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RFQ Moldova Tourism Website


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RFQ Moldova Tourism Website

  1. 1. REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS (RFQ) Moldova Tourism Sector Website Design & DevelopmentSECTION 1: INFORMATION ABOUT CEED IIProject Objective: The ultimate objective of the USAID-funded Competitiveness Enhancement andEnterprise Development II (CEED II) project, which is implemented by the Representative Office ofChemonics International Inc. in the Republic of Moldova, hereafter “Chemonics”, is to supportMoldovan enterprises ability to successfully compete in the global marketplace by growing andexpanding key industries to increase sales and investment. CEED II complements and supports theGovernment of Moldova’s strategy for increased competitiveness and export-driven growth. Theproject aims to achieve increased competitiveness in targeted industries by: increasing productivity,increasing trade and investment; and improving public-private dialogue for a better businessenvironment. CEED II supports several important industries of Moldova and has recently decided tosupport the Moldovan tourism industry.Project Duration: December 2010 – December 2014Project Activities: The project will provide technical assistance, training, and other support in orderto implement activities in the following nine areas across CEED II’s targeted industries:• Improve technologies and business processes• Develop the capacity of the workforce• Develop the capacity of industry service providers and other value chain actors• Improve the quality of products and services produced by enterprises• Position and promote products and services in strategic markets• Improve access to financing and investment by enterprises• Increase the viability and number of industry associations and member-based organizations• Develop the capacity of the private sector for advocacy and policy analysis• Increase public sector understanding of private sector concerns and actions taken to improve the conditions for targeted industriesProject Goals: The project has the following goals.• Enhance competitiveness of the target industries• Increase sales in assisted enterprises by 50 percent over the life of the project• Increase investment in assisted enterprises by 75 percent over the life of the project• Increase productivity and workforce capacity in assisted enterprises• Increase sales to new and existing markets for assisted enterprises• Improve the business environment and public-private dialogue in the targeted industriesSECTION 2: BACKGROUNDChemonics is soliciting offers from private IT companies with web development experience for thedesign and development of the Moldova Tourism Sector website– hereafter referred to as “websiteproject”. The website will allow Moldova to effectively communicate to external and internalaudiences about its touristic attractions and activities and other related topics in English, Russian, andRomanian, initially, with other languages added later as needed.Interested private IT companies, hereafter referred to as “Offeror(s)”, are invited to submit proposalsin response to this Request for Quotations (RFQ) to Chemonics. Issuance of this solicitation does not
  2. 2. in any way obligate Chemonics to award a subcontract, nor does it commit Chemonics to pay for anycosts that the Offeror incurred as a result of preparing and submitting a proposal.The Offeror should understand that USAID is not a party to this solicitation. As such, the Offeroragrees that in submitting a response to this solicitation any question or protest hereunder must bepresented—in writing with full explanations—only to Chemonics for consideration. Chemonics, at itssole discretion, will make a final decision on the award of this subcontract.EligibilityOnly private IT companies registered in the Republic of Moldova may apply. Furthermore, bysubmitting an offer in response to this RFQ, the Offeror certifies that it and its principles are notdebarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the U.S. Government. A subcontract will not beawarded to any firm or firms’ principals who are debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment.SECTION 3: TERMS OF REFERENCEThe purpose of the envisioned work, which shall be set forth in a subcontract between Chemonics andthe successful Offeror, is to design and develop a Moldova Tourism Sector website. Offerors shouldtake into consideration the following when submitting their proposals. • The purpose of the website is to inform the public about the attractions that Moldova has to offer and to promote the country as a tourist destination. The audience of the website will include foreigners and Moldovan citizens interested in touristic sites or activities in Moldova. The website is envisioned to be the main site promoting Moldovan tourism. • The website shall use a new Moldova tourism brand (logo, slogan, and color scheme) that will be completed by the end of July 2012 by an agency contracted separately by Chemonics. • The website will be developed in stages with additional functionality and content added at each stage; as such the website must be scalable. Development of at least the first two stages will be done by Chemonics. Annex I contains a vision for how the site should be developed and scaled up over time during the first two stages. In particular, the Offeror should note that the second stage of the website shall include: o A robust searchable database of tourism related businesses in Moldova, e.g. tour operators, hotels, restaurants, etc. The database shall be designed and constructed so that it allows the businesses to enter data, including text, pictures, and video, about themselves directly, with appropriate control and monitoring of the content before it is fully accessible. o A searchable calendar of events • An sample site map of the website has been included in Annex II (Excel doc). During the design and implementation of the project, the site map may be changed as appropriate.. • The website shall contain (or be ready) to embed video, photo and other media. • The website shall incorporate a “search” function during Stage 1 that will collect and report on that information type of information the site’s visitors are looking for. This information will be used to improve the content of the site to make it responsive to visitors’ needs. Request for Quotations: Moldova Tourism Website | 2
