Transforming your iPhone To a Gaming Console


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Cascadia Games LLC has given more reasons for you not to sell iPhone 4 and enjoy gaming on your Apple smartphone by introducing GameDock.

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Transforming your iPhone To a Gaming Console

  1. 1. What was your favorite video game back when you were akid and the only source of enjoyment you had was the retrogame console? Answer: Of course there was the classic arcade games! We all played Pac Man and Street Fighter in all its classic gaming. We also had the Contra, Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers as playmates. Remember Commando? Yes, I know you do.
  2. 2. If you miss the days when pixelated little characters werestill cool but you dont want to relinquish the days of bigconsoles, why not play it on your iPhone?! Sounds too stupid? Not if youve seen this! Cascadia Games LLC has given more reasons for you not to sell iPhone 4 and enjoy gaming on your Apple smartphone by introducing GameDock.
  3. 3. The GameDock is an iPhone accessory that mimics theretro game console we all loved during the 80s and 90s. Itis supported by an app that serves as the dashboard foryour classic arcade games and has two controllersconnected to the dock. Your iPhone can also serve as yourgaming screen (although its pretty small for gaming nerds).For better gaming, players are encouraged to connect thedock to a TV instead!
  4. 4. Cant play on a small screen (or in front of a big TV screen)?You can just sell your iPhone and buy an iPad which is justright for playing with this console.The design is also very pretty. Generation X andmillennium babies would probably remember therectangular consoles of their childhood and thosetiny circle buttons that taught them how cool KungFu was. This will also let your kid experience thesame coolness of classic retro games!
  5. 5. Before you get up to sell your iPhone and buy an iPad plus this cool console,you should know that it isnt out yet so hold your horses. Apparently, thecreative minds behind GameDock (Chris Jorgensen, originally from ISITEDesign and Andi Greisel, originally from CBS Interactive) are still raisingfunds on Kickstart for the mass production of this gaming console. They needabout 50 grand to start producing this accessory and they arent even halfwayso if you want this project to come to fruition, you may as well donate a dollarif you can. W e need ! your donation
  6. 6. Meanwhile, if you really want something more for when youreplaying on your iPhone, you can try iCade which transforms youriPhone into a portable gaming console (much like a PSP). It wasmade and designed by Ion Audio and is being sold for 80 bucks. If you dearly loved the Atari and want a joystick for playing on your iPhone, you can also try iCade Core. But if youre not into gaming at all, just sell your iPhone! 
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