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Award-winning Cedar Homes - Captivating Interior Designs


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Award-winning Cedar Homes - Captivating Interior Designs

Take a peek and step inside to see the creativity of some of our proud custom cedar homeowners

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Award-winning Cedar Homes - Captivating Interior Designs

  1. 1. LINWOOD interiors CE LLENE XCE Inspired Ideas for Living. ™
  2. 2. Above p Top right {The Carling: The Heron Landing:The great room windows Room for a deep soaker tub.capture natural light. Right u The Birchview: Quiet loft area with a view.t Front Cover (clockwise from far left)The Birchview, The Albion, TheGlenorchard, and The Heron Landing
  3. 3. Table ofBelow qThe Heron Landing:Posts and beamsenhance the kitchen. contents Step Inside.................................................................... 2 The Warmth of Wood.................................................. 4 Soaring Ceilings........................................................... 8 Natural Light.............................................................. 12 Harmonious Living Spaces....................................... 16 Kitchens that Cook................................................... 20 Bedroom Retreats..................................................... 24 Spa-Style Bathrooms................................................. 28 Flexible Spaces.......................................................... 32 Fireplace Ideas.......................................................... 36 Finishing Touches....................................................... 40 A Better Way to Build a Custom Home................... 46 What’s in Your Linwood Home Package................ 47
  4. 4. Step Inside Your Own Canvas, Inspired by Your Lifestyle The interior finishes to your home are unlimited, reaching the very height of your imagination. That’s the beauty of a Linwood. We provide the artistry of complete custom home package design and you add the finishing touches. Be inspired. Step inside and celebrate the creativity of some of our proud Linwood homeowners.2
  5. 5. t Clockwise from far leftThe Glenorchard:Western red cedarshakes create awelcoming entrance.Expert Design:Linwood staffrefine plans.Quailty Materials: First, we create your very ownPositioning Linwoodaccent timbers on site. home design, working closely with you to achieve a unique look, maximizing the best attributes of your building site. Next, we carefully design the exterior elevations, ceiling heights, window placement and room flow within your home design. Then, we supply and deliver the premium building materials in your design and material home package so you can have your Linwood home constructed as a secure, weatherproof structure. 3
  6. 6. The warmth of wood Nothing captivates like the warmth of Linwood. The natural fragrance of cedar. The majestic stance of solid timbers. Linwood’s home packages contain wood from managed forests and sustainable harvesting practices – exceptional wood that remains timeless in a Linwood home. Right u The Windwood: Dining room with optional cedar ceiling liner and glu-lam beams.4
  7. 7. p Clockwise from aboveThe Heron Landing:Light and dark wood stainsadd depth and texture.The Liberty:Room with a special view.The Highlander:Wood doors and trim canfurther enhance any room. 5
  8. 8. The warmth of wood p Above Right u The Lancaster: Optional timbers create The Fairmont: an impressive entrance. Optional ceiling liner comes in both cedar and pine.6
  9. 9. Clockwise from right u The Coastal: Cedar can be selected to enhance walls. The Windwood: Douglas fir window trim, ash floors and maple fireplace beam, sourced by the homeowners. The Fox Hollow: Magnificent archedbeams make a statement. 7
  10. 10. Soaring ceilings The crowning achievement of all Linwood homes. Linwood ceilings inspire awe. They are truly one-of-a-kind due to the expertise of Linwood designers and engineers, as well as the exceptional quality of Linwood materials, which are noted to be the best the world over. Right u The Wellington: Custom designed Douglas fir timber frame ceiling.8
