GeoAdmin API & Mobile API, 2012


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Presentation about the GeoAdmin API's done during the event

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GeoAdmin API & Mobile API, 2012

  1. 1. make.opendata.chGeoAdmin APICédric / swisstopo
  2. 2. Law Federal Act on Geoinformation (GeoIG), 1. Juli 2008 Art. 1 Aim This Act has the aim of ensuring that geodata relating to the territory of the Swiss Confederation is made available for general use to the authorities of the Confederation, the cantons and communes, the private sector, the public and to academic and scientific institutions in a sustainable, up-to-date, rapid and easy manner, in the required quality and at a reasonable cost. Picture by floofy
  3. 3. Howdid we achieve this
  4. 4. Open AccessOpen StandardsOpen Source SoftwareAccess not ownership is whereall content is going… (Kevin Kelly) Picture by ul_Marga
  5. 5. Architecture
  6. 6. API Architecture revision globe tsm are API Mobile API GeoServices Data (Tiles / Databases)
  7. 7. API Architecture: data • Tiles delivered with WMTS RESTFul: View • For vector • For raster • Database: Data access • For vector ;-)
  8. 8. API Architecture: Geoservices • REST Services • Geocoding • Reverse geocoding • Feature • Profile • Height
  9. 9. API Architecture: API<script type="text/javascript"> function init() { var api = new GeoAdmin.API(); api.createMap({ div: "mymap1" }); }</script><body onload="init();"> <div id="mymap1" style="width:500px;height:340px;border:1px solid grey;padding: 0 0 00;margin:10px !important;"></div> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></body> GeoAdmin API GeoExt OpenLayers ExtJS 3.4
  10. 10. API Architecture: Mobile APIExt.setup({ onReady: function(){ m = new GeoAdminMobile.Map({handedness: right, contextinfo: true, featureinfo: true }); var wmts2 = GeoAdmin.layers.buildLayerByName ("ch.bfs.gebaeude_wohnungs_register", {isBaseLayer: false});[wmts2]); } }); GeoAdmin Mobile API GeoExt Mobile (GXM) OpenLayers Sencha Touch
  11. 11. Mashups ?• Permalink (WMS – KML (doc) - Address)• StreetView• GeoCoder• Routing• GoogleEarth• GPX• REST API• All the power of OpenLayers and ExtJS
  12. 12. Documentation• API Generator• API• Mobile API• FAQ
  13. 13. Terms of use• Terms of use• GeoAdmin API is completely free and open• All layers, except data of swisstopo web access WMTS, can be used freely. 25’000 MegaPixels are free.• Domain registration is required (…one work week…)
  14. 14. Tips and tricks• Develop with localhost• Use the mailing lists• Always test on IE ;-)• Use Google Chrome for mobile development (mobile=true)• You need the source code ? Just ask !• All stations• Hiking trails• Road network• Historical routes• Traffic counting stations (see tooltips)
  15. 15. MobileTechnology
  16. 16. Mobile AppMobile Website
  17. 17. Why HTML5 ?• Not proprietary• No browser dependence• Advanced functions within browser• Standardardized API: Geolocation – Canvas – Appcache - etc..HTML5 test:
  18. 18. Perspective
  19. 19. Perspective ?• 3D: WebGL• 4D: Historical data view• Offline
  20. 20. ..and it works!some awards: Picture by swisstopo
  21. 21. Thank you for your attentionand welcome to