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Telecoms: Redialing discord?


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An article in the June 22 edition of "Executive" magazine wonders whether the new "political landscape " will bring "Internet progress or leave the lines tangled."

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Telecoms: Redialing discord?

  1. 1. EHeCUliu) TELECOMMUNICATIONS Redialing discord? New politicollandscape could bling Intemet pl9teSS at leave the lines rongled " d(Krihc lfi>,lIlO<1" !tlr..~lm"um. ~a"b at ,ht ol("r., ,,( th..·IJ"~s of It) t""S ft>,1m 1! ,~""" """or .Ii pohlClltd 11<",1<.1 Ltl>.mon" I",l"",al (l."". Too,, ) Iht sr<"f0l" Ita,> II< an u"d.:r;!~ttml"! CM1 ,,"I ",th 1M dub,("" d""".:11 of h..,ong 1M s~"·e>c ,,-. "l"): tI", .lInmK!" ,,( 2006 ", tr.. ~t lnftmel ,pcnl In .hot ",... Id and ,ht h>g.hc.t ..... ""f,,l .... IItJt I In ....U h and J,. .. pnc~ for ,,"1«" -lmc >n" ten In 1M IIddk F ...... r.od nit<>! .. (:OOd g.>mr ..1 ult fruon -Ii t , " l... ~mlt ,.., man)- NS" .hmp and .tIC" ""..., to ",",", ~,n..""1 "" .... , .. top rn",.., ron ...... ...- "lour ""1"" .. the> [:p <m:ln.;c ,ho- ~ ran,," of .3t. t<h.~M1"nun, of ,"" "",en•• - ""oJ R,ad Ibhwun. ",k..·om "-~P"1 CJI"" ,oJU>lrit;. In II", t .. rll- In mod·l99(),., 1/,.. 31 .hI: Inern ..!",,,,,1 TrI",ommum,·,," Unoon ,.""". Iu, btcon><, link mof<" ,h .." ~ " .....n<kd I lTUI- CM .. rm ul It..: U""rd :-.;.. ,,,,,,. ,h", « ..Is
  2. 2. EHecutiul ","h ,nform,.""" communC3l1ons technology. "hs ,h~ dnm,nJflOIl of pohll(,< o>~r perform- Submarine cables coming to and from Lebanon anct. I(s ,he <ubJ«t,on of mrdhS"nc~ 10 forc~ and roI!Kn"~ "Ie restS 10 md",dual .... ,11. Thi. is called 1) r.1n1l)" and drspollc gowrnance.· Th ,s h,gh-handedness was on full di~pla) in :--iay. wilen rh lack of .dorm and ,he hyper- pohflC,.,d dtcl.ion·making ,n rhe S«IOT culmi- nalW In an cmharrassing COCountCt bcrw«t1 etta.lxl IIbha •. then ,h ... TeiKom miniS!er al· Ii«! ",.,h the , b reh 8 <,oalilion. and hundrtds of mcmbe~ of the .".">rify forces. who pre" ,-cmcd the minister. team from Icring onc of the miniwy" buildings in h" AdJi,h dimict IU dismantle. nOn-,,)mmer<;ial cellular network rh .1 had he"n operarins;n p~ralld 10 the COun- - - !-ME·w[ frYs tWtl commcr.:ial Opcrators. ~M The ronfroma rion appuently nm< abo;>ul ",hoen Abduhmnaim YouSKf, ....-ho.$ all.(d ..... nh -- """" -~ rM opposITIon March 14 "o.>hllOn and huds LcNnOO$ mcum~nl fi.ud·hn~ publIC Optr~rorOGERO, r~ues!t<1 rhar rh( hud of rhe Inter. nal Security Fo.ces (ISF), Rlfi , ....·ho IS al· ,0 ~Ihed with rhe 0ppoSl llon, guard OGERO s properry from Ihe mmislrys pr)ing e)·es. , tOOU" - -- - ~ __ Sooo,...., I... n~n .........rb; 1.ltEIIF. _""" ••. T,U,,- , _ _ ~ , _ .It .. ....,. "T.w-.... "k~,;- OGERO ....";IS ccalro on 1972 and comrols Ih .. count rys fi"ro·hne ~"lCes 3S ....... 11 as ns rur· lebanon " a< preparing 10 lib.:.aliu th Intc.".,,nf".lructU.... II ac" under 1M ~su· IeI«ommunlcatlons markcl and "troduce p<"" UIOfl of Iht ItlCCom mln"l ry". 1w....