Snapshot On Myanmar Cyclone 200905 Eng


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Snapshot On Myanmar Cyclone 200905 Eng

  1. 1. Snapshot on Myanmar Cyclone May 2008 - April 2009
  2. 2. On May 2, 2008, Cyclone Nargis hit four states of the country, sweeping many houses away with 15 foot high tidal waves.
  3. 3. At least 140,000 people did not survive the onslaught coming from different directions which lasted 11 hours.
  4. 4. Many survivors were left behind in despair, waiting and hoping to get assisted.
  5. 5. CEDAR through local Christian groups provided emergency relief and rehabilitation in remote villages giving the victims timely help and care.
  6. 6. Photo: World Concern After Cyclone Nagris, lives in the Irrawaddy delta were never the same again...
  7. 7. Photo: World Concern Remote villages are accessible by boats only making the relief distribution extremely difficult and costly.
  8. 8. Photo: World Concern Here villagers wade through the water to help unload relief items from boats to get on shore for distribution.
  9. 9. Tarpaulin sheets were delivered to victims as temporary shelter.
  10. 10. Rice went to supplement 1,000 families with each family receiving 20 kg of rice. This is one month supply.
  11. 11. 1,000 families received Palm oil. Each family gets 2 liters.  
  12. 12. Photo: World Concern Distribution of cooksets to 1,000 families.
  13. 13. Over 1,500 bamboo poles were distributed. Beneficiaries of the bamboo materials belong to widows and landless families.
  14. 14. Widows and landless families used the bamboo poles to build houses.
  15. 15. Photo: World Concern This household benefits from receiving food aid and palm fronts.
  16. 16. Medical team were sent to temporary camps.
  17. 17. CEDAR supports the establishment of one orphanage to house and care for cyclone orphans.
  18. 18. Photo: World Concern Fishing communities received nets for fishing.
  19. 19. Bags of paddy seeds were distributed to farmers helping them to replant their paddy field
  20. 20. Photo: World Concern Power tillers help to replace water buffalo lost in the cyclone. Farmers are trained to use the power tillers.
  21. 21. Photo: World Concern CEDAR supports the effort of restocking of buffalos/ oxen by building animal shelters, provides vaccination and animal feed.
  22. 22. Cyclone survivors from ten remote villages have clean drinking water with new water tanks, generators and pumps.
  23. 23. In partnership with one local church group, community halls and churches were rebuilt.
  24. 24. Equipping local Christians with spiritual teaching and trauma counseling skills...
  25. 25. Then send them out to counsel the victims. Many have become Christians.
  26. 26. They need your prayer and support
  27. 27. Pray for… • restocking processing of buffalos/oxen and other livestock
  28. 28. Pray for… • healthy animals and good supplies at reasonable price
  29. 29. Pray for… • communities to reestablish effective means of livelihoods
  30. 30. Pray for… • rebuilding water well and water purifiers for supply of clean water
  31. 31. Pray for… • pastors who are caring for cyclone orphans • protection of cyclone orphans
  32. 32. Pray for… • healthy development of children orphanages
  33. 33. Pray for… • sufficient supply of good nutritious food to orphans
  34. 34. Pray for… • needed resources to build stronger shelters
  35. 35. Pray for… • new improved housing design that can reduce wind resistance
  36. 36. Photo: World Concern Pray for… • good harvest and agricultural training and support needed to farmers from the delta area
  37. 37. With your support they can smile again
  38. 38. Let’s continue our walk alongside with the survivors
  39. 39. Show God’s grace and mercy by our action