IT4Transparency & Competitiveness of ICT Sector. USAID Implication


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IT4Transparency & Competitiveness of ICT Sector. USAID Implication

  1. 1. IT4Transparency &Competitiveness of ICT sector (USAID implication) Sergiu Botezatu, PhD USAID Senior Project Management Specialist Policies & Strategies Leader Moldova ICT Summit 2011 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, May 18 - 19, 2011
  2. 2. Competitiveness  innovation Competitive advantage Competitiveness Productivity Innovation
  3. 3. ICT for Moldova…AN ADVENTURE??? A REALITY???
  4. 4. ICT is one of the most dynamic economic sectors in Moldova• ICT represents nearly 10 %of GDP (on par with agriculture production)• about 40,000 people employed directly and indirectly in ICT, which makes ICT one of the major employers in Moldova• ICT employs the young generation• Between 2008 and 2009, Cisco Systems reports double and triple digit growth in Moldova’s NetAcad program;
  5. 5. Innovation - IT4TransparencyActive implementation of open dataconcept– one of only 16 nations in the world.Advanced ICT industry and a strongmovement towards a robust e-governmentinitiative.
  6. 6. USAID/Moldova:• Competitiveness Enhancement & Enterprise Development (CEED)• Moldova Rapid Governance Support Program (MRGSP)
  7. 7. CEED was one of several projects inUSAID/Moldova’s portfolio that supportseconomic growth in the country:• Contract for 5 years (2005-2010) with a $7.9 million ceiling price• Competitiveness project that worked in three target industries: ICT, apparel/textile, and wine. Also a trade finance component.• Implemented by Chemonics International in partnership with Crimson Capital Corporation and Dexis Consulting Group
  8. 8. CEED II is one of several projects inUSAID/Moldova’s portfolio that supportseconomic growth in the country:• Contract for 4 years (12.2010-12.2014) with a $9.15 million ceiling price• Competitiveness project that works in the same three target industries: ICT, apparel/textile, and wine. Will also select three new industries for support.• Implemented by Chemonics International
  9. 9. Moldova Rapid Governance Support Program (MRGSP)• Contract for 1.75 years (03.2010-11.2011) with a $3.7 million ceiling price• Assistance to Moldovan Government ministries and offices to support the implementation of key reforms• Implemented by Millennium Partners Consulting
  10. 10. MRGSPCEED II ICT Private Sector
  11. 11. ICT sector & CEED• Productivity - IT Mark and CMMI• Quantity and quality of the IT workforce - Cisco Networking Academy & Microsoft IT Academy• ICT Association of Moldova• Market linkages & Business missions
  12. 12. Proactive Marketing Brings Exposure Trade publications and shows move Moldovan IT firms into the mainstream“The trade show was a workableplatform for sales and communicationwith the market. But this is no time torelax. We are moving forward into a trueIT solutions vendor.” A representative of Dekart (right)Valeri Anestiadi, demonstrates the company’s Private DiskCEO of Dekart application to a buyer from Japan.
  13. 13. IT Firm Hits the MarkUSAID helps IT company receivenew certification to increaseexports and compete in theregion “The IT Mark program was just what we needed. I had no idea the staff would get so interested in and energized by the process, but they did. USAID’s support made a big difference.” Andrei Aidov, QSystems Director
  14. 14. ICT Firms Earn Policymakers’ RespectUSAID supports formation of a new ICTassociation that is reaching out toGovernment policymakers“Having become part of a likemindedgroup, we’ve learned to cooperate andconsolidate our opinions in order to The association board presents the members’ vision and action plan for thepresent a united front.” ICT sector.Veaceslav Cunev, President, MoldovanAssociation of Private ICT Companies
  15. 15. Hands-on IT Courses CloseSkills GapMicrosoft and Cisco ITcourses are nowoffered at elevenMoldovan schools – “I benefited from everysix high schools, one second of my Cisco Networkingcollege and four course; it’suniversities – thanks well-structured and “The ITE course, with its uniqueto USAID support. interactive style of teaching and interactive learning, is so different from nature helped me discover typical IT courses taught in high a real schools and colleges in Moldova. fascination for IT.” My students don’t hesitate a Tatiana Cotiga minute to stay after classes or IT Department Student, come on weekends to attend the ASEM ITE course.”Valentina Spinu ITE and CCNA instructor at the College of Finance and Banking
  16. 16. • An Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) software application was developed and installed throughout the Moldovan court system;• Under State Tax Inspectorate a toll-free customer call center was created to answer taxpayer questions;• New computer software called the Collection Enforcement Tracking System (CETS) was created to improve management of tax auditing and tax collection, thereby reducing capabilities for corruption;• Equipment and advisory support was provided to the State Customs Services efforts to develop a link with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)s New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) which has greatly reduced the opportunities for customs fraud in Western Europe. NCTS was successfully tested; etc.
  17. 17. IT4Transparency & MRGSP
  18. 18. Station 1: Suppliers of Open DataStation 2: International Case Study on Open Government DataStation 3: Funding application development and analysisStation 4: Moldova Case Study: Citizen participation (Nat. TrashCleanup Day)Station 5: Suppliers of Open DataStation 6: NGO PerspectiveStation 7: International Case Study on Open Government DataStation 8: Road Map for Future Evolution of Open Data
  19. 19. IT4Transparency leads to amore transparent and better governance and more competitive ICT sector.
  20. 20. Thank you!Sergiu Botezatu, Ph.D.Senior Project Management SpecialistPolicies & Strategies LeaderUSAID Regional Mission for Ukraine, Belarus, & Moldova Chisinau Officesbotezatu@usaid.govTel. +373-22-201-800