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Festival impact on a small community


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Overview of how "CEDEC Revitalization" contributed positively to community economic growth through the development of local festivals.

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Festival impact on a small community

  1. 1. Festival Impact on a small community.
  2. 2. Shigawake, Quebec Population: 338 Industry: Farming and fishing Fairground opened in 1909 Shigawake Music Festival: held in the 2nd weekend of August since 2009 A simple fair for a small town. Shigawake
  3. 3. Hand -drawn map showing fairground expansion project. In 2010 the Agricultural Society developed a plan. Those plans started with some simple developments for an animal shelter and an upgrade to a canteen. Diversification? Vendors not really present in past years. Multi-use animal shelter?
  4. 4. Part of the plan was to introduce agricultural vendors back to the site during the fair. Agricultural vendors would be using the animal shelter as vending booths during other days of the year.
  5. 5. After the renovation project was completed, the Agricultural Society used the grounds to host the first Local Products Festival. Two parts Beer and cheese night • Art exhibit • Local microbrew • 6 local cheeses Market day • 36 vendors • 1000+ visitors • $2,000 in revenues to the Agricultural Society A fundraiser, the Local Products Festival has unanticipated spinoffs.
  6. 6. Goat shelter Local Products Festival A renewed community interest Finding based on the first Festival: public markets have considerable potential… An event combining testimonials, workshops and discussions is organized, bringing together farmers, would-be farmers, etc. Various subjects are discussed: • The shortage of manpower – how do we fix this? • Regulations on selling – what permits do we need? • How do I become a farmer? The activity is a big success!
  7. 7. Agricultural Fair and Festival Line-ups at the new canteen! Local products for sale at the animal shelter! New dance floor full!
  8. 8. … and of course: happy goats! (Note: no vendors on goat day for fear of goats eating product through the fence!)
  9. 9. So with the increasing popularity of the Fair, and the events associated with the Fairgrounds, the municipality of Shigawake was in need of some development of its own. The tourism committee picked a central location to develop a campground.
  10. 10. Municipality • Rest area • Skating rink • Log cabin • Trails through woods • Family park Project • New restrooms • New family equipment • Park walk path • Cleared away campsites • Showers • Log cabin kitchen upgrade Result • Fully operational revenue- making campsite for the municipality • Cantine business started on site
  11. 11. Goat shelter Local Products Festival Campground, upgraded park
  12. 12. Goat shelter Local Products Festival Campground, upgraded park Agricultural training, entrepreneurial training More spinoffs: • Agricultural workshops • Local Products Showcase
  13. 13. 2nd Local Products Festival – Shigawake Two parts: • Beer and cheese night - Art exhibit - Local microbrew - 6 local cheeses • Market day - 40 vendors - 1,000+ visitors - $2,000 in revenues to Agricultural Society - A student job created With new young entrepreneurs…
  14. 14. In 2014, the Agricultural Society decided on more upgrades to the site: • Information booths • Ticket booths • Grandstand • Vendor kiosks • New bathrooms • Upgrade to canteen (to cut down on line-ups) • Elevator to handicrafts • New windows upstairs • New small grandstands at gymkhana ring • Musicians lounge off dancehall
  15. 15. Without government help, the Agricultural Society used its own profits to build the grandstand.
  16. 16. Bringing on change! Market Row… Changing direction after 105 years is not easy..
  17. 17. New volunteers, new ideas! Lawn tractor race, hospitality suites, equipment vendors, food stalls, a second stage…
  18. 18. New young entrepreneurs of all kinds. Vending Musicians Entertainers Etc
  19. 19. New volunteer activities, fundraising, other exciting uses for the grounds. Thirsty Thursdays Horse hauls Expo Practice ring
  20. 20. ARTS AND CULTURE Local musicians have the opportunity to show off their skills and play with the pros…
  21. 21. JOB CREATION The job hires a student every year to coordinate the volunteers. The last two years, two students have been hired to handle various aspects of the festival. Over the summer months often a secretary is hired full time. A secretary is hired part time over the rest of the year.
  22. 22. In 2016, the Agricultural Society has been approved for funding from the RCM, the Caisse Desjardins, and the municipality… …to upgrade the canteen, build a musicians lounge, and build wheelchair- accessible bathrooms. Project value: $37,000
  23. 23. Shigawake Fair and Music Festival averages from 2013 to 2015 • 30-40 vendors • Over 30 musicians (over $25,000 paid out to musicians) • Nearly $7,000 paid out in prize money • Nearly $10,000 paid out to local workers • Over $10,000 made by the Agricultural Society • Over $50,000 spent at local businesses by the Agricultural Society • More than 6,000 visitors to the site over four days Total event revenues : $87,000 Shigawake population (don’t forget) = 338
  24. 24. So let’s calculate…
  25. 25. So, what does all this mean? Goat shelter Local Products Festival Campground, upgraded park Agricultural training, entrepreneurial training Vendors at Fair Growth of business, network, market… New infrastructures, new $ New vendors/entrepreneurs at Fair $ Municipal revenues Jobs, $ $$$$ Local benefits Enhanced Fair and festival
  26. 26. Examples?
  27. 27. Thank you!