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I learned to sell my blackberry, and you can too!


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Do you have a used Blackberry? Don't let it be put to waste, why not sell it online like what I did and in this article I will share my experience about it. It is easier than you think! Try it for yourself!

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I learned to sell my blackberry, and you can too!

  1. 1. I Learned to Sell My Blackberry, and You Can Too!When I got my last phone upgrade, I was left with a bit of a dilemma- what could I do with my oldBlackberry? It still worked, and wasnt badly scratched or damaged, so why wouldnt I find a way tokeep using it, somehow? Unfortunately, I didnt really need two phones. I asked around among myfriends and family to see if any of them could use one, but they all said no. Thats when I hit upon asolution- I would try to sell my old Blackberry.When I started out trying to sell my Blackberry, I wasnt really sure where to begin. A friend ofmine recommended Craigslist, because hed been able to sell an old computer that way. The thing is,I didnt think that a Craigslist ad would bring in the kind of attention I needed to sell my Blackberry.Ads on the internet arent targeted to anyone in particular, which means that my poor phone couldvesat on that site for months before I actually got a response!Instead, I decided to research different ways that I could sell Blackberry. Thats when I stumbledacross used phone websites. These sites are designed specifically for people who want to buy andsell used phones- the company behind the site takes in old phones from people who dont need themanymore, and, afterward, fixes them up to be resold to new owners. It seemed like the perfectsolution for my problem. The only questions were how did it work, and was it worth it?As it turns out, it was a lot easier to sell my Blackberry than I thought it would be originally. All Ihad to do was use a form on the website to get a price quote (which took about thirty seconds), andsend away for a pre-paid envelope so I could mail my phone in. A few days later, I got my envelope.I dropped it in the mail, and got my money once the company received my phone. I didnt have todo any work, write any listings, or do any advertising. Everything to do with fixing up and sellingmy phone was done for me by the used phone company. I was especially surprised to learn that Ididnt even need to have a working phone- the company was happy to take in any phone, in any
  2. 2. condition, working or broken. This was great, since Id heard that throwing non-working phones inthe trash were bad for the environment. It was nice to know that even a broken phone could bereused to fix up other ones, and stay out of a landfill.It was also completely worth it to sell my Blackberry. I made a lot more money than I would have ifId tried to advertise my phone myself through something like the newspaper, and I didnt have to donearly as much work. In terms of the amount of time it took me to sell my phone, I made outextremely well. Well enough, in fact, that Ive started picking up old phones wherever I can, just so Ican resell them. When my family gets rid of an old phone, or has to replace a broken one, I alwaysmake sure to ask if I can have it first. Ive even started picking up used phones in thrift stores and atyard sales. Since the used phone company was willing to take phones regardless of whether theyworked or not, Ive found that sending in old, unwanted phones is a great source of some extramoney for me.I never dreamed that trying to sell my Blackberry could be so easy, or so profitable. Ive managed tomake a nice little pile of cash purely by sending in old, unwanted, or broken phones, and I haventhad to pay a cent in postage, insurance, or anything. If you have an old Blackberry or any usedelectronics, you should definitely consider doing what I did- get a free price quote and mailingenvelope from a used phone company, and send your phone in today. Youll be happy you did!