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  1. Good Technology Device Activations Report | Q2 2012 Android smartphone activations nearly doubled quarter-over-quarter, but iOS was still the leading platform; Windows Phone enters the race, debuting this quarter Mobility within Government/Public Sector, Manufacturing and Retail Industries Grows
  2. Executive Summary Good Technology, the leader in secure enterprise mobility solutions, analyzed mobile device activations among their enterprise customers over the second quarter of 2012 to track notable changes and trends in device and mobile operating system usage within corporations. The data collected shows that while Android smartphone usage within the enterprise nearly doubled, iOS continued to be the dominant platform, led primarily by the iPhone 4S. Additionally, while tablet adoption continued to grow—dominated by the iPad, which accounted for 94.5 percent overall tablet activations— smartphone usage still outnumbered tablet usage by three to one, accounting for 73 percent of total device activations, compared to only 27 percent for tablets. Windows Phone also made its debut in Good’s data report in the quarter following Good’s release of Windows Phone 7.5 support in April 2012. While Windows Phone only accounted for 1.2 percent of overall activations in Q2, Good expects this number to grow in future quarters as additional devices become available. Key Data Points • Android activations grew 10 percent overall in Q2 2012 to 37 percent, smartphone activations nearly doubled from Q1 2012 • iOS activations dropped from 79.9 percent in Q1 2012 to 70.8 percent in Q2 2012 • The iPhone 4S—which dominated activations in Q1 2012, at 4x any other device – leveled out this quarter at 30.8 percent overall • iPads dominated, representing 94.5 percent Q2 2012 tablet activations • Net activations within the Business & Professional Services industry dropped by nearly seven percent, while iPad activations in the Life Sciences industry also fell four spots from Q1 2012 • Mobile deployments expanded within the Government/Public Sector, Manufacturing, and the Wholesale & Retail industries • Samsung’s Android devices captured three of the top 10 device spots: the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note • Windows Phone debuted in this quarter’s report following initiation of Good’s support for Windows Phone 7.5 in April 2012, accounting for 1.2 percent of total smartphone activations 02 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  3. Introduction As innovative mobile devices and an array of enterprise productivity applications continue to enter the marketplace, mobile worker usage continues to increase. In fact, IDC predicts that the amount of mobile workers will grow to 1.3 billion in 2015, accounting for 37.2 percent of the global workforce1. Additionally, according to a recent survey sponsored by Good Technology, more than 80 percent of American employees continue answering calls and emails from their mobile device after they have left the office for an average of seven extra hours each week – almost another full day of work—which adds up to more than a month and a half of overtime a year. From customer-facing workers to C-level executives, today’s highly mobile workforce is leveraging smartphones and tablets as productivity tools to stay organized, respond to customers, and stay on top of deliverables. They are also mixing work and their personal lives on these devices in ways never seen before. Companies looking to tap into these productivity benefits increasingly want to support the devices and platforms that make employees the most productive and happy, while maintaining security and privacy, and cutting costs. Thousands of customers across every major industry, including eight of the top 10 financial institutions, five of the top 10 healthcare organizations, and half of the FORTUNE 100™, use Good Technology to secure and manage mobile data, applications and devices within their enterprise. Good’s Q2 2012 quarterly activation report examines the device models and OS platforms that Good’s more than 4,000 enterprise customers – and their employees – activated during April, May and June 2012. Because this customer data set represents a wide range of industries–including Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Business & Professional Services, Legal, Government, and High Tech–and all major geographies, these findings provide a solid snapshot of the overall enterprise mobility landscape. “Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast”, Stacy Crook, IDC, December 2011. 