  11. 11. p Clockwise from above The Rockwood: Inspired custom timber frame configuration. The Birchview:Single ridge beam enhanced by dark walnut stain. The Albion: Exposed, horizontal beams add character. 9
  12. 12. Soaring ceilings Above p The Red Leaves: Vaulted ceiling with optional cedar liner enhances the space. Right u The Summit: Dramatic posts support this impressive ceiling vault.10
  13. 13. t Clockwise from far leftThe Minett:Generous ceiling vaultsallow for focal point walls.The Clearview:Fully-customized multiplebeam connection.The Fairmont 2:Memorable woodceiling elements. 11
  14. 14. Natural light Bringing the outdoors into full view. Windows, exterior doors and skylights can allow natural light into your home while maximizing energy efficiency. We work closely with our homeowners in the early design stages to bring the best indoors. Right u The Glenorchard: In the shape of an octagon, the great room is a focal point.12
  15. 15. p Clockwise from aboveThe Valleyview:Focal point windows bathethe room in light.The Sebastian:The wall of windows framesthe outdoor view.The Summit:Natural light from everyvantage point. 13
  16. 16. Natural light Above p t Left The Avondale: The Greenbay: Ten large windows form Exterior door with glass inset this impressive prow. makes a bright utility space.14
  17. 17. t Clockwise from far leftThe Majestic:A skylight above the islandlights up the kitchen.The Clearview:Arched windows reachto the sky.The Eagle Landing:Indoor dining withan outdoor view. 15
  18. 18. Harmonious living spaces Serene, sustainable, and full of life. We use our expertise to create bright, open concept, living spaces – special places that increase your comfort zone and grow with you. That’s why Linwood homes are both beautiful and functional. Right u The Highlander: In the shape of an octagon, the sunroom is a focal point.16
  19. 19. p Clockwise from above The Deerbay:Ceiling vaults add a feeling of space to smaller floor plans. The Anchorage:Dark painted posts and beams frame this modern space. The Clearview: An award-winning Linwood design. 17
  20. 20. Harmonious living spaces p Above The Minett: Right u A double-sided fireplace punctuates the room. The Sheridan: The main living area showcases the best views.18
  21. 21. Clockwise from right u The Cabot: A living space that’s ideal for cooking and conversation. The Greenbay:Open concept living can still offer quiet corners. The Albion:Relaxed, open plan living. 19
  22. 22. Kitchens that cook Signature style in the heart of your home. After your Linwood material package is constructed, you’ll then want to add further features such as cabinetry, countertops and flooring. Here’s how some Linwood homeowners have created a recipe for success. Right u The Minett: The trough sink does double duty as an island.20
  23. 23. p Clockwise from above The Bryson Bay: Sleek appliances offset with whitewashed pine. The Greenbay: The stand-alone butcher block adds interest. The Heron Landing:White cabinetry and magnificent subway tile backsplash. 21
  24. 24. Kitchens that cook Above p The Albion: Modern serenity and simple lines. Right u The Highlander: Gourmet appeal enhanced by strong timbers.22
  25. 25. t Clockwise from far leftThe Fox Hollow:Cultured stone sourced bythe homeowners createsa focal point with height.The Red Leaves:A kitchen with form,function and flow.The Windwood:Award-winning centrekitchen design. 23
  26. 26. Bedroom retreats Create your special space to rest and renew. Linwood custom homes feature bedrooms that are memorable and unique. Through the use of natural materials and comfortable décor, the bedrooms in Linwood homes are relaxed havens. Right u The Greenbay: Optional white-washed ceiling liner adds charm to smaller spaces.24
  27. 27. p Clockwise from above The Albion: Window and door system to enhance stunning views. The Glenorchard: Wide planks provide a unique wall backdrop. The Carling: Loft bedrooms offer natural light. The Mystic:This unique window frames a quiet space. 25
  28. 28. Bedroom retreats Above p The Birchview: Glass doors and vaulted Right u ceilings increase the The Bryson Bay: sense of space. Exposed structural ceiling beams provide unique character.26