  3. 3. • The website will be updated regularly by project personnel in the first phase and by the associations/private business entity in the following phases.Duties and Responsibilities: The technical duties and responsibilities of the Offeror shall include, butnot be limited to the follow: • Work closely with designated CEED II personnel to elaborate the technical specifications. • Design the structure of the website taking into consideration a staged development approach (Annex I) and the suggested site map (Annex II). • Build a dynamic infrastructure (back-end) for the website to meet the project’s goals and technical requirements. • Build the site so that it can be deployed in three languages initially, i.e. English, Russian, and Romanian, and then other languages as appropriate in later stages of the website. • Build the site so that multimedia applications, such as YouTube, can be imbedded within the site and so that links to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are possible. • Build the site so that PDF versions of tourism brochures, catalogues, and/or maps can be included in the site and easily downloaded. • Enable the use of interactive, dynamic maps or mapping features by Google maps or similar. • Minimize the use Flash applications to ensure fast loading and compatibility with all browsers (i.e. Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome). • Work with CEED II personnel to ensure that relevant USAID project branding and marking guidelines are adhered to. CEED II will discuss these details with the successful Offeror. • Incorporate Google Analytics or similar to the site to track traffic and content most visited. • Prepare the website for search engine optimization and register with major search engines. • Ensure RSS feed for website updates. • Design three graphic themes from which to choose: for each one, provide a layout/concept for Home Page and for at least 3 levels of internal pages, i.e. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages after Home. • Train up to 2 people, designated by CEED II, on how to update and maintain the website using an out-of-the box (off-the-shelf) Content Management System. It is preferable that the CMS have available e-mail marketing functions and basic banner management system. • Provide three months of ongoing consultation to guarantee the website meets requirements, including technical assistance to designated CEED II personnel.Content Management: Since initially CEED II staff and then later tourism industry representativeswill manage / update the content of the website, the content management system (CMS) needs to beeasy to use. An out-of-the-box CMS is preferred to a custom-made system.Site Hosting: CEED II together with the Offeror will decide about a domain address and its hosting.The domain address could be or or similar.Project Timeline: The design and development period for Stage 1 will take place over a seven weekperiod, July 14, 2012-August 31, 2012. The website should be launched by September 1, 2012.Thereafter the successful Offeror must be available to fine tune the site for one month. Developmentof Stage 2 will likely commence in the autumn so that it is completed in the spring 2013.SECTION 4: DELIVERABLESThe website project shall be divided into milestones or deliverables. The successful completion andacceptance by Chemonics of these deliverables will be used as the basis for making payments to thesuccessful Offeror. The Offeror shall propose a payment schedule of not less than 3 but not more than6 payments, indicating the percentage of the total fixed price that will be paid for each Request for Quotations: Moldova Tourism Website | 3
  4. 4. SECTION 4: CONTRACTING AND PAYMENTChemonics will sign a Fixed Price Subcontract, in Moldovan Lei, including VAT=0%, with thesuccessful Offeror to implement the website project. The fixed price shall be paid in installmentsaccording to the payment schedule agreed with the Offeror. Note: In accordance with the Agreementbetween the Government of United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Moldovaof 21 March 1994, Chemonics is exempt from VAT.This solicitation is subject to Chemonics’ standard terms and conditions. Any resultant fixed pricesubcontract will be governed by these terms and conditions which are set forth in Chemonics standardFixed Price Subcontract, adapted for use in Moldova. The Offeror’s contract/subcontract models willnot be considered or accepted by Chemonics.SECTION 4: INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS ON SUBMITTING PROPOSALSChemonics invites interested companies to submit proposals for Stage 1 of the web project. ProposalsMUST CONTAIN the following information. Offers that do not contain the necessary informationwill be considered incomplete and will not be evaluated.• Approach: The Offeror must describe the following in its proposal: o The approach it will take to design and implement this website project especially taking into consideration the staged development and scalability of the site. o How it will work with designated CEED II and tourism industry personnel – a 4-6 person steering committee or advisory board – to ensure that the project is advancing properly. o The Content Management System that it will use and explain why it is appropriate. o Its approach to search engine optimization, including strategies and tactics to increase the site’s visibility in searches and on third party websites, especially tourism related sites. o Its plan for training and supporting at least 2 people to update/maintain the website. o The suggested design for the searchable business database and the searchable events calendar to be developed during Stage 2. In addition, the Offeror must list and describe the major milestones of the website development project that will be used as the basis for managing and monitoring performance. The Offeror must describe each milestone in detail and indicate a completion date.• Capabilities: Presentation of the Offeror’s capabilities, describing prior websites that it has designed and developed. The Offeror shall present five examples of live/active websites of a similar size and complexity that it has designed and developed. The Offeror shall provide at least three references, providing their name, title, company affiliation, telephone number, and email address. Please verify the correctness of their information and notify them in advance.• Staff: CVs or bios of the Offeror’s personnel who will be directly responsible for and involved in the website project, highlighting their relevant experience and qualifications. Fluency in English is required for the project manager at a minimum.• Budget: The budget must be calculated, executed, and presented in Moldovan Lei. It is necessary to present the total budget for each milestone/deliverable broken down by cost items, i.e. labor, materials, etc. so that Chemonics can evaluate the correctness and value of the offers. The budget must correspond to the following model. Cost item Quantity Price, MDL Value, MDL Request for Quotations: Moldova Tourism Website | 4
