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famous people


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Favourite famous people 6 grade

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famous people

  1. 1. Carly Rae Jepsen Name : Carly Rae Jepsen. Birthday:Born on 21th November. Age:26 years old. Family:Has 3 brothers and 1 sister. Sports and hobby:Sing. Favorites:Pasta and cheese.She is Carly Rae Jepsen, she was born on 21thNovember. She is 26 years old. She has got 3brothers and 1 sister. Her hobby is sing. Her favouritefood is pasta and cheese.She became famous thanks to Justin Bieber. Hediscovered her singing on the street in Canada. By Sara U. 6ºA
  2. 2. NAME: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro BIRTHDAY: 5th February AGE: 27 FAMILY: One brother, two sister and one son. SPORTS AND HOBBIES: Football FAVOURITES: Bacallao and Universal Soldier, Sixth Sens and The Rock.This is Cristiano Ronaldo.His birthday is on the 5th February.He’s twenty seven years old.He’s got one brother, two sisters, Katia andElma and one son.His favourite sport is football.His favourite food is bacallao.His favourite film is Universal Soldier, SixthSens and The Rock.
  3. 3. CARLOS BAUTE Name: Carlos Baute. Birthday: 8th of March. Age: 38. Family: Wife. Sports and hobbies: Guitar and piano. Favourites: Spanish food, Vampires’ films.1. This is Carlos Baute.2. His birthday is on the 8th of March.3. He’s thirty-eight years old.4. His wife is Astrid Klisans.5. He plays the guitar and the piano.6. He likes Spanish food.7. He likes vampires films.
  4. 4. NAME: Vicente del Bosque González.BIRTHDAY: 23rd DecemberAGE: 61.FAMILY: He has got three children and a wife.SPORTS AND HOBBIES: football and coach of Spain team.FAVOURITES: Watch football,reading and walk.1. This is VicenteDel Bosque Gozález.2. His birthday is on the 23rd December3. He’s sixty-one years old.4. He’s got a wife and three children.5. He played football and he’s the coach of Spanish football team.6. He loves football,reading and walking. ByDarío
  5. 5. Age : 36 Family: 6 children Sports and hobbies: humanitarian work Favourites: music● This is Angelina Jolie● His birthday is on the 4th of June● She’s thirty-seven years old● She’s got six children● She loves humanitarian work.● Her favorite singers are Madonna, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Clash, and Matchbox 20. By Susana 6ºA
  6. 6. Name: Itzhak Birthday: 31st August Age: 67 Sport and hobbies: violin Favourites : classic music,jazz and klezmerThis is Itzhak Perlman.His birthday is on the 31st of August.He’s sixty-seven years old.He plays violin.His favourite food is Palestinian food.His favourite film is Schindlers List. By Víctor 6ºA
  7. 7. DavidCiveraName David Civera.Birthday 8th January.Age Thirty-two.Family one son.hobbies SingFavorite SingerThis is David Civera.His hirthday is on the 8th of January.He’s thirty-two years old. He’s an only son. He loves to sing. By Alba 6ºB
  8. 8. BELLA THORNE NAME: Bella Thorne BIRTHDAY: October,8 1997 AGE: 15FAMILY:Mom,dad,Remy Thorne,Dani Thorne and Kaili Thorne SPORT AND HOBBIES:Actress, singer, model, dancerThis is Bella.Her birthday is on the 8th of October.She is fifteen years old.She has got three brothers.She is an actress, singer, model and dancer. By Nerea 6ºA
  9. 9. Justin Drew Bieber Mallette Name:Justin Drew Bieber Mallette. Birthday:1st march. Age:18. Family: a sister and a brother. Sports and Hobbies:Hockey and sing. Favourites:Pasta,Titanic. This is Justin Drew Bieber Mallette.His birthday is on the 1st of March.He’s got 18 years old.He’s got one sister and one brother.He loves playing hockey andsinging.His favourite food is pasta.His favourite film is Titanic. By Andrea 6ºA. Jorge Otero
  10. 10. Name: Jorge OteroBirthday: 28th JanuaryAge: 43 years oldFamily: Married and with two childrenSports and hobbies: Football. Today he’s coach in Valmiñor’s teamFavourites: Hamburger, Avatar
  11. 11. This is Jorge Otero, the man in the grey jacket. Hisbirthday is on the 28th January. He’s forty-threeyears old. He’s married and he’s got two children. Heplayed football and today he’s coach in Valmiñor’s team.His favourite food is hamburger and his favouritemovie is Avatar. Brais Martínez 6th B
  12. 12. Name: Mario Casas.Birthday: 12th JuneAge: 26.Family: Two brothers and one sister.Sports and Hobies: Football, tennis and cricket.Favourites: omelette with onions and sausage.This is Mario Casas.His birthday is on the 12th June.He’s twenty-six years old.He’s got two brothers and one sister.He loves football, tennis and cricket.His favourite food is omelette with onions and sausage. By Sara Gutiérrez García 6ºB
  13. 13. NAME:Xavi BIRTHDAY:January 25 AGE:32 FAMILY:Two brothers SPORTS AND HOBBIES:Football FAVOURITES:pasta This is XaviHis birthday is on the 25th January He’s thirty-two years old He’s got two brothers He’s favorite food is pasta He loves playing is football NAME:Zendaya Coleman
  14. 14. NAME:Zendaya Coleman BIRTHDAY:st1 September AGE: 16 FAMILY: Family Coleman SPORT AND HOBBIES: Dance, play the guitar, sing and read FAVOURITES: dogs and horsesThis is Zendaya Coleman. She was born on the 1st of April and she is seventeen years old.Her favourite sport is dance. Also she enjoys playing the guitar, singing and reading. She likes dogs and horses. By Aitana 6ºA
  15. 15. Name: Kobe Bean Bryant Birthday: 23 of August Age: 34 Family: 1. Dad: Joe. 2. Mum: Pamela 3. Two sisters: - Shaya. -Sharia. Sports and hobby: Play basketball.His name is Kobe Bryant.His birthday is on the 23rd ofAugust.He’is 34 years old.His dad is Joe,his mum is Pamela andhe’s got two sisters Shaya and Sharia.His favourite sportand hobby is playing basketball at the wekeend By Pablo 6ºA Brat Pitt
  16. 16. Name: Brat PittBirthday: 18th December, 1963Age: 48Family: four boys and two girlsSports and Hobbies: golf and tennisThis is Brat Pitt. His birthday is on the 18th ofDecember 1963. Actually he is forty-eight years old.He´s got four boys and two girls. He likes playingtennis and golf. By Angela 6ºB Lionel Andrés Messi
  17. 17. This is Lionel Andrés Messi. His birthday is on the 24th of June. He’s twenty-five years old.He’s got two brothers and one sister. He loves to play football. His favourite food is salad. His favourite film is Dirty Dancing.