1 03 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  4. Methodology Good analyzed activations by month—across thousands of corporate and government organizations, each with at least five activated devices—to determine the “Top 10” most frequently activated devices and overall trends for net new activations across the mobile OS platforms Good supports (which includes iOS, Android and Windows Phone). It is worth noting that because RIM devices use the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for corporate email access, Good does not have insight into BlackBerry handset activation trends and they are not reflected in this report. Analyzing both the “Top 10” device and the long tail of net new device activations by platform provides unique insight into not only the popularity of individual mobile form factors, but also the platforms that gain enterprises approval for use and access to business information and applications. The growing adoption of Good Technology’s Good Dynamics™ application development platform will help the company also analyze application use and deployment metrics later this year. 04 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  5. Results - “Top 10” Devices Figure 1 Figure 1 shows a strong preference for Apple devices in Q2 2012, with iOS smartphones and tablets claiming the top four spots. On the whole, the two most recently released iPhones (4S and 4) and iPads (2 and 3) drove the majority of activations for the period from April 1 through June 30, 2012. The iPhone 4S was the top device, driving nearly twice as many activations as any other smartphone with 30.8 percent of activations for the quarter. The iPad 3 was the second most popular device among enterprise activations, averaging 13.3 percent for the quarter. The iPhone 4 was the third most popular device with 12 percent of all activations. Android smartphones gained ground in this quarter, capturing 36.9 percent of total activations, led by the popular Samsung Galaxy S II, which ranked fifth this quarter at 4.6 percent, followed by the Motorola Droid Razr at 3.2 percent. Both Android devices outpaced the original iPad and iPhone 3S, which rank seventh and eighth, down from fifth and sixth place last quarter, claiming 2.3 and 1.8 percent in Q2 respectively. Samsung’s Galaxy Note, which was rolled out in East Asia, Europe, and India in December 2011, and North America last quarter, closed out the top 10 with 0.9 percent of total activations. As of the close of the second quarter, Samsung reports it has shipped more than seven million Galaxy Notes worldwide so Good predicts that more activations of this device are likely in Q3. 05 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  6. Results - Activations By Platform Figure 2 Apple iOS device activations still account for more than twice the number of Android activations in the enterprise when it comes to overall platform activations. iOS accounted for 70.8 percent, Android was 28.3 percent and Windows Phone 7 was 0.9 percent. Android experienced a 10 percent growth quarter over quarter, regaining momentum after a significant decline last quarter when enterprise support fell to 20 percent of total devices. Android’s gains in this quarter mirror the pattern Good saw in Q2 2011 where Android picked up steam once the latest iPhone hardware had been on the market for a while. By comparison, Android activations were 29 percent in Q4 2011, 32 percent in Q3 2011 and 25 percent one year ago in Q2 2011. Good attributes Android’s growth this quarter – with smartphone activations nearly doubling – to the availability of new and feature-rich Android devices by Samsung. The company attributes the iOS decline to market saturation as most iOS device hardware has been available for some time. For the first time, a third mobile platform was added to Good’s device analysis following the introduction of the company’s support for Windows Phone 7.5 in April 2012. In Q2, Windows Phone devices accounted for 1.2 percent of total smartphone activations. It remains to be seen if the rollout of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS for both smartphones and tablets spurs an increase in use of Windows devices within the enterprise. 06 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  7. Results - Smartphone Activations By Device Figure 3 Type The iPhone 4S led iOS smartphone activations, followed by the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS for a combined 61.9 percent overall smartphone activations for the quarter (up from 55 percent in Q1 2012, even as iPhone 3 use drops). Android activations accounted for 37 percent of smartphones in Q2 2012. Referring back to “Top 10” Devices in Figure 1, the top Android devices activated this quarter were the Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Note. Also noted above, Windows emerged in the last month of the second quarter, capturing 1.2 percent of total activations, which represents smartphones only, as there are currently no tablets available for the Windows mobile platform. It will be interesting to see how the arrival of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface impact activations in future quarters. 