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Vietnam Works Seminar Brochure on 16 - 18 July 2019


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Building a Workplace Culture Fit for Success in the 2020s

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Vietnam Works Seminar Brochure on 16 - 18 July 2019

  1. 1. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 1 VIETNAMWORKS EXCLUSIVE EMPLOYER WORKSHOP JULY 2019 H O C H I M I N H C I T Y: 1 6 /0 7/ 2 0 1 9 | H A N O I : 1 8 /0 7/ 2 0 1 9 SPEAKER Professor Sattar Bawany Principal Consultant of PerformanceWorks International
  2. 2. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 2 COMPANY CULTURE AND THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPANY CULTURE TRANSFORMATION FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE NEW PLACEMENT If company culture is understood according to the above sentence, there are two elements of company culture that are easily affected by changes of the era. The first element is the method of working (“the way we do”); the second element is each member of the organisation (“we”). The development of scientific – technological factors have been creating new, and more convenient working tools, thereby, more or less changing the way employees work. For example, business communication via email has become so popular that almost no one remembers the time when people had to use hand-written letters to transmit their ideas to related people. If the scientific – techonological factors impact much on the way people work, then the socio – economic factors have a strong influence on the people (“we”). For instance, when generation Y (people who were born after 1979) began to enter the labor market, people started to discuss about new and more effective strategies to retain this generation of talent, since this is a dynamic one who likes to explore, and is not afraid to change jobs. According to Business Dictionaries, company culture includes expectations, experiences, philosophies, and values expressed through members behaviour, their working styles, and interactions with colleagues and partners. Or as a famous saying: company culture is “the way we do things around here”. Company culture is a premise, a catalyst that brings business ideas and vision plans into life. Mr. Pierre Nanteme, CEO of Accenture, once said:” Since 2000, digital is the principal reason why just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared”. That means, if company culture does not evolve over time, companies will have big inertia toward transformation, hence losing their competitive advantage in the market. In contrast, an advanced company culture is a premise for a strong business ideas and vision plans. If company culture is a boat and any changes in socio - economic and scientific – technological factors are a river, then at this very moment, that boat is preparing to confront with a new turn that contains many surprises, changes, and challenges. This workshop “Building a workplace culture fit for success in the 2020s” therefore, aims to assist you – the captain of that boat, to foresee such challenges, and to equip yourself with knowledge of the new era, so as to be ready to confront and support the team to adapt and continue growing.
  3. 3. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 3 THIS WORKSHOP WILL HELP YOU Aware to get ahead of the breakthrough changes in company culture 1. 2. 3. Master methods of building workplace environment utilizing digital advances to prepare for imminent changes Redefine cooperative skills in digital age to increase productivity and employee engagement
  5. 5. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 5 COMPANY CULTURE IN THE 2020s Learning points: - Overview of the workforce and workplace in the 2020s - Methods for change to adapt from some organizations around the world Interactive activities: - Case studies of Asian companies in the process of culture innovation - Demonstrations for how some new workplaces work - Table group discussion to apply HR 4.0 to the Vietnam context
  6. 6. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 6 BUILDING COMPANY CULTURE READY FOR THE NEXT DECADE Learning points: - The urgency of changing company culture against the digital challenges - The building blocks and characteristics of digital culture and how it differs from pre-digital cultures - Methods of building and changing culture for leaders, teams and organisations Interactive activities: - Typical examples from TransferWise and ING Bank - Discuss about changes happening in your organization - Develop a changing plan for your organization
  7. 7. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 7 COLLABORATION SKILLS IN THE NEW ERA Learning points: - Defining collaborative skills in the digital age - How to empower large and small collaborative groups within organisation Interactive activities: - Videos and slideshow examples of companies and countries that successfully redefined collaborative skills - Group activities and fun, engaging Q&A sessions to demonstrate the power of collaboration
  8. 8. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 8 INTRODUCTION Professor Sattar Bawany Principal Consultant of PerformanceWorks International About PerformanceWorks International • Sattar has 30 years of experience in international business management, sales, marketing and operation, including 20 years in executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development with global management consulting firms. • He is an astute advisor for leaders, from CEOs to Directors, and Senior Managers in both professional and personal lives. • He is also a keynote speaker at international conferences, workshops and seminars on themes related to transformational digital leadership, attracting and engaging a multigenerational workplace, strategic human resource management,...In addiction to his business and consulting career, Sattar Bawany also has 15 years of concurrent academic experience as an Adjunct Professor teaching Senior Directors international business strategies and human resource courses at various leading universities. • Sattar is also the author of articles and books on Human Resources Management and the Industrial Revolution 4.0. His book “TransformingNextGenLeadersMeetingthe Leadership Challenges in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” will be published by Business Expert Press (BPB) LLC in June 2019. PerformanceWorks International focuses on development assistance for the leaders and managers to become fit and ready for the future. In the era of 4.0, managers and leaders need to navigate the future in order to remain competitive and creative to reshape their businesses in the digital world. Understanding that importance, Perfor- manceWorks International focuses on building the skills needed for managers and leaders to ready them for the challenges of the future right at the present.
  9. 9. BUILDING A WORKPLACE CULTURE FIT FOR SUCCESS IN THE 2020s 9 HOW TO GET TICKET? TICKET INCLUDES REGISTER NOW As a VietnamWorks’ client, you are eligible to receive a seminar ticket with every purchased service of at least 34,500,000 VND or recognized purchase order of 29,900,000 VND from April to June 2019. Ha Noi: (024) 3944 0568 | Ho Chi Minh City: (028) 3925 8456 Register deadline: 30/06/2019 Training course fee Professionally printed training materials Certificate of Seminar Completion 01 buffet lunch 02 tea breaks