9. THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT-We visited The house of Parliament.The house of Parliament are located next to theriver Thames.There are more than 1,000rooms.The house of Parliament was a royalpalace in the past, but now it is used for political meetings.
  10. 10. ST. PAULS CATHEDRAL -We went to St. Paul’s cathedral. St. Paul’s cathedral ,London, is a church and seat of the bishop of London.We visited The St.Paul’s cathedral it cost 14.50pounds(18 euros).Its dedication to Paul apostle dates back to the original church on this site .
  11. 11. THE END