  5. 5. For the purposes of scheduling payments, the Offeror must propose a schedule of not less than 3 and not more than 6 payments. Payments shall be made upon the successful completion and acceptance by Chemonics of the deliverables/milestones proposed by the Offeror. Milestones / deliverables should be sequentially grouped, as needed, and mapped to the payment schedule, i.e. it should be clear for what deliverables/milestones are being paid for at each payment. The total budget must be calculated at zero VAT (VAT= 0 %) in accordance with the status of a non-VAT payer accorded to CEED II as a project funded by USAID; which is in compliance with the Agreement between the United States of America and Republic of Moldova. At this time, Offerors need only submit a detailed budget for Stage 1, but the Offeror shall also included an estimated lump-sum price for Stage 2. A final detailed budget for Stage 2 will be negotiated if/when Chemonics decides to proceed to the next stage of the website’s development.Source/Origin/NationalityOfferors should take note that no items or items with components from the following countries maybe offered or supplied: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Libya, North Korea, and Syria.Validity PeriodOffers must remain valid for not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the offer deadline.Evaluation and AwardThe award will be made to a responsible Offeror whose proposal follows the RFQ instructions, meetsthe origin requirements, and is judged to be the most advantageous to Chemonics in terms of cost anddelivery. In judging the offers, the following criteria will be used: (a) Approach (b) Capabilities/PastPerformance of the Offeror and its Staff that will work on this project; and (c) Total Price. They areequally weighted.Chemonics reserves the right to place partial orders based on any quotation received — i.e., based onthe quotation received, Chemonics may place an order for all, some, or none of the quoted items.Chemonics reserves the right to reject offers that are not responsive to this RFQ.NegotiationsBest-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that awards will be made solely on the basis ofthese original quotations. However, Chemonics reserves the right to conduct negotiations and/orrequest clarifications prior to awarding a contract.Offer DeadlineThe deadline for offers is Friday, July 6 2012 at 17:00hrs. Offerors must submit their proposals bye-mail to CEED II office address: All offers must be in the ENGLISH language.To clarify any questions that potential Offerors may have, CEED II will organize a Question andAnswers Session on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 14:00hrs at CEED II office.Chemonics reserves the right to make changes to make changes to this RFQ at any time. To ensurethat you are informed of any changes, please notify Chemonics of your interest in this solicitation. Anemail to is sufficient. The email should contain the Offeror’s name, the name of apoint of contact, and contact details, i.e. phone number and email address. Request for Quotations: Moldova Tourism Website | 5
  6. 6. ANNEX I Phase 1 (Visit Card Website) Phase 2 (Rich Content Website)Objectives • Communicate Moldova’s tourism offer • Broaden and deepen communication about Moldova’s tourism offer • Feature key attractions (top-10 “sites” for each product category) • Broaden and deepen information about key attractions, incl. calendar • Highlight main routes of events/festivals • Present information about the main in-bound tour operators • Detailed mapping of major routes (interactive) • Provide general information about the country • Presenting info about other attractions, i.e. parks, restaurants, clubs, etc. • Presenting info about all tour operators, but featuring sponsorsFeatures • Uses the new tourism brand • Searchable database of key attractions with maps, pictures, and • Presents clear, concise information in 3 languages (English, operators Romanian, and Russian) • Searchable calendar of events/festivals • Incorporates high quality photography • Site promoted on third party websites • Search optimized • Site available in 1 more language, e.g. Spanish, Italian, or French etc • Facebook (social media) page created • Moldova tourism blog launchedFunding • CEED II • Fees from featured operators • Fees from general sponsors Advertising revenueManagement & • CEED II, supported by the Marketing & Promotion Task Force • Tourism association (tbd) supported by CEED IIAdministration • Private enterprise, e.g. company established by tourism association or a company that buys the site with proceeds used for some common tourism activity/initiative
  7. 7. EnglishMOLDOVA Authentic Hospitable RSS feed Romanian RussianAbout Moldova Main Attractions Special Interest Regions / Cities / Towns Planning your trip Multimedia Social Media Calendar of Events Business Database Search Fast facts Top 10 Arts & Crafts Balti Entry requirements Pictures Facebook Festivals Accomodations Location Wineries Adventure Chisinau Accomodation Brochures & flyers YouTube Opera Tour operators Geography Fortresses Authentic Experiences Comrat Tour operators Maps Blog(s) Theatre Transportation Climate Monastaries Back to the USSR Soroca Getting here Videos Sports Restaurant, Café, Bar People Nature Cultural Activities Tighina/Bender** Getting around Music Other Concert halls History Traditional villages Cultural Heritgage Tiraspol** Practical Information Theatres Government Cultural monuments Health & Safety Cinemas Economy Festivals Money & banking Night Clubs Food & Wine Telecommunications Casinos Jewish Heritage Electricity Sports & Leisure Nature Holidays Shopping Rural tourism Useful Links Shopping Traditions & Folklore Red text indicates pages that will most probably be included in Stage 2.