RFQ Furniture Market Research


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RFQ Furniture Market Research

  1. 1. REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS (RFQ) Design and implementation of a Market Research on Moldova’s Furniture IndustrySECTION 1: INFORMATION ABOUT CEED IIProject Objective: The objective of the Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise DevelopmentII (CEED II) project is to help Moldovan enterprises compete successfully at home and abroad,leading to the growth of key industries through increased sales and investment. CEED II complementsand supports the Government of Moldova’s strategy for export and investment driven growth. Theproject will increase competitiveness in targeted industries by: increasing productivity, increasingtrade and investment; and improving public-private dialogue for a better business environment. CEEDII targets five traditional industries – apparel and textile, fashion accessories, home furnishings,information technology (IT), and wine – and one sector defined as emerging export industries, fromwhich the project will identify and incubate at least two new export industries.Project Duration: December 2010 – December 2014Project Activities: The project will provide technical assistance, training, and other support in orderto implement activities in the following nine areas across CEED II’s targeted industries: Improve technologies and business processes Develop the capacity of the workforce Develop the capacity of industry service providers and other value chain actors Improve the quality of products and services produced by enterprises Position and promote products and services in strategic markets Improve access to financing and investment by enterprises Increase the viability and number of industry associations and member-based organizations Develop the capacity of the private sector for advocacy and policy analysis Increase public sector understanding of private sector concerns and actions taken to improve the conditions for targeted industriesProject Goals: The project has the following goals. Enhance competitiveness of target industries Increase sales in assisted enterprises by 50 percent over the life of the project Increase investment in assisted enterprises by 75 percent over the life of the project Increase productivity and workforce capacity in assisted enterprises Increase sales to new and existing markets for assisted enterprises Improve the business environment and public-private dialogue in the targeted industriesSECTION 2: BACKGROUNDChemonics International, Inc. Representative Office to Moldova is soliciting offers from consultingcompanies to design and implement a market research on Moldova’s furniture industry — hereafterreferred to as “market research”.The market research will serve as a guide for furniture manufacturers to better understand theircustomers’ needs and to better serve their clients by offering products that correspond to their specifictastes, budgets, and lifestyles.
  2. 2. The market research will be focused on the:  Existing market offer (imports vs. local production)  Incidence of custom made furniture vs. series or stock furniture  Demographics of furniture consumptionInterested private consulting companies, hereafter referred to as “Offeror(s)”, are invited to submitproposals in response to this Request for Quotations (RFQ) to Chemonics International, Inc.Representative Office to Moldova. Issuance of this solicitation does not in any way obligateChemonics International, Inc. to award a subcontract, nor does it commit Chemonics International,Inc.to pay for any costs that the Offeror incurred as a result of preparing and submitting a proposal.The Offeror should understand that USAID is not a party to this solicitation. As such, the Offeroragrees that in submitting a response to this solicitation any question or protest hereunder must bepresented—in writing with full explanations—only to Chemonics International, Inc. for consideration.USAID will not consider protests made to it under USAID-financed contracts. ChemonicsInternational, Inc., at its sole discretion, will make a final decision on the award of this subcontract.EligibilityOnly private companies registered in the Republic of Moldova may apply. Furthermore, by submittingan offer in response to this RFQ, the Offeror certifies that it and its principles are not debarred,suspended, or proposed for debarment by the U.S. Government. A subcontract will not be awarded toany firm or firms’ principals who are debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment.SECTION 3: TERMS OF REFERENCEThe purpose of the envisioned work, which shall be set forth in a subcontract between ChemonicsInternational, Inc. Representative Office to Moldova and the successful Offeror, is to design andimplement a market research on Moldova’s furniture industry.Offerors should take into consideration the following points when submitting their proposals.Strategic aspectsThe purpose of the market research is to acquire in depth knowledge regarding Moldova’s furnituremarket. This information will be used by local manufacturers to make decisions regarding furnitureproduction in order to be able to offer the market the specific products it requires.Assignment descriptionPrevious research done by CEED II shows that:  The majority of furniture sold in Moldova is imported and that Moldovan manufacturers have (in certain cases) more success exporting than they do serving local customers. This seems unusual and so CEED II would like to understand if this is true, and if so, why.  