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Alignment presentation3


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Published in: Spiritual
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Alignment presentation3

  1. 1. This Is Not The Beginning Of The End...s The Return To Yourself....The Return To Innocenc
  2. 2. The passage of the Galactic Centre. I have watched several Mayan videos in Spanish were they explain this event.One of them said that we are about to align with the center of-our Galaxy and that center has an axis. Just like the Earth also has an axis. "As above, so below". Imagine a tube as the axes of the galactic center. As far as I understood by this Mayan elder, when the sun aligns with the galactic center, the earth will be positioned to the entrance of this hollow axes. This is to be considered a portal opening. When Earth goes through it that is the time of the predicted three days and nights of darkness. No sun, no moon, no stars, complete cold darkness as we never have seen.
  3. 3. The reason that is going to look as if all astral planets and moon and Sun will disappear its only cuz we will be traveling inside a dark tube, call it black hole,call it dimension, call it the void, the 0 point, call it whatever you want, it is still a passage and we wont be able to see nothing. But the celestial planets andmoon and stars will be out there. The elder says he cannot say for sure if it will be a new sun or our regular sun but that we will see a Sun once we make it through the other side of this tube, center, axis, black hole or whatever it ends up been.
  4. 4. According to other information I found it is also said that there is a Photon Beltthat is around the center of our galaxy and that when we align with the center ofour Galaxy that we will be entering and crossing that Photon belt. And that this willbe blocking our view of the Sun, stars and Moon and it will seam as if we are intotal darkness but only till we finish going across it. Once we do we will have inview once again all those heavenly bodies in our sky..
  5. 5. So the theories have the same result just the explanation of what will be cause ofthe darkness is different. We would like to be able to understand everything but wewont, not from this 3D. I think is safe to say that no matter how it happens, whatcauses this or that to happen, that we stay in peace knowing that we can trustNature to do what its going to do because Nature is always perfect. It dont matterhow it happens, only that it will happen and we are lucky enough to witness it.I havespoken with my family overseas and friends that I know in different countries and thisevent its been informed to the public by the media of their respective countries toprepare their citizens. I just hope that they do not spread fear.
  6. 6. I know this sounds pretty scary but DONT let it scare you. Being afraid onlylowers your vibration. We must match the high vibration of this beam of Light.Feeling love and holding a picture of a beautiful world surrounded with love andharmony and balance for all on and after the 23er of December will bring yourvibration up. You see? We are learning to be the Masters Creators of our own lifeon Earth. This is the reason why it is said that "Life is a Dream". It is said that weare the Gods and we are, because we create with thought. This Beam of Light willbe a boost to help us create the new life in a new Era, the Golden Age Era. Thatswhy its important to hold good positive and loving thoughts now more than ever. Bepart of it. Dream, think love, harmony, balance, knowledge for all humanity andbetween man and all living things.
  7. 7. This is just a cycle like any other cycle on Earth, so this is not to fear. We need toget informed and prepare ourselves so we are ready for the ride. The preparationis Spiritual but since we not only have Spirit body but a physical body too I suggestyou prepare to care of the physical body needs On those three days of darknessthere is a possibility that ALL electronics might malfunction and bring the wheels ofSociety to an abrupt Stop. Prepare yourself with survival supplies specially a wayto warmth yourself and family, food and water for a week. The problem is going to be for the ones that didnt want to hear it or believe it andthe ones that will think is the end of the world. Either way out of ignorance they willbe very scared and wont know what to do. Scared people can be dangerous andfear of this magnitude can even kill a person with a heart attack. Be prepared tofind yourself in a position to help, but discern on when is appropriate to do so.
  8. 8. I could never understood people when Iheard them say that this are wonderfultimes we are living in. But now Iunderstand cuz I have seen. Yes, this arewonderful times on Earth and we are luckyto witness with our own very eyes. Keep inmind that when this is over, you will be theonly generation that will have been lucky toexperience it and live to tell.Not only that, you as a Light-worker knowin your heart all the sacrifices you did inyour life to help with the process. All thetimes you helped mother earth in herdifficult times. Not to mention the light ofinformation you have been to all thosesouls that crossed your path throughoutyour life till now.This is truly a magical wonderful time to be alive on Earth. And this is a job that was proposed to you only because THESOURCE knew that only you could endure and succeed.
  9. 9. Your reward will be that you will be alive to see the very first rays of a brandnew Era. You will witness with your own eyes the first hour of the first day, of the first month of a brand new Era. The new beginning of time. Heaven on Earth. The Golden Age. And you will be known as the first Fathers and Mothers of all generations. And so it is that like the Sumerians we re-write history hopefully on metal this time lol WE ARE THE ONES THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!
  10. 10. December 21st from noon to December 23er tillwe see a new sun come up on the horizon. TheEnlightenment beam will be at its pick onDecember 22 the time will be the one betweenthe beginning and end of this event. It will lastonly for 8 minutes but it will seam as if last thethree whole days. This is the time when we getto play God. A time to meditate or do whateverit is that rejoice you and unite you with theUniverse in love. A time to dream big becausewe create by thinking, so use visualization andtake the opportunity and create the New Worldfor this New Era by thinking and imagining thekind of World and life that you would like to livein here on Earth. Focus only on that ! and whileyou hold that thought make sure that you putthe intention from your heart filled with love toall humanity. This act will maintain yourvibration high matching the vibration of thisbeam of Enlightenment or Light and make alldreams a reality. And so be it!! Moji on the shift
  11. 11. I am proud and humble and is that with great honor that I thank you forparticipating. For been here and for being you, just the way you are, with all your human imperfections you are the most beautiful Light being of the World and the Universe.. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OFF MY HEART I LOVE YOU MAY THE GREAT SPIRIT BE WITH YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER Cecilia=Camimila=Butterfly=Transformation
  12. 12. All pictures in this presentationhave been made by me.Next I am going to share with you all Art drawing I have made throughout the years since I become enlightened.Thank you for watching.