~~r," IS ..lban Tcl«om, a legally man<ialro 1JO,·(rnmen,·al .... fiJ1.llIlCl:llly and admln""(ly ondc:pt"nd· o ....·nro body ....."h a corpon.t .. f... mc .....OIk rha,ent, In ;a«()rdance ..... ,.h .M la ..... Ihar c.-calro II. .....ould Crntu~ny .~pbc .. OGERO and rake onand an ........,., 1 01M diccloule geneal of opera· mo>! of liS aSSCIS. Th( gifl pf<widcd Ihe Ch",esclions and maintenancr allhe minosrry, ..... hich has wilh .n "pponunil) 10 emer the rnarkN a5 ilalso been hurled by Youssd since 2007. was "pInin~ up and 10 pro"r th31 il5 com pallie~ Immtdialtl)· afler Ih .. Adlieh Incident, ,he wer...~pablc..,1 running a high qualiry ne[worl.:. polillcal mudshnging ~gan. Th( con"olu,«I AI Ihc ImlC, thc I«hnic:llitie$ of Ihe donaTIona,ungement O.· .. r ..... ho had au.hor"y !O Stt, " "<:fC nrg,,"atro b) OGERO und(r YooSKfsdlSmantl .., o ..... n and opt"""( rh( ncl ....·orl.: dc:. pu"OCW as di.«lor gt1lC1"al of th .. company.""endc:d Into quar.-cISOft>(" d,spu res 0.·... 1M 0 lTIJs SahJOun, ..... Mn quts·consmunon,.IIY of Ihc mo"C, rhe c"ilian .ule liuns were raIsed aboUI wh .. ther ,h( network" f Ih( «U;I~ forces. " ;.eupping. IlIepl should be monilored by Ihe TtI«om Rtgulalo,Ihon .. lone< and So on. until ,he issue finally Y Authurrty (TRA), Yous~f Solid Ihal II .....ould I~dcd infO Ihe hack ground. Lehanon ~mcrg .. d be used wid) for testing pur~s and hence, 3$tmm Ihe fracu minus one f~t)lably regard .. d a lIon·cummercial n~l ..... o.k, II .....ould ~ o·e·Jn d teChnocralic inte rior miniser (Ziad Sttn by h,m$<"lf and nOI 1M TRA. Yous~f d,dSnoud, ..... ho .esigned foil..,,, Ing ,h.. incident ) nOt respond 10 .~pt3,.d r~uC$S for COmmenl.4n d no fu.,h(, along 1M pa,h !O rdorm. The glfl, howe,·.r, dId nOl arrlye unlll 2009. I~I arttul11CntS aside, 1M ctllul~r phon~ whcn The currenl Energ.~· ~h",Sler Gcbran let ..... o,k Nahu ....-as allcmpc"g to Confi..... l~ Rand ,,as h.,d,ng up the IdccommunlC311onsron, OGERO .....;IS gi"cn 10 Ihe u,bane~ go." mloln,.,. ~nd plans 10 ~I up Llban Tde-r;om had ""nem as a gifl in 2007 b! Ihe Chlll(sc go,· .ff....,III·ely been <c.apped due to poh tlCal wr3n· "mem, Ih.ough the mult",atlOlul leI«ommu· gling. By ,hl~ lime a row ~ad <ruped .egHrlinglIcations c..,"p~ny HU3wel. AI ,he li me, ,ha, . . . 3 n..........."cr.l plg la ..... "uld t.l k e 3u·
  3. 3. u) plmrlc 1l([ ....·<1,l "hI< h h,,,dl,,, .. "mll...I ........ be,w.,..., ph""." .nd , ..... "",,,orkl ,n add,,,..n 10 ,h" "; , .... IIudhs" c Y""" th~1 m.n- ag" all of ,h,." ....·rr." ••lId Inud Tara"!. -«rndrf J:<"ncr~l "f [ .... I..,h ......... Tol«om A.- Sue;.""" (l I"A ). "h",h repro,",,,,> 1 10,"0", .•• pmJIC-l«lot .Jdta dn.J hu.n~[ pr"·" k.~ "cco rd"t: to Il.Jh>oun. d ".,uII"h oppon.", u( "·h""te N.,h.... [h .. <quI"".nl wa, (".w,l·r .da led JO U"e p" ,m ,It b",ld"l( III ld hfch _",d thi. JII"wrd fur " " 11<,werl,,1 ",·.w"r~ wk,~h he " pl~ye<l ., Iat " "",u"ero ,,~r "",," of ,he rr ,,..,w,,,h ,, ,hc , UUlu) ""~, , .... pH """e,al j·e, ... ~II . h......~ w()lk i, "!<"JI: 15 I"on. "hl ......,,, .,...j.fOO P<OIIt 0 1fU<< ,,?- .... ~""nl m...