Local consumers prefer to buy a significant percentage of “custom made” furniture from Moldovan manufacturers (with “custom” meaning anything from existing serial products slightly modified in color or type of fabric covering all the way to fully “bespoke” designs created specifically for the consumer). Given that ordering custom furniture seems as though it would delay the customers’ gratification and that such orders bring with them an extra risk to consumers in that they don’t actually have the chance to see and feel the product before the Request for Quotations: Industry Directories | 2
  3. 3. delivery (meaning they can never be 100% sure they will like it because they’ve only ever seen a sketch). This also seems unusual to CEED II and the project would like to understand whether this is true and if so, why consumers are willing to wait and accept this “uncertainty”.CEED II would also like to understand the demographics of Moldovan furniture consumers -information including but not limited to:  how much they spend  whether they have an actual budget in mind before beginning to shop  whether they eventually respect that budget or can be convinced to spend more  their age  family structure  income  home details (size, number of rooms, rent versus own, etc.)  what are the key determining factors in their buying decisions (such as price, design, quality, comfort, delivery time, brand, imported versus domestic products, guarantee, something else?)  how often they buy  how they shop (internet versus shops and how many store visits before actually buying)  when they last bought furniture / what did they buy / what did they spend  etc.It is necessary to identify the target group and interview a sufficient number of customers to makegrounded conclusions about the market. The Offeror will be responsible for selecting respondents forthe interviews in order to obtain the relevant information.The Offeror will provide CEED II with a clear proposal regarding the size of the sample ofrespondents that should be interviewed explaining why it recommends that number as well as describeinterview methods.Additionally the Offeror will be responsible for the organization of focus groups and by replying tothe present RFQ will also explain how it envisions this process.Proposed methodology:The Offeror will provide CEED II with a detailed description of the methodology for the marketresearch project including but not limited to:  Collecting necessary data from the interviewed respondents, which will require development of a standard questionnaire;  Conducting questionnaires mainly in locations where furniture is sold;  Verifying the filled in questionnaires for completeness, coherence, and readability of answers;  Organizing focus groups  Taking into account qualitative parameters along with quantitative ones upon data collection.  Writing the final reportReportingThe report presenting the findings of the market research shall be prepared in English, Romanian andRussian. It will represent an analysis and interpretation of the collected research data, summarize theresults of the research work and particularly reflect the following aspects:  An overview of Moldova’s furniture market trends today. Request for Quotations: Industry Directories | 3
  4. 4.  Imports vs. local production. Is it true that Moldovans consume mostly imported furniture? Yes / No and the reasons why they do so?  Incidence of custom made furniture vs. series and the reasons behind it.  Demographics of furniture consumption – a detailed profile of furniture consumers by groups of people discussing the peculiarities of their consumption behavior.SECTION 4: DELIVERABLESChemonics International, Inc. considers it essential that the directories project be divided into 4deliverables. The successful completion and acceptance of these deliverables will be used as the basisfor making payments to the successful Offeror. The table below presents an illustrative list andschedule of deliverables, the deadlines, and percentage of the total budget that the Offeror will receivefor each. Offerors may propose alternatives deliverables schedules. Duration / Deliverables (number and description) % of Budget Deadline 1. Development of the Market Research Questionnaire 1 week 10% and Focus Groups interview methodology 2. Implementation of the Market Research and Focus 2 weeks 40% Groups 3. First draft of the Market Research report 1 week 20% 4. Final draft of the Market Research