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  1. 1. SRL - Study Case Ana, Antonella, Fatiu
  2. 2. Case SRL/MotivationSami is a very smart junior high school student. The teacher notices it, but she cannot understand why he does not get good grades. He delivers very good reports, but always overdue. He always leaves blank questions on the test, generally the easy ones.
  3. 3. CaseSRL/MotivationOne day after class the teacher sees Sami with a group of classmates who do not perform well in school. She then realizes that Sami is handicapping himself in order not to look smarter than his friends.The teacher wants to dosomething in order to helpSami develop his mastery goal and yet keep his socialaffiliation goal
  4. 4. Discussion of the case
  5. 5. Solution for the caseConcepts to be developed:• Goals of students: cognitive and social goals• External motivation: teacher wants to motivate the students• Regulation of motivation• Tools for regulation• Reward and feedback
  6. 6. Our SolutionIn order to motivate the students the teacher comes up with a different group task. She assigns Sami and his friends in the same group.She thinks the task should rise students interest, their feeling of affiliation, and give reward and usefulness.
  7. 7. Our SolutionThe teacher gives the group the following assignment: They need to read a Shakespeare play and perform it in a contemporary context.The teacher promises a reward at the end of the task, but she doesnt tell what it is.
  8. 8. Our solutionThe teacher chooses a leader for eachgroup and she appoints Sami for his.She tells him to help his group to do well.During the task the teacher motivates the students by giving feedback and scaffolding their actions. She introduces a calendar to use, in order to plan their meetings and task development.Before the presentations in the classrooms the teacher reveals the reward: the best group will perform in front of the whole school.
  9. 9. Our SolutionWith this task the teacher aimed to use the social goals to make the students achieve cognitive goals. In the process she also wanted to help the students regulate their motivation by giving rewards, feedbacks and scaffolding their actions.