(JnC:III,·, ",1 «1: " , .... "pmnl numb« "f ,"",urn, (OK... p, .... " ~" .......,,d"1: " .......I m· ........ ~~h~. ,nn! " f"C. ~1h:- ,,,,,h .. Ih:I, ,lit I"f()lm:.,.,," Ir~,..-h ",,,Id "":K"«J>I ,n ~ny " .., M ",,,,,c. "f Ick-:.N""un"..:1 ...... ~ tN a ,cam 3p;>rt (rum ,1..-<1 " "."...-. , .... "I"pnl<"nt." Ih" "l" ,,"cr ~uch ,~,uC ~".ll ("m , he Inlo, - ".",," 1I""",h uf [he I ~ I oM d >pl" " b"""l"("n What "I"m",dy ~mClIetl f.o", , .... r a""" i. i .h. "Hlc, of I",nee, Id.·,,,,,,,,n,,,,,,.mu,, II", ,..," ,f ,h, ",,"<!~r w ••" ,ultm pU11; 0 hi, .•nd ,h" "" ..ior. In 2007 ••• /.rr the n"",,,,k had ,.... I,d "n a,,) .,II,~rd WIIJ"",!;. h. " " 31.0 "" plcd~cd. Ih,- """,,,, ",,""" 1 on a ro- IT)!; to .preJ up ,h. ""pk·" ... n3 K" " f ,.... qU("<1 I" .h" (:Ou ..e,1 "f ,1"">1"". LoNr.()" ·~ C<.NHrmKJU 1( , "N>b,k I",.n,c I""ICC" ,Iu,loc cAh.lIM . 10 allo" [ ..... I nf()t111~UU" la" " .....,la" JamldY ~ft .... h.... 1>- Runo;h u II.., .ho 1k1"".k (or n_ -Ifthis nelwork is ,Il<"! haJ .:..Jbpjo<d. ,n ronlunctlon operating IS lines, ""h ,""bli. ~o.. Alf~ and mle. ,dhgmc. pu,J<"f>. 1h. JK"",,,, . "0" W~. dm,nl. A. hlllml ~nl,,, M~",h. "In ml "P" ,h" .. ~, ",. why does it need 400 ,....... h.". h«I nunlClOU5 """n· ,,,,,cd " ,u.n b) , .... 1 ,,(urnulI"" people to protect itr ."..,ml q...... KJItI 0..,.. , .... q"I,l of RrJn<:h.- sa,d 8.:o ll.oun. h""gll ,.... I{; pr ....... du. ,,, , .... f.>Ct ,ha " ." .... ,,,c.)<..! ,ha, he c".,IJ "0 cun · .... L1un.:!,nl wll,l<- ~ <amak.r goo" ltm <u,1I ",fo,m 311"n. - The I"f"rllla ," ern" ",,. "-,,. ,, 11....., ~"J """t.... ,.... ~tllr rt- 1I•.,nch p.obahly d,,,,iJrd to , In,, " I ""l",a~ qUI"..! I.,,~,;.ol. "n ("~Iur,,,,;" (rom ,h. TRA and w"h"", f"r",~ IIt!:~1 (mca)!c." 10,· ,,,I,lcd. ,he ("Jh,,,,,, h."f 1>...... " S.II"e<I ,0 ,I..- PJ nlCS Xhr,h~r u, "H .10" IIe.wmk w.,. u",d fu, ,10" , ,11 "",,1,,<1 11. ~l u"~lVcr. ,h, pr<»I""" ,,( a I1l1dlo~"n"r p"rl ,,, II I,kely 1:>.. ;til )!~ b ",·r. I",,,.·, ."K"C Ix·,,~ """·,,IN b) .10. puM" "",,,, "f b,elc,mlt all")! I Cl>,,",,"- 1,,1011 """ .... w>ll""" prO JI< ...... , ... J,""" to , .... ",ark,". I."". h", .h~ ,.,p~h,I"".. fu, .u, h ~" ,,!,<,raK,n Iu, (urkJ ~ ""PJI" .,!:;,,"M ,he rU" >fit..,. wcrr (~"a",lj ,h~rc. Th, IIc"">rk wa. ",ddy ....adcd to. 1 .••,1,,). d"1 ~,...,,,"-e of ,lor pl"~. l1C<J.<> 1I~.·c a c~P;>"l "f ~O.OOO I",tlo ,h~, «HlI ,:,."p;>"" C~""" .. nd ,L""btJ,ur of ,he lUuld ha,e btt-" ~",pkd "",.,de , .... "0 0 ; 0100 ...,m.... Imm ......... Ta.JNy C<HW..... >I"I! •• lIub, "., .. ,>rh. ~JK"~~"II " he ,lit """.... ny ",,10 , .... """ "I >fP<J"I MP and I cl>.,,,.,,, ~,o.,d"~,,,"& <I",~u" I~" /on1CI Td.,,,,,,,,mu,,... ,,,,,,. ,II"",., ;1."",." ",,,,,.h. "PP<»"U" !.." ,,,, Mmen",,,, Memlocr Han ........nd ".""".1. ,Iu. !ah.... a"nnptil1(t .. I I."hament (ha~., y..".)<·f •..,.1 , he "r, wor1. 0 .~II ..)Ua!lIe .... ....... oomu"". "",I". a a otal of o"ll I S o!<r. """all,,>c•. I lc "Y h. h•• p",p. "..! ICII"I f,b as.ll nll "fhr) <.oj ,hat ,lor 0<..1 ItO rlUl p"" " ,h, ,ci,·wlllm.",,.""" ""n,,") .",d ", prr· """I,· ur "f (,1 h.,,~ ".11,,, ,, Ip." , "I ,h.· ,dl p~ ro;J 0 .ub",,, 11,.", ,u ,he Shllra ,,,">c;I.
