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my final project


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my final project

  1. 1. autism?
  2. 2. Standards• 4c Students know how mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene may or may not affect the expression of the gene, or the sequence of amino acids in an encoded protein.• 4d Students know how specialization of cells in multicellular organisms is usually due to different patterns of gene expression rather than to differences in the genes themselves.
  3. 3. What is autism ?• Autism is a mental disability that gives difficulty in reading, speaking, and making relationships with people.• Autism affects information getting to the brain.• Autism was first discovered in 1938 by an Australian pediatrician, Hans Asperger.
  4. 4. risk factors that can cause autism
  5. 5. Risk factors• Childs gender• Family history• Parent ages• Identical twins• Premature birth
  6. 6. Childs gender• Boys are three to four times more likely to develop autism than girls are.• The boys cant be carriers of the | | | disease because of the “y” chromosome.
  7. 7. Family history• Parents that have had one or more child with autism have the probability of having the other child being autistic. Even if relatives have had autistic children the disease can be carried in the family.
  8. 8. Parents age• Studies have shown that having the mother or father being 40 or older can increase the probability of the child being autistic.• This is why because women are born with a certain number of eggs and lose a certain number too which can complicate the childs development.• Men might experience a decline in fertility starting in their late 30’s.
  9. 9. Identical twins• Having identical twins can cause autism.• When the babies are growing they are developing. Their genes may be shared just like diseases and autism can be passed to the identical twin.• The type of autism can vary.
  10. 10. Premature birth• Having a baby be born premature can be a risk factor for autism.• The low birth weight can cause problems in the child.• This is why because the fetus isn’t developed well enough and could have complications in its body.
  11. 11. Treatments for autism
  12. 12. treatmentsTherapies• Speech therapy• Music therapy• Social skills therapy• Behavior therapy
  13. 13. Speech therapy• This kind of therapy helps autistic children speak.• In these therapies children do reading exercises.
  14. 14. Music therapy ♪ ♫• Music therapies help children express themselves threw music.• It can make life beautiful for autistic children. It can make them feel happy.
  15. 15. Social skills therapy• Social skills therapists focus on game playing, sharing and conversation with the autistic children.• In these therapies children interact with one another.
  16. 16. Behavior therapy• Behavior therapy helps autistic children control their emotions.• Behavioral therapy can be used as decrease or increase any behavior.• Like anger In this picture the management. child is having therapy in his house. He is happy learning.
  17. 17. The best treatment would be having the family be with them to support them.
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