report 1 week 30% Total 5weeks 100%SECTION 4: CONTRACTING AND PAYMENTChemonics International, Inc. will sign a Fixed Price Subcontract, in Moldovan Lei, includingVAT=0%, with the successful Offeror to implement the directories project. The fixed price shall bepaid in 4 installments upon completion and acceptance of the Deliverables noted above. Note: Inaccordance with the Agreement between the Government of United States of America and theGovernment of the Republic of Moldova of 21 March 1994, Chemonics is exempt from VAT.This solicitation is subject to Chemonics’ standard terms and conditions. Any resultant fixed pricesubcontract will be governed by these terms and conditions which are set forth in Chemonics standardFixed Price Subcontract, adapted for use in Moldova. The Offeror’s contract/subcontract models willnot be considered or accepted by Chemonics.SECTION 4: INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS ON SUBMITTING PROPOSALSProposals should contain the following information. Offers that do not contain the necessaryinformation will be considered incomplete and will not be evaluated; they will be disqualified. Approach: The Offeror must describe the approach it will take to implement the market research. The Offeror must describe the process that will be used to design and implement the market research and the phases of the project. Capabilities: Presentation of the Offeror’s capabilities, describing prior market research studies that it has designed and implemented. The Offeror shall present 5 examples of market research studies of similar complexity that it has designed and implemented. The Offeror shall provide at Request for Quotations: Industry Directories | 4
  5. 5. least three references, providing their name, title, company affiliation, telephone number, and email address. Please verify the correctness of their information and notify them in advance. Staff: CVs or bios of the Offeror’s personnel who will be directly responsible for the project, highlighting their relevant experience and qualifications. Budget: The budget must be calculated, executed, and presented in Moldovan Lei. It is necessary to present the total budget and the budget by cost items so that Chemonics can evaluate the correctness and value of the offers. The budget must correspond to the following model:Cost item A B C = A+ B Quantity Price, MDL Subtotal, MDLTOTAL PRICE xxx MDLThe total budget must be calculated at zero VAT (VAT= 0 %) in accordance with the status of a non-VAT payer accorded to CEED II as a project funded by USAID; which is in compliance with theAgreement between the Government of United States of America and the Government of theRepublic of Moldova of 21 March 1994.Source/Origin/NationalityOfferors should take note that no items or items with components from the following countries maybe offered or supplied: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Libya, North Korea, and Syria.Validity PeriodOffers must remain valid for not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the offer deadline.Evaluation and AwardThe award will be made to a responsible Offeror whose proposal follows the RFQ instructions, meetsthe origin requirements, and is judged to be the most advantageous to Chemonics International, Inc. interms of cost and delivery. In judging the offers, the following criteria will be used; they are equallyweighted.  Approach  Capabilities/Past Performance of the Offeror and its Staff that will work on this project  Total PriceChemonics reserves the right to place partial orders based on any quotation received — i.e., based onthe quotation received, Chemonics may place an order for all, some, or none of the quoted items.Chemonics reserves the right to reject offers that are not responsive to this RFQ.NegotiationsBest-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that awards will be made solely on the basis ofthese original quotations. However, Chemonics reserves the right to conduct negotiations and/orrequest clarifications prior to awarding a contract.Offer DeadlineThe deadline for offers is on October 14th at 17:00hrs at the CEED II Project Office address listed Request for Quotations: Industry Directories | 5
  6. 6. below. Late offers will not be considered; they will be disqualified. 29 Sfatul Tarii Str., "Le Roi", 5th floor Chisinau, Moldova, MD 2012 Tel. 83-99-00Offerors must submit one (1) copy of their proposal in HARD COPY, with one (1) electronic copy one-mail office@ceed.md with Subject Tender Market Research on Moldova’s Furniture Industry.All offers must be in the ENGLISH language. Failure to follow these or any other instructions in thisRFQ will result in the Offerors’ disqualification.The deadline for any questions is on October 11th at 17:00hrs. Questions must be made in writing andin the ENGLISH language, and sent by email to office@ceed.md. (NB. Any proposals sent to thisemail address will not be considered. See above for proposal delivery instructions.) Request for Quotations: Industry Directories | 6