  4. 4. EHOC ULaw 4J1 is "pplicahle and being implc- Leban<lus hlShes! courl. This CQmes ~ftcr an mClllcd: insine<ll",ad Hoballah. acting chair- ""successful anenllI ;I( ~rbi!ra!i"" through man of Ihe 111.. at:l prlM conference imended ,he TltA ,hal, P<rh"ps rre<.licl~bl)·. did nO! I" respond w ,he minis,ers statementS 13" lake anion "g;Jinsl the rnin;s!,) il dcpcllds ... n Illonth. Hol);,lbh We"t on 0 describe the Ii· for financing: the TItA sJ<n! $<,·c.31 ",,,mhs unscs and f.eqnl"llcics Ih:1I the TIt , h:1d given ,his )1.3 wi,hou! ,he monc} 10 pay ils em- oul ",·cr its four·year Ie.m. though he "dmined "Ioltes. The TRA also did " res!,""] to re that these had I.e,n h:",de<l olll l.efon· ,he Sh,,· p"",cd requestS for a[ ;nlc, view. ra con neil dtcision. Previously. the Shm3 Coun· /I.- osl of the contr<.>,·crsy surro""ding Ihe l cil has ruled again>l the ministry :lIld in f".or of legality of JG Slrms from Iwo conrcmion. ,s- the T II.A b", the.e is spccul,,,i,,n ,his ruli"l> sucs. The for.! IS tde..-"" Law 431. which mnld Ix particularly pernicious for Ihc l"II.A. SlalCS t haI licenses "nd fr~qucncics ""SI cume ~We r~s!I<Ct the decision, of Ihe Shul";! from the cahinet and Ihe TltA rCSIC",ivcl), council .,nd we will follow thl·": H4Jb~ll3h s"mnd is un fa ir ("ol11p<I;,io" as 3 said. insisting that the d...:ision result of exorbimnt 13~ disen·p· "We dont decide to docs nO negate lhe entire law. alle;es btl",ccn public and pri - A~ked wh" ,he TRA w"nrd do v,,e se"icc providers. which implementlhe low; the if the t.-iccom",,,nic3tons min. would likely come al>t.>", If ,h (ouncil of Ministers istry ;ss",,1 JG frcq"e"ci~.., ,hOI pr<>jC<:1 mo"cs forwJ,d. decides. We are moving the TCl>nbtory "gcney ;s 1"1;:111) Wi,h regards 10 Law 4J I. former TcI~comn"nic~li"ns mand.ned " allocate. he de forward on the bosis of clined to comment. sa)·ing only· "· ",i~ler Nahass respon!>< h~s the outhority of Ihe tha, if the ,d,""on"nn"icalions always Ixen ,he Inw i~ nO! a""li - minislryw minisl)· deci(ks 10 go ~hcJd cable. o~,ensiblr 1)<C3us~ il h~, wilh""t allowinl> the priV3~ nOI ye, Ixcn im"Ie"encd in ils St"""" to p""kip.,tc. -no one cmir~ly. His "os;,;on gO! ~ boos, las, ",,,mh c~n ~tand III ilS way. U when he m",oun~ed Ih3t he had S<:en 3 Shura UIund~ mc,,~ II}". 1he TIt , h:ls eight monrh~ ~ooncil dOCision sta,in g Iha, ,he law had heen left: c"ncnd~d Am"ine lk>uIOni.:ln ad,·,sor "suspcn&d" heC3use of A"ide 51. which 10 Minisl" Nahas. speaking to EX!;(1JTlvr last s,a,CS ,h:" "all applicahlc Iprtviousl 1"1;,1 or month. Ik>ustdni·s pos; tha of N"h:1s, regu )awry provisions rClllain dfee! i,c ",ui Ilhe is tha, bNcan$C the law that created the T II. A;s ~nforccmenr" of ,he bw its<:1f. Transl~,i"n: Ihe not fully impkment •..!. Uit·s alrcad)· ohrolc,,·". law and 311 the ins,iwlions (.ealcd under ils -We do,,·t decide II> implement the law: the iurisdiction. such as the TRA and Lib"n Td~· Conncil of . l i"islus dr.""ides. We arc moving COlll. would aI,,, he ,echnically suspended. As (orw31<1 on th,· b.uis of Ihe authoril~· of ,he " XfC1JTI-[ wem t" prim ,hc ruling had no, )·ct min;~tr~·. Wh~n they say Ihey "·a"l to implc_ Ixcn Ill:ldc puhlic. mem the law lin fulll we arc rcad)": he said, den)·ing that the min istry offieial1)· seeks 10 shu, down the TII.A. u -Im nOl SlOppi" l> un til I gel my rights. Tnrabay snapped back dd13ntly. adding ,ha, he will file (on" (~ses agains, the ministry but is waiing 10 s<:e ,he Shnra (ouncil decision 10 u(inc ,unc" his lawsuit in line with Ihe Slatu! of.a w431. 