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Investing on innovation


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Presentació d'Ana Izquierdo al Fòrum de la Innovació 2012. CEICS

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Investing on innovation

  1. 1. Investing on Innovation Ana Izquierdo Riezu @airiezu November 2012
  2. 2. The Startup Lifecycle IPO ACQUISITION GROWTH STARTUP 3. Launch 2. Validation 1. Concept
  3. 3. 1. I have an idea, now what? SHARE WRITE TEAM-UP Are we solving a REAL problem?
  4. 4. the Kantox example
  5. 5. the beginning of Kantox Seedrocket Funding Mentors LinktoStart Business Planstart-up Mentorsweekend Concept Co-founder
  6. 6. Your idea is worth... NOTHING
  7. 7. 2. Is it worth pursuing?PRODUCT CUSTOMERS $$$ Find the PRODUCT/MARKET fit before running out of money
  8. 8. Adman - Inveready First
  9. 9. Adman Validation Funding Pilot Mentors AssumptionsPrototype Users MVP Beta
  10. 10. Most Startups fail because they build the WRONG productor because they take TOO LONG
  11. 11. 3. Ready to launchPRODUCT CUSTOMERS TEAM Prove & Expand market
  12. 12. SNTalent - Inveready First
  13. 13. SNTalent - Inveready First GERMANY SPAIN Partners BRAZIL Technology platform Candidate acquisition Customer Sales
  14. 14. Investment players
  15. 15. Venture Capital
  16. 16. Ecosystem players in Spain Asociación de Business Angels de la Comunidad de Valencia -
  17. 17. What investors look for Growth Team Potential Business Project Model Pitch By Inveready First
  18. 18. Learning from Silicon Valley Highest number of start-ups High networking “friendnemies” The largest investment ecosystem in the world
  19. 19. Learning from Silicon Valley I can always try If something goes wrong, it’s OK, learn & move on Networking is critical, share, find advisors
  20. 20. thank you