07 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  8. Results - Tablet Activations by Type Figure 4 Apple’s iPads dominated tablet activations with 94.5 percent of total activations for the quarter (down from 97.3 percent in Q1 2012) led by the new iPad 3 which was released in March 2012, with the iPad 2 contributing significantly as well, most likely due to the continual price drop applied by Apple since the release of the iPad 3. The iPad 3 debuted in the last month of Q1 2012 at number four with 12.1 percent of overall activations and ranked #2 this quarter with 13.3 percent overall, a slight increase over last quarter. The older iPad 2 is not far behind at number four, comprising 10.3 percent of overall activations, down from #2 last quarter with 17.7 percent of total activations. Android tablets still make up a small percentage of tablet activations at 5.5 percent, but this is a major increase from 2.7 percent last quarter. Good attributes this growth to the emergence of the Galaxy Note, a hybrid Android smartphone/tablet that ranked number 10 in top devices for Q2 2012. Additionally, these figures are fairly average for Android tablets since Android activations are mainly led by smartphone activations. As noted earlier, it will be interesting to see how the arrival of Windows Surface—the first Windows tablet PC—impacts activations in future quarters. 08 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  9. Results - Net Activations By Figure 5 Industry The Financial Services industry continued to lead mobile device activations by industry, up to 37.8 percent overall in Q2, from 36.1 in Q1 2012 which Good believes is a direct result of the industry’s continued embrace of the Bring-Your-Own-Device model (“BYOD”). The most notable shift among industry activations is a significant drop in device deployments within Business & Professional Services industries (down from 17 percent in Q1). It’s possible that this decline is the result of early adoption and rollout of mobility programs by organizations whose global workforces include several travelling professionals. Another notable shift was the increased use of mobile devices by Government/Public Sector organizations (up from five percent in Q1 2012 to eight percent in Q2), Manufacturing (up from four percent in Q1 to seven percent in Q2), and Wholesale & Retail (up from three percent in Q1 to five percent in Q2) companies. While these industries have been slower to adopt mobility solutions, Good is consistently seeing customers in these sectors increase their mobile deployments. 09 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  10. Results - iPad Activations By Industry Figure 6 Figure 6 breaks down the percentage of net monthly iPad activations by industry. Financial Services continued to see the most iPad adoption at 45.7 percent of all industries, up from 40.8 percent in Q1. Business and Professional Services maintained the second highest amount of iPad activations at 8.8 percent, down from 9.4 percent last quarter. In a surprising turn, Life Sciences, which made a jump in Q1 to capture the #3 spot at 9.3 percent, fell to #9 at 3.7 percent in Q2. This could be attributed to massive deployment of iPads amongst Good’s pharmaceutical customers in Q1 and a minimal need for new devices in Q2. Similarly, activations dropped in the communications sector from #5 in Q1 to #10 this quarter at only 3.3 percent of iPad activations. The following sectors saw upward movement in Q2 2012 over last quarter’s iPad activations: Manufacturing saw the biggest jump, going from number seven in Q1 to number four in Q2; High Tech (number eight to number five), Legal (number nine to number seven), Wholesale/Retail number 10 to number eight) and Healthcare (number four to number three). 10 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology
  11. About Good Technology Good Technology, the leader in secure enterprise mobility solutions, creates a world where employees can securely connect, communicate, and collaborate using their personal iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. A world where IT can manage mobile apps, devices and enterprise data simply and safely to increase overall business productivity. A world where business information can travel wherever it needs to go, without putting sensitive enterprise or personal data at risk. Good Technology’s customers include more than 4,000 organizations worldwide, including FORTUNE 100™ leaders in financial services, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, legal, and government. Learn more at ©2012 Good Technology, Inc. and its related entities. All rights reserved. GOOD, GOOD TECHNOLOGY, the GOOD logo, GOOD FOR ENTERPRISE, GOOD FOR GOVERNMENT, GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD DYNAMICS, SECURED BY GOOD AND GOOD DYNAMICS APPKINETICS are trademarks of Good Technology, Inc. and its related entities. All third-party trademarks, trade names, or service marks may be claimed as the property of their respective owners. Good's products and technology and products are protected by U.S. patents and various other foreign patents. Other patents pending. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. © 2012. 11 | Good Technology Q2 Data Report | © 2012 Good Technology