1jut accordinl> 10 Boustani. l"arahay will soon ha,·c Iitlle to conp13in aboOI. l..;1.s1 month he told EXf.CU1Wf. ,hat the minislf)" pbns on IHeling ,he playing field Ixtween Ihe pri·ale sector and I,ublie $Celor by decreasing ,he la~ ­ es on the ("nner hy -50 to 55 percent. - Aske<l whether Ihe privalC St:"or will be allowed to enter tile market. he said -b,.js"~- - 3n Ara· bic word ,nJ;Jlestinl> Ih31 somelhing on thi~ front could h""pen and wonld "" a positive-
  5. 5. EHeCUtiu) Ihollgh h(" couldn, confirm or dc:n) il. ~Wt Bolh Bahsoun and T;arabay C511111ale the ;allle will :lsk for if lin ,he cabin(l l; we dou, ha( II of the Ihird networ ks Cqlliplllcnl, oncc up- probl em, he: s,lid, adding Ihal such a reqllcsi W I;nded, 10 be nound $10 million, (rhus m;ak- Mis lib<"ra lil.1lion, nOl priv;u il,lIion. M inl; up Ihe diffcrence between the , wo bids). He also ):Ild Ihal a 10I1g:lw:l;I«I policy Bolh Alfa and mlc stand 10 bemfir grulI) SI;ll cmC Il I ,hal was promised h) Ihe minIster from Ihe 3G project, on lap of Ihc revenues onc y.aT afln he look office woul d soon be is- Ihey alrc:ldl garne r from rhe I:llbl ive sued. The issue has become ;l major talking Lebanese who pay 58 percelll in 1,Ixes on all poim (or oppone nts of N;lhas. including Ihe Idepholl<:: services, Zains nllC, for instancc, TR A, who sa) Ihlll he has no pol icy ;"Ind work s has in.:reased ,heir ne t ea rnings fmm 522. 1 according In his own wh ims. Nah ass response million in 2008 to $46,1 million unde r Iheir has always bc(o ,ha l Ihe miniSlrys policy is a cu rrelll management contracts. In Ja nuary, un - mailer of Mpractic( nOI p3pc r.- der Ih.. car..faker 1;00erll l1lelll. Minisltr Nahas or course. Bousmni IS nOl an ad"isor 10 Ihe renewed Ihcir COllIfaCl$ for a ),c;ar, newly appointed ltdccurnnlLlnic:llionJ M in ister Mli(le extended 12 months when Ihe millis· Nlchol:u Sehnaoui. bill Ihe bne. is widely seen ler thoughllh;a, if Ihesc IWO comp;a nie~;are go- ;IS Nah;lS S prolcgr and has alre-ad) st.m-d thou ing 10 go into the 3G project Ihe) n~t"d SITUri- he will follow th e So,me cou rse :IS the previous IY. They said Ih e~ need 1II0re , han IWO 10 Ih r~ minister. If he adopts Nahass purported p-oliq months 10 do such things. said BoUS!;IIIi. W - which I~ustani confirm s is M;aJrnos t done M - and m;ak t$ it publk, it would mean that Ihe In d ln - ~lIddle EliSI-Wcslcrn Ell lO l)C III s~ClOr will h;ave a ge neral SCt of rules m;ambled So wit h the twO companies locked in a by ,hc minis, ry undcr L1w 43 I for the first lime yeady conlract, the Shura council ostensibly on since former ~I i ni sler Gebran Bassil was in of· Ihe minis,rrs sidc wi lh respcCl 10 I.;aw 43 1. ,he flC" from 2008·09. This would be significant, as T RA hobbled and loothless and Taraba(s cas- il would providl an iudica,ioo of Ih" mimslers es needing some lime 10 cOllie 10 frui lion, Ihere Intcnlions ·;S-3-;) thc many cOlllcmiou$ Issues seems 10 be liule stopping tht" JG projcci from m Ih" <;(:clor, maleri;alir.iog somelimc around he end of ,he summer. Excel" for aile hitch. Moncy 