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Ethics for Ministers


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Ethics for Ministers

  1. 1. “ISRAEL…..TIME ISWINDING UP!!!” Jeremiah 1-10
  2. 2. The Call of Jeremiah• At 20, he felt that he could never obey the call of God, being shy and timid.• The Lord touched Jeremiah’s mouth and promised to speak through him.• While Josiah was King, Jeremiah was treated kindly.• Jeremiah instructed his friend Baruch to write in a book. The book was sent to be read to the people.• The people were fearful and sent it to the king.
  3. 3. The Call of Jeremiah• Jehoiakim was king. He took a knife and cut out the page of the book.• He then threw it in the fire.• He wanted to punish Jeremiah and Baruch, but could not find them.
  4. 4. Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet• A Major Prophet, one of the greatest.• Son of Hilkiah, a priest that was in Anathoth, a small village 3 miles Northeast of Jerusalem• Called by God at a young age: 20• 627 BC in the 13 year of King Josiah• Until the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC• Prophesied in Egypt after the fall of Jerusalem for many years.
  5. 5. Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet• Jeremiah was the most persecuted character of the Old Testament.• His Jewish kinsmen cursed him, beat him, threw him in prison.
  6. 6. The Prophecy• The law of God given to Moses had decreed that violations would result in the removal of God’s blessings.• Jeremiah’s ministry both announces and witnesses the imposition of the final curse of exile.• Jeremiah bears witness of not only God’s judgment, but God’s intense love for his people.• He prophesies restoration and salvation beyond exile.
  7. 7. The Prophecy• He sought to bring his people to a state of genuine repentance. (7:2-7)• 13 times he characterized them as a “backsliding” people.• If Judah would only turn back, they would avoid the danger of the coming Babylonian invasion.• 150 Times Jeremiah spoke for God with warnings “the word of the Lord came….”• Their response was “WRATH” on Jeremiah.
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