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Three way conference


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This is my three way conference. Thank you for watching (:

Published in: Education, Technology
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Three way conference

  1. 1. Welcome to Ceejay Maitai’s presentation
  2. 2. ReadingLast term for reading we read a lot of narrativestories. Our task was to complete Story Maps andclosed reading activities.My current reading age is: 12.5-13.0My latest STAR result is: Stanine 4I am achieving at the correct standard for reading.
  3. 3. WritingOur writing has been on narrative and explanationExplanations are just too easy and to be completedwith the cause and effect.My writing level is: 4B
  4. 4. During school we have had a lot of strategies to figure out our maths in times our strategies are:Doubling and halvingRounding and compensatingReversibilityPlace value partitioning My number strategy is: 7 My Number knowledge is: 6.
  5. 5. TopicLast term we studied about holes by Louis sarchar.Topic has been a very big thing for me because wehave been studying on:Matariki is a important thing of the planet earthmatariki is the seven sisters.Navigation brings electricity to our planet earth.Solar system is the 8 planets that can include themilky way
  6. 6. P.EP.E was one of the complicated subjects for room17was a challenging class to follow by with:Softball: softball was just room17 practising their skillsyou know what it is practise, practise makes youperfect.
  7. 7. My goals I set goals to make sure that I can accomplish your goals. My goal is to finish my work to the best of my abilitiesThe best way I could do that is not to be distracted. My social goal is to be on the best behaviour and not to be distracted by others so to be focused.
  8. 8. Google sketch upLast term sue our Ict teacher taught us how to dosomething like this:
  9. 9. The end