10 rnllk~ In 2007 I_ebanon enlered an il1lernafiooal Bickcrtog a~idc, the mlOlSlf), has bee n consor,ium ro constr uct a submari nc fiber-<tp- pnssing on wi lh the 3G projC<:l, :IS ha" c Dolh lic cable frolll Europe 10 India Alf;a and lIlIC. Thc ;anempted lakeo"cf of the called , he India-Middlt, E:tSI-WcSlern Europe J lelccom cqui pment by Cha rbe! N:I- ( 1 ~·I EW E 3J. I.ebnnoll has alrend), illcsted has in Ma y C;ln be seen ;as parr of some $53 million into rhe con· [his aggres$IIr push by Ih .... min- "The minister thought sr ruClion of the IInderw:lfer sea istry 10 make Ihe 3G projoc, a fael if these two . . c;able 10 c;art) traffic and unclog on Ihe: ground as quick I) :IS possi. ble, beforc legal issut$ polcoliall), (om pontes ore gOing Ihe imCrll3lionai~ lIffercd. Lebanon has long bOlllcntck compl,catr such plans. to go into the 3G MC.lpacity has 10 be n"lCl al all According 10 Bahsoun and project they need lecls,w said Ghassan Hash:!ni. Taraba)" the: equipmcnl al Adlieh chid cxccllli,c of rhe Intemallon· c;an I«hnic:tlly be upgraded ;and security- al Operntions group of Saudi Tele- used 3$ part of Ihe 3G rolloU! cll r- com COIllp.ln~ (STC), whkh is rendl beill!; undertakc ll by !-I ua",ei and IIIIC. pMr of Ihe consorliulll ;and is using t hc c;a ble. If M I-luawci won th e co ntra ct 10 build thc new net· you haw a high sJXCd local conncclion network wo rk fur Mubile Inte rim Co mpany 2, Ihe: :llld clogged capaCil) on your inlcrn;uion;11 gale- sl:llc-owncd edlular telccom cornp:IIl) mao· way. Ihen access 10 inltrnati onal content be- aged b) nilI. The Chinese comp;al)"$ winning COIIICS ,er), slow. Th ~ have 10 corne logether bid was v~lucd :U $25.6 million (nm including and Ihe more connecri"il ), Ihtre is III Ihe cou ntry a $2,7 milholl control centcr ,ha, wrll be bUll! ,he belief ,he pfOSpt<:1S of lower pr klng, of by Nokia ), $10,6 million Il.Ss rhan rhcir coun- rouling for lrafflc. :utd Ihe Miler accessibililY terpart Ericsson, who won Ihe 3G com racl ;al )OU hale 10 rhc rCSI of Ihe Inlernel globaJly.w Mobile Interim Company I. Ihe sr:1Ie-o",ncd ,ccording to a source from the consor- cellubr lek.:om compan) managcd b) Alf:•. liulI1. who asked for ;anollrnllly because he
  6. 6. EHecut .,1 Nnd"oJ,h. Th"" "u ~, ,,,,,,I-le h., httn ",,",,;n~ t>c",..... ,h,· " ,,,uml"l<> o~ J m.ln,m1c ,,,,,,,,>rtf,, ",n.· ~~...-.:"",n bn" ... n e,f"".oJ 1"...,1. OIfi.:;~1 dna ,. n", .l,I.I-lc. I-u, mn" f"< "mJ<",> an; ,h.:!" 1cl-an"" .. U"tntl~ u"n~ 1. ~ J:,~I-n, ,Gh, of ~I Nnd",d,h. 11""e·c,. Iou"~n "." Ih., Iht 1...1.1""... ,.I-I~ h~ 40 «h Ha,lablc lor UK .tln ," e<en, ul1;,.Jc_ lIFWU ha. an ;nll,.1 30 (;I- .1Ild <•• n hc up· dacd 0 104 ,e •• lIII,. 1hu ••.1c"",d,ng rn H"ItJII.h. lelallon ....-u".ntl~- I-I)ek,ng .,,- PC" "f;" ,111,," ... ,on.1 ItJlld ... ,d,h. In ",de. 03m-ote ,h. 111·1:1 I ".I-lc II" "<,CS,H)- 0 10J; omo ,h. con~"um, ""tm "uh a >« ••, ,od •. "-h,,h ...""d,nJ; n a ,un_ ..... tllum SOu,;, .. <tIme,h,ng onll , ·.,u,.d h•• M d"u,l, of. AI:-,n Ynu .... 1 d,d nO! Iond 0 •• pt.,«1 rflIUC" (0. com"",,, •. ". n. - :. JU,d a"". I fir ..... m. S il on,llion and nOf ">lng j"l ht.:a,,1t oot(" p" ...... n I ou,... f1 "r< 1 d",,, ",n ", .nd ,hc ,,,II.....· " ~ ,nft...., 1>«0""" ,,,1-1"" " onc pt ...... n.