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SOI Asia Business and Gestation Contest 2015/2016 ITB


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Important Schedule :
- 24 Nov (Tues),1400-1800 hrs - System Testing (only technician)
- 25 Nov (Wed),1500-1630 hrs - Contest workshop 1
- 2 Dec (Wed), 1500-1630 hrs - Contest workshop 2
- 11 Dec (Fri), 2200 hrs - Submission of plan (online)
- 13 Jan (Wed), 0910-1040 hrs -Final Presentation (for Finalist only)

* Above are indonesian Timing
* Contest official Website:

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SOI Asia Business and Gestation Contest 2015/2016 ITB

  1. 1. SOI Asia Business and Gestation Plan Contest 2015/16 GOI Hoe Chin Program Designer and Master, SVGP Soi Asia Business Platform LLP goihoechin@gmail.com11/16/2015 1 Promotion Slides For Institute for Technology, Bandung (ITB)
  2. 2. Background • The 8th year event hosted by SOI Asia Business Platform LLP, supported by SOI Asia Universities, since 2008. • To cultivate the potential technological oriented entrepreneur with ability to create plan using Business and Gestation Plan (BGM) • To prepare for business planning and venture gestation opportunity for university student through assets originated from universities.
  3. 3. Contest Criteria
  4. 4. •Statement on the Future Financial Plan •Statement on the Necessary Funding and the Objective of the Fund •Statement on Timeline and manpower •Statement on Competency Development •Statement Resource Configuration •Statement on the Novelty •Statement on Sustainable Competitive Advantages •Statement on Market •Statement on Marketing Method •Statement on Feasibility of the Business Plan •Entrepreneurship Mind •Attractiveness of the Entrepreneur and the management team •Vision, Mission, and Philosophy as a company (1) Entrepreneur (Internal) (2) Business Model (External) (3) Finance Plan (Fxternal) (4) Venture Gestation (for next 12 months) (Internal) Contest Criteria :13 Components (Must Fill Up, Refer to Template)
  5. 5. Contest Participants
  6. 6. Criteria of participants 1. Any industry, involving ICT, for profit or non- profit 2. Must be a team , with minimum 3 to 5 members - CEO must be student - Members can be student/alumni/lecturer 3. With interest to make idea into minimum prototype that can be validated by end user in next 12 months as part of plan
  7. 7. Past Participants (2014) Thailand : •Chulalongkorn University (CU) Malaysia : •University Saints Malaysia (USM) Indonesia : •University of Brawijaya (UB) •Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) Myanmar : •University of Computer Science, Yangon (UCSY) Japan •Keio University
  8. 8. Contest Incentives
  9. 9. © SOI Asia Business Platform 2013-2014. All rights reserved 1. Certificate recognition as “Best Business Plan” in SOI Asia 2. Venture Gestation Support (online and onsite communication, up to 9-12 months) 3. Opportunity to be used as case study for entrepreneurship education in 2016 4. Opportunities as for overseas guest speaker presentation in one of SOI Asia Universities *with Air-ticket and accommodation to be covered for two selected members in winning team * Note : Team should be more than 3 to 5 members Contest Incentives 2015: For Winner
  10. 10. © SOI Asia Business Platform 2013-2014. All rights reserved For all Finalists (Top 5 plans): Certificate recognition as “Top Finalist of Business Plan Contest” amongst SOI Asia Universities For All Participants: Evaluation opportunity by industrial professionals Good Resume for future internship or job opportunity Contest Incentives 2015:
  11. 11. Contest Schedule
  12. 12. 11/16/2015 12 Stage 1 Preparation (Nov/Dec) Stage 2 Selection (Dec) Stage 3 Final Presentation (Jan) 2 Contest Workshop (25 Nov& 2 Dec) Submission of Plan (11 Dec) Stage 4 Gestation Opportunity (winner only) (Nov –Dec) Selection of 5 finalist Final Presentation (13 Jan 2016) Participation Process Incentives
  13. 13. Important Dates Date Event Remarks 24 Nov (Tues) 1400-1600 System testing Technical only 25 Nov (Wed) 1500-1630hrs Workshop 1: “How to create a winning Business Model” (Guest Speaker: Contest Winner 2014/15 ) Students 2 Dec (Wed) 1500-1630hrs Workshop 2 : “How to take action with winning business plan” (Guest Speaker : Winner Contest 2014/15) Students 11 Dec (Tues) 2200hrs Submission of Business and Gestation Plan SOI Asia Website 13 Jan (Wed) 0910-1030hrs Final Presentation SOI Asia via Lecture 13 Above are all Indonesian Timing
  14. 14. © SOI Asia Business Platform 2013-2014. All rights reserved • Contest Website entrepreneurship/331-business-contest-2015 • Contest Facebook: “SOI Asia Business and Gestation Plan Contest 2015” • Contact : Goi Hoe Chin (Contest Master) ( For latest Information and enquiry