Unit 9 vocab.


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Unit 9 vocab.

  1. 1. The Cold War Cedar Robertson1985 - 1991 4/16/12 Mr. Ching Period 5
  2. 2. Cold War DefinedCold War: was a continuing state of political andmilitary tension.This was a war between the United States and theSoviet Union.
  3. 3. Yalta and PotsdamYalta Conference: This meeting was between the United States,United Kingdom, and Soviet Union. February 4th - 11th. Thiswas meant to re-establish the nations of Europe.Potsdam Conference: July 16 - August 2, 1945. This meeting wasbetween Soviet Union, USA, and the UK. This was meant topunish Nazi Germany.The Yalta Pact was the
  4. 4. The Big Three At Potsdam
  5. 5. Truman DoctrineThis is the policy that the US was to support and aid Greeceand Turkey with their economic and military help.Containment: The action or policy of preventingthe expansion of a hostile country or influence.Marshall Plan: this was a plan where the US gavesupport to help rebuild European economies afterthe end of WWII to prevent the spread of SovietCommunism.
  6. 6. Truman
  7. 7. The Berlin WallThe Berlin wa% was a barrier that wascreated to separate parts of Germany. Thisseparated the US side &om the SovietSide. This wa% was established in Augustof 1961.The Berlin Airli( was a way for theWestern A%ies to give the Soviets supplies.The iron curtain symbolized the boundarydividing Europe.
  8. 8. Mao ZedongMao Zedong was a Chinese Communist and theleader of the Chinese Revolution. He was in powerstarting in 1945.The Great Leap forward was a Five-Year-Plan thatwas intended as an alternate model for economicgrowth to the Soviet Model. Focusing on heavyindustry.The Cultural Revolution was the idea to keep Chinain a perpetual state ad keep the economy growing.
  9. 9. Soviet Map
  10. 10. Space Race/Arms RaceThe Arms Race was a competition innuclear warfare between the US and theSoviet Union. The Soviets were runninglow on supplies while the US weresuccessfu%y completing nuclear bombs.The Space Race was a competitionbetween the US and the USSR for moreknowledge on space exploration. Theywanted to be the first ones into space.
  11. 11. Korean WarThis war was between the Democratic People’s Republic ofKorea (supported by People’s Republic of China & SovietUnion) and the Republic of Korea (supported by US).This war was fought because of political views.The 38th para%el was first su+ested as the dividing linebetween North Korea and South Korea.This resulted in the political division of Korea.
  12. 12. VietnamThis was fought between North Vietnam (supported bycommunists) and South Korea (supported by US).This war had to do with containment because the USthought that this war was a way to prevent acommunist takeover of South Vietnam.The Vietcong were a lightly armed South Vietnamesecommunist-contro%ed common &ont, largely fought aguerri%a war against anti-communist forces in the region.
  13. 13. Vietnam (Continued)Result: the communist governments take over in SouthVietnam and the withdrawal of american forces inIndochina.This war ended on April 30th, 1975.58,220 American men were ki%ed during this war.