- ""d ,h. lTU·. II.Ih.oun. Acco.dmg ,0 1It,,,,,.,". ,he n",,,,,,,· ... " a .omm.n,·.m.m o,dc " OGHtO " (... ,Wt ,h. 1I~ and h., ,".. ~,~cd (,, ,h. ,,"ncr- sh,p "f ,h. 1IFWF_l " fx, Itan.(c"c.J b"k - ,ho m .... )": ,hi~ " ... hat -"u.." h~~ rcfu ..d "-3$ n(1t au.hQriud 10 .puk to rht r,n, rl!~ 0 .In. ·Th(fC ,,-e,~ S<)n. p"o1l. "h" w"~ <om,a<. "" .... «" ubanon and .he ,n" ...mum p1,,",ng h"" ""III",~lIl. It uo..-d " br (0"," .. ~> "Irtcd by ~()(ERO TriKom-, "h,d. " P"rI(" ~l,nis.r Fou~d 5:I,,,o.~ bu. [ don, not Ih~ official name of ()(I:RO. AI tht lilT>(, (h,nk ,ooa1 ,hal 5:ln"," ",II ,<),.r h,",. W. rht ,.<allon of L,ban Ttkcom ..... m~ .mml- hopt ,ha Ih,. ,,"o,-.mrl("n, ,,-,II hf, (h,. poill" "tilt ducc 1<> politICal ron..,,,, .. o .. nok •• ht ~an ""I ro • ., ... ,.·c ClIn "",k." h. l;r,d, ,Ota II""""""" and .htn TdC<>, .... mll""•. Wha. "ill also nttd 0 o<·,u. IS M ntgo".. · 1101» Ion,.,... ila"-an Ibrnadc . I)",xn ,..,n of ~n a""CC",,,n, wllh ~ I.~rol"~n ope.aror (;"" .... 1 r<)Us",f and ,h .. mn",t. "C"" tn- 0 1u..:h3" cap;!c"y ,n o.d.r 10 "ansf•• ,nfor· ~<>nud on ,h .. ,."m .. "d.. of .h .. pol""31 fencr, m""on (,om ~1afSC,lIc. I ,.ncr I.... h... ,h. calli. rnabl,ng ,htm 10 b~ .h .. Sround .... ork fur ,h .. " end.) ..... ,h3" .. (f" 10 and from ,h • ...,~, "f ,h. polouedl comps control "f ,he >C<:to., By 1>< _ w",ld "j" lu,olX" can CO"" ""0 ,hc c.. bl". Thc ctm!1(, of I.., yoar ,h. cable w)< r.,dl If> ~" ~oon~ prtCO f", .",h ,,~ff,. " "ht"" Sl pcr and all Ofhe. memM. ,<,unrric. of ,h. "0""" mt~al>1 PC s«ond (Mhps) ptt mon,h. which IIum had . un....! TO """ iI, Bur hy ,hen ,h, po- n..,an~ ,h .. , 10Gb of cap;!CIY wonld ,-,", .... ",. 1""-01 " .... of ,h. l.k<:nmrnunKdtnm, ,nin",,, $20.000 PC ",on,h. G"cn ,h ••• ho <~Uub, nt!· ",c.t an>chmg h"1 .li!:"".!. "".k alon. );.n~r3 S1 ""II"nr " ..-h day ~ "8; a. Alf. ha,.., al,,-ad, , ..nhm...! 11o.:1t ,n l.cI-~noo. ,h,. ... «I .. ,,,d,- ,nn,nll ,,,m, ,"" JG 1">t<CI "III "ttd 11[XE.) 10 11"<oon. If lri>.1non "-.. nl> full .«Iund.n". on , .... Cu ....."h· I..,hanon, in.fftU........ 1 "."It>. ...... .. M I:uropt:l" "de" ,tn. ,hc. <an ~I", IttgOl,a. hre"""" ,hot ("~""" ",hi< (""_"I,"" ,he ....... n- ,h. Uri(" con"a" ,n Ind,~. a, .hc .. hie, ",her ,,., " C. JfU" h<OUj:h "h"h Bou ... ~n ~dmJnld • po,",. ""eh 1"I<:,>{,aK"" uk. ahl"" • ",..",h " ~ hllI,Ie_-k "otJld Ot:t:ur ,( ,hc~ " •• a 1.1"" plc-tc h" .,;:.>,n ,h" ,,0,,1.1 n«-..l " g" ~"llXtn of 1r~F! ... a. would he d,., ,·a,.. ,j J( "c~ ,h" .... "h ou,...,/", "If",.~, ,h~ m,n,." ~, long ,n"oJu.(d. Thc (.Jdm<» "Jbl~ JI.., Ic.,-c I..eb.",,," .t ,he t1l<0- 01 (.-pnl> for m,t,n.",,,,· . hc rna"""",, ,,,,,,,,,,1 ,,[ ,he ""., 0 .11"«0 go".,al. ",,"•• helc ... 80,,,,,.,,, "" ,h. ,",n
  7. 7. ""~. i~ In di ....-ct cont~er wuh h ;lI1ce Telccmn But "hile You"cr may be n malor m.ld·discussin!: ~lIch an agreement. block 0 hener [uu."rl1<:. ",her p"lects w,lI al- Si",e It W3< YOll5sd who negot,a,ed lOd CM- so need to be comp!cICtllU ~ec rhe sector re.1chri~<I um ,he 1~IEWE3 projn:t wi,h the consor· an acceptablc I(lob;ll srJlltlartl. According ro,ium. when ,he ,de.:ommLln,c3uons mlnis,er Jean Gebran, IlrujCCtS tlir~-clOr :lr Consolrtlated,umactctl ir, m3n3gemem commnt("(" 10 ff)· and Engrneering and TrJ tling Comp~nr (C ET). th~....