The iPhone Alternatives For The Web Addict


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If you’re the kind of person who’s always online and wants a smartphone that can keep up with your internet addiction, here are two 4G smartphones (yes 4G, not 3.5G like your iPhone 4S) you could try.

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The iPhone Alternatives For The Web Addict

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  2. 2. Let’s face it, desktops and laptops are very helpful toolsfor Internet browsing but we can’t always carry themeverywhere, right? In fact, one of the reasons whysmartphones proliferate is because it allows users to checktheir email, post on Facebook and stay connected nomatter where they are (of course unless they’re strandedon an island).
  3. 3. Research says that by the end of 2011, about 87 percent ofthe population owned a mobile phone and 22 percent ofthem access the internet through their mobile phones atleast once a month. By the end of 2014, it is believed thatmobile web usage will be able to take over desktopinternet usage what with all the multitude of mobiledevices for web browsing and the never ending change inthe field of technology.
  4. 4. Samsung Galaxy Note• Something worth a try after deciding to sell used iPhone. Think of it as a cross between a tablet PC and a mobile phone. Sure you’d hate to know that someone can see your texts over your shoulder but the 5.3 inches of tapping space would also be an awesome mobile surfing experience especially through a Super AMOLED display at 284ppi.• The Note isn’t far behind the iPhone 4S in terms of screen resolution with over 800 x 1280 as compared to the iPhone 4S’ 960 x 640. Oh, and the browser benchmarks? iPhone is totally off the game with 811ms versus the Note’s 1,199ms. You also won’t have to worry about dying batteries because Note can last for up to 13.5 hours of talk time and 34.2 days of standby time as compared to the iPhone 4S with 14 hours of talk time but merely 8.3 days of standby time.• The final straw would probably be the fact that Note is powered with a Dual core 1.4GHz processor and a very low 30ms latency; enough said.
  5. 5. HTC One XLAnother good iPhone alternative for internetaddicts is the HTC One XL. Why should you sell aniPhone for this Android smartphone?• It is powered with a 1.5GHz Dual Core processor with 1024MB of RAM. Your iPhone 4S has… what’s that? 0.8GHz Dual core with a meager 512MB of RAM?! For a 130g smartphone, this one’s a heavy burger to eat.• The browser benchmarks are almost up to par with the average web browsing capabilities. HTC One XL was benchmarked at 726ms versus the iPhone 4S’ 811ms.• HTC supports flash unlike the iPhone which may never have flash support because of a cold war with Adobe systems.
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