  29. 29. z Clockwise from top leftThe Nicola:Double doors provide easyaccess to a luxury ensuite.The Rockwood:Access to a private outdoor deck.The TImberlake:Windows and doors allow sun-drenched views. 27
  30. 30. Spa-style bathrooms Discover a place of pampered perfection. The spirit of the spa can be found in the bathrooms of Linwood homeowners. Immerse yourself in the details of some of these one-of-a-kind baths – including those with skylights, steam showers, and luxurious tubs. Right u The Highlander: Antique clawfoot tub surrounded by warm hues.28
  31. 31. p Clockwise from above The Windwood:Granite, slate, and glass complement both tub and steam shower. The Morrison 2: Custom-crafted cabinetry, spa tub, and walk-in rain shower. The Kawarthan: Reclaimed maple cabinetry crafted by a local artisan. 29
  32. 32. Spa-style bathrooms p Above The Heron Landing: Right u The sloped ceiling and seaside accents add interest to a cozy space. The Pennington: Walk-in rain shower for a spa experience in a small space.30
  33. 33. Clockwise from right u The Birchview: Simple tile details add luxury to a small space. The Rockwood: Comfortable, contemporary styling. The Sebastion: Glass blocks add light and texture in thisbeach house bathroom. 31
  34. 34. Flexible spaces Functional and fabulous lofts and offices. With a Linwood open concept design, there’s unique emphasis on flexible space. You can create the perfect place to curl up in with a good book – or to accommodate a house brimming with weekend guests. Right u The Anchorage: An entertainment room with a view.32
  35. 35. p Clockwise from aboveThe Morrison 2:The ideal games room.The Clearview:A private den with amplerelaxation space.The Perthshire:A quiet loft areawith open views. 33
  36. 36. Flexible spaces Above p t Left The Minett: The Windwood: Extra sleeping quarters This unique, open concept makes for overnight guests. room for office loft space34
  37. 37. t Clockwise from far leftThe Summit:A recreation room thatdoubles as a library.The Red Leaves:A recreational roomwith a view.The Empress:The homeownersfinished this loft spacefor their grandchildren. 35
  38. 38. Fireplace ideas See how some of our homeowners turned up the heat. Linwood’s designers work with you to determine the best location for fireplace placement. Once the material package is constructed, the fireplace of your choice can take shape. Right u The Fairmont 2: A custom-crafted work of art.36
  39. 39. p Clockwise from above The Meadow Ranch:Rustic river stone surround with woodstove inset. The Cabot: Slate surround with sleek gas fireplace inset. The Coastal: Double-sided gas fireplace between thegreat room and bedroom. 37
  40. 40. Fireplace ideas Above p The Shorehaven: Fireplace and television with Right u slate surround. The Rockwood: Impressive fireplace to complement this timber frame structure.38
  41. 41. p Clockwise from above The Mystic: Prairie-style fireplace with arched ceiling detail. The Summit: Fireplace at base of aspectacular freestanding wall. The Eagle Landing: Two-storey cultured stone wall with woodstove inset. 39
  42. 42. Finishing touches Some homeowners and designers who completed the picture. In a Linwood home, natural elements create the perfect canvas. Here are some inspired ideas that were unique to each dream – down to the last detail. Style at Hand: Cindy and Peter had their builders craft a magnificent second-storey landing. The handrails (though oversized to match the scale of the staircase) were carved out underneath to provide an easy grip for added safety.40
  43. 43. Green and Glorious:Cindy, an accomplished interior designer, specifiedthe finishing details of this award-winning green home,including the recycled glass countertop shown here. 41
  44. 44. Finishing touches Perfect Palette Barb and Al had their open staircase finished with a warm, natural stain to complement the other wood species. A Natural Pairing: Almerina had a skilled carpenter create a wine cellar from deep cherry wood.42
  45. 45. Movie Night: Bonnie and Arnold had their lower level media room soundproofed to set the stage for their home theater.Vintage Touches:Shelley (right) enjoys the view of her Linwood float homefrom a local tugboat – one with almost as much characterthe kitchen she finished with vintage appliances. 43
  46. 46. Finishing touches Winning Style: This fireplace with beaded glass kit adds contemporary warmth to this Hospital Lottery Grand Prize home, admired by the Linwood and builder/developer team shown.44
  47. 47. Front and Center: The copper farmhouse kitchen sink with apron front adds to the old world charm of this kitchen – a tribute to the creative efforts of the Linwood team (shown) and the homeowners’ vision.Focal Point Stairs:Darlene had a wood artisan create custom stairs frommaple to match her open concept kitchen. 45
  48. 48. A Better Way to Build a Custom Home Linwood Linwood Quality Builder/ A Better, Cheaper, Faster Custom Design Material Package Contractor & Safer Way to Build • Full Custom Design • Premium Lumber • Site Preparation & Foundation Better • Concept Design Drawings Components & Beams • Construction of Linwood • Design & Construction Drawings • Detailed Construction • Brand Name Windows Package to “lock-up” stage – • Material & Warranties Drawings & Exterior Doors the point where you can close the door and have a secure, • Finished Result • Foundation Plans (Optional) • Superior Roofing System weatherproof structure. • Site Specific Design • Quality Sheathing & Subfloor Cheaper • Cedar/Low Maintenance Plus, Optional Services from • More Buying Power • Green Design Features Exterior Siding, Soffit & Trim the Builder/Contractor • Technical Assistance • Lower Structural Labor & Finishing Costs & Support • Meaningful Warranties Installation of homeowner • Less Waste • Home Package Delivery to purchased: Building Site • Drywall Faster • Optional: Panelized Walls, • Electrical & Fixtures • Upfront Planning Saves Time Interior Premium Cedar/Pine • Plumbing & Fixtures • Materials On Site When Needed Liner, Decking Materials • More Efficient Construction Process • Finished Flooring & Many Others • Interior Trim, Doors, Cabinetry & Paint Safer • Fireplace/Other Applicable • Fixed Package Pricing & Guaranteed Quantities Interior Features • More Budget & Project Cost Control • Stonework & Eavestrough • Proven System Used to Build Thousands of Homes46
  49. 49. What’s in Your Linwood Home Package Cross-Section of a Linwood Post & Beam Material Package P POST & BEAM: Superior Lumber: All framing lumber including 15. Quality floor joists roof rafters, floor joists, wall studs and strapping is You get the superior materials (shown on 16. Quality exterior wall framing premium-quality export grade, selected for appearance, the left) to achieve the best result, PLUS straightness and strength. 17. Brand name building wrap the unique advantage of complete custom 18. Exterior wall plywood design. You also receive: 1. Energy-efficient, brand name windows 2. Energy-efficient, brand name exterior doors 19. Borate treated sill plate • Several, exposed glu-lam roof beams 20. Optional cedar or pine ceiling and featuring Linwood’s contemporary 3. Western Red Cedar channel siding, or other Post & Beam style. (Vertical posts low-maintenance siding options wall liner for interior support the roof and floor beams. 4. Western Red Cedar exterior window and door trim Connections between the posts and boards, or other low-maintenance siding options 13 7 beams are made with metal connectors5-6. Western Red Cedar Fascia Boards and Soffit on the building site.) 12 • Pre-engineered home building drawings 7. Brand name fiberglass roofing shingles with lifetime 11 limited warranty • The option to include foundation home 8 8. Multiple glu-lam beams where indicated on plans building drawings 109-13. Superior roofing system including solid wood rafters, cross ventilation strapping, plywood roof sheathing, 15 lb roof felt, ice and water shield for eaves and 20 9 A 5 valleys plus continuous ridge vent ARCHITECTURAL: 6 14. Quality plywood subfloor 1 • Complete customization to existing 4 designs, or the creation of a new design 16 • Provides a single, exposed glu-lam ridge 15 3 beam, or a traditional roof truss system • Includes a range of superior building materials • Pre-engineered home building drawings 2 • The option to include foundation home building drawings 14 17 18 19 47
  50. 50. View more plans and designs at or call 1-888-546-9663. p Clockwise from top The Glenorchard (2), The Albion,Interiors and The GreenbayInspired Ideas for Living. ™