· RSI conrrol of the cable, the consorflum bf-. Co urt of 1 "OUnt5. the go,·c rnmenrs puhlicC3 me prctlicrahly confused. In the end rhey de- sotetor auditor. ga,e final approval in "br to acidcd to take a -hands off" approach, aoxordrng project to construcT The tciecommunications10 the sourcc. Of <:()urS( the fog of 1.ehanCst mm,Stry"s $40 ",illio" f;!xr·optic backbonela ws. th~ir sr<:mingl~· inconsistcm applica tion. throughout ,he cOllmry. CET antl A!ca,ci willand ,h ... auonom~· of public inslUmions. espe- earr~· om thc projC<T. which has alre ady begunciaJly OGERO. has nO! helpetl. in Ihe South antl,he &kaa ,·allq·. It is expect- ··Yous§ef !;em a leu{r 10 ,he oonso".ium ed ro r;lke 16 ,0 24 momhs 10 cOmpie,e, ae·,ellrng them no, ,0 hand litl o·cr to ,hc minlStcr. cording to Gcbran.and he doc-s no, ha·e ,h,· right tf) do $fl." said lurthnmore.the ·laS! milc conncction froml!.oust:!ni. Hc would nOt comment on wheth~r the fiber to homts will also nccd 10 be complcr-the mi11lstrr would takc legal action as a rLosult. ed. BUI III the short-tum. enn w;lhou! theS< E,·en if th~ consortium is con· projects, 3G se,,·ict can lechni-",nced to tran$lN comrul, the cally nlll antl 3110w speeds in Theprocedure stipulates Ihm when M is very diffi(ult if it range of 2l Mbps, com pared 10OG ERO hands comrol o[ ,hc ca· you ride 0 donkey to ,be current average o f O. I ,.:-ven ifhie o>"(r ,0 ,he minisTr~· i, ini,ial· reo(h 0 high summit, ,his may kill private s«!or par-I ~· docs so through ,he Direc·T orate of Opcnuions and Maimc· even if you (house the ItClp;lIion in rhe stetor.nanee. whose head Stamps thc direction" Time lor actionhando,·cr and transfers the asset Wilh a new cabintt and a1Cl Ihe minister"s office. As You sS<f himself new minster that are hulh Tcchnically on ,heholds ,hal POSt. there seems TO be $Cam chancc same sitle. there is some renewed hopeof th31 hapl"Kning. amongs, Those in ,he sector rh~ ! rhe coming According ,0 Bouslani. a, ,he m("("fing of periOtl will b., less fraughl wilh connier. A,ra b TelecommunicaTions miniSlCrs hcltl in go·ernmenr of a single color m~l" be more!lei rUI last month thc minisrr~· rn:ci,·cd nnpor- williug IU scc of( some of the old o ppositionTJ nt political backing thar he thinks will sec guard (Starr;ng lth Youssef). bur who ther,he IMEWF..J hando"Cr 5oon. "I!hough th,s cboosc as a replacemcnt i~ entirely nnothcrloultl nOt be ind~pendenrly ·erifi~d. Th,s maltc!. and whal the market will look like af·woultl nOT soh{ 1.eb3non·s Imernet wOf"~ 0111- t·r an y reshuffle of inSTitu tions. laws antl peo· ·gh" however. "Even if I"HoWE3 is 3C1i,·aT~tl. pic mal JUSt Clltl lip resul ting in ,h.:- same Sta g·", hJ UiK will il h3·c if Ih.:- m,n,stry of nallon chat has plagllCtl the intlus!f)· for o,·c rIelecommunications sells Ihc imernational EI 15 yeats.I,n c 1 Mbpsi 10 IprivaTc seC tori sen· ice 2 "It is very tlifficuh if you ridc a tlonke) rorrovitlers for $3.000. while COSf< On thcm s reach a hgh summil. evcn if lOU choose the tli· .5 than $30?" a.ketl Taraha y. rection; said lluhsoun, referring ro Lcbanon·$ "The [mernet ~USI to (hc consumer will rc- tdecom polic)· tlttision makers. ~It"s impossi· la n high.- he said. 1I"les~ the pri~e of El fall s ble to reach it If )·011 let the donkey chouse the nci In,erneT S<-n·ice Providas (I$Ps ) ha,·e ae- wa~·. Howe,·cr. if you earry th~ tlonke~· you will"5 ,0 ,