Business Intelligence for Education


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Business Intelligence for Education

  1. 1. SIVECO Education AnalyzerBusiness Intelligence (BI) for EducationSIVECO Education Analyzer is a suite of software tools that allows any Ministryof Education to have a constantly clear and complete image over their nationaleducation system.The Education Analyzer provides an intelligent and efficient approach forcollecting, analyzing and presenting information needed for planning, decisionmaking and education forecasting.
  2. 2. SIVECO Education Analyzer At a macro level, SIVECO Education Beneficiaries Analyzer: By providing multiple interfaces, the ¡ Offers a general framework for a SIVECO Education Analyzer offers complex professional and cost-effective forecasting functionalities for all stakeholders involved upon national education policies and long in the education system, localised:SIVECO Education Analyzer term strategies; ¡ At national level; ¡ Contributes to an efficient calculation of all ¡ At regional level; resources within the education system; ¡ At school level; ¡ Provides cutting - edge IT tools for supporting decisions within the entire ¡ For the general public. education system; ¡ Contributes to the transparency of the Governmental decisional process for education evolution and modernisation. Types of indicators managed by SIVECO Education Analyzer ¡ Analysis indicators such as: • Snapshot analysis; • Time series analysis; • Comparative (between similar indica- tors) analysis; • Roll-up and drill-down analysis. ¡ Forecasting upon education system key indicators evolution; The solution includes a set of software tools ¡ Assistance in decision making process; for supporting the administrative process of the education system - decision, evaluation, ¡ Analysis scenarios available on each planning, forecasting and prognosis, organizational level. monitoring and control - for the specific The data can be presented in user friendly needs of: formats, using statistical tables, reports and graphs. Decision makers - the departments within the Ministry of Education that are responsible with Strategy and Educational Policies, Statistics and Human Resources, Finance and Accounting Department - all the parties using the system to extract data necessary 2 for making decisions on schools planning or on costs per student and/or teacher.
  3. 3. Technology SIVECO Education Analyzer leverages the power and flexibility of latest Microsoft technologies: ¡ By introducing the OLAP multi-dimensional analysis of education indicators the Beneficiaries gain access to powerful analysis being reserved so far only to economic and financial environments. ¡ Microsoft SQL Server 2008: SIVECO Education Analyzer • SQL Server Analysis Services;Central administration personnel andrepresentatives of the central admini- • SQL Server Reporting Services;stration - including regional subsidiaries. • SQL Server Integration Services; ¡ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010: • Excel ServicesThis category is enabled to extract statisticsabout schools, students and teachers at ¡ Microsoft Performance Point Server 2007regional or school level, data about teachers/students ratios, student’s distribution andother statistical information. This groupconsists usually in administrative employeeslike managers, operators, inspectors andhead directors, that need monitoring andstatistical information on part or on the wholeeducational system.Local administration personnel - theprincipals and secretaries from each schoolcan access relevant information abouttheir own school or other schools, throughcomparisons.The general public - the general publiccan access a wide range of information ineducation, through the school map interfaceand through a national education portal. Key outcomesThese tools address students, teachers, The most important output is the set ofparents, administrative personnel, education National Education Indicators (NEI), whichspecialists, public institutions, private provide accurate information regarding allsector representatives and the media. This schools, teachers and students enrolled incomponent provides a higher transparency the education for the status of a national educationsystem. By providing multiple interfaces, the system 3 offers dedicated reports, multi-dimensional analysis scenarios of Education Indicators and general information is made available online.
  4. 4. SIVECO Education Analyzer ¡ Public National Education Indicators, It can also track and display comparative available through the School Map web evolutions of similar or connected indicators. interface provides accurate information regarding schools, teachers and students in the entire education system, like: The system offers: • Number of urban / rural schools; Statistical data • Number of students by gender; ¡ Operative status at the beginning of each • Graduation rate; scholar year; • Number of classes per school year; ¡ Number of students enrolled - by levels of study, grades; • Number of teachers in urban / rural areas; ¡ Number of personnel and active positions and other relevant information. • Number of qualified teachers; • Number of positions available; Statistical research on education ¡ Private National Education Indicators - ¡ Number of students by various criteria, like available only for the Ministry of Education level of study, scholar year, age, nationality, stakeholders – provide in-depth statistical country of residence, native language; information on education, useful for strategic decisions regarding the evolution of the entire education system. Indicators’ analysis provides information on overall education and individual school evolution and offers support in identification of any possible anomaly - sudden major 4 increase/decrease of students, poor results for a certain subject, in certain regions etc; Reporting history provides an accurate comparison for indicators’ values over time.
  5. 5. ¡ AeL Learning and Content Management System (LCMS) is suitable both for synchronous and asynchronous learning (distance learning) and for testing and evaluation; ¡ It provides a virtual classroom, a course management and an educational content area where both learners and teachers can collaborate on creating educational content. SIVECO Education Analyzer¡ Personnel by categories and age groups; AeL eContent library¡ School status at the end of each scholar AeL eContent offers an optimum mix of year: pedagogy and entertainment, combining • Enrolled students, graduated students, videos, interactive activities, experiments, school abandonment. simulations and tests, all aimed at motivating different types of learners. The learning process is therefore transformed into anTypes of reports that can be generated by exciting activity; a way to discover andthe system explore, to observe scientific principles at¡ Standard reports based on templates work and to apply the abstract theory in provided by the Ministry of Education - everyday activities with the help of attractive including titles, headers, footers and logos. educational materials suited for learner’s age These reports can be printed directly and interests. from the system, to be included in official documents and studies;¡ Custom reports, generated by users with the included report builder;¡ Graphical reports based on existing national education indicators.Main components for a completesolution for educationSIVECO Romania offers a complete andintegrated solution for education, built uponsolid and reliable components, addressingthe management of and support for all theeducational processes within a nationaleducation system.AeL Learning and Content ManagementSystem (LCMS) 5¡ Provides a modern learning experience for learners and provides support for teachers;
  6. 6. Human resources management:SIVECO Education Analyzer ¡ Organisational charts: teachers, students, class masters, auxiliary personnel; ¡ Information on students and teachers: personal information, qualifications, current and past activity; ¡ Scheduling - schedule rules and generation, detailed schedule for each teacher/student; National Education Database (NED) ¡ Accessible at national, regional and school AeL School Manager (ASM) levels; Offers support for school management, ¡ Consists of central data collection and including: business services, accessible through an ¡ School’s organizational management - by user friendly and productive collection and study levels, schools, components; management interface; ¡ Management of classrooms / virtual learning spaces. Business Intelligence ¡ Accessible at national and regional levels; Management of learners’ results: ¡ Offers advanced analysis and reporting ¡ Grades, attendance records, results, based on NED system; activity ¡ Extra-curricular activities, contests and awards 6
  7. 7. SIVECO Education AnalyzerSchool Map Conclusions¡ Public executive overview and information SIVECO Education Analyzer provides an web portal; intelligent and efficient solution for education,¡ Provides general interest information by: on the education system: list of schools ¡ Offering a permanent overview of the per region, school information, statistics education system; and performance indicators at national, ¡ Accelerating the workflow for collecting, regional and school level; processing, generating and presenting¡ Provides a drill-down interface allowing accurate indicators; the visitors to narrow the visible data to the ¡ Significantly reducing the workload of particular needed information; administrative personnel;¡ The module uses the NED directly, ¡ Helping at developing the educational therefore any new information is instantly public services; updated on the web. ¡ Encouraging the transparency of the decision-making process; ¡ Facilitating services to become more cost effective and more accessible; ¡ Enabling the citizens to participate in the decisional process in education; ¡ Improving and modernising the national education system. 7
  8. 8. SIVECO Romania focuses its efforts to enable all stakeholders ineducation to access quality information, to better handle the decisionalprocess and to sustain the modernisation of the national educationsystem. For achieving these goals, we offer an efficient decision-making tool for the entire education system, by leveraging the powerand flexibility of latest techniques and technology, combined with ourvast expertise acquired through successful nation wide implementationof similar projects. More information about the company and its products is available at and SIVECO Romania Victoria Park, 73-81 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Drive, C4 Building, District 1, 013685 - Bucharest, ROMANIA Phone: +40 (021) 302 3300; Fax: +40 (021) 302 3391©2011 SIVECO Romania. All rights reserved. Content of this material cannot be reproduced without written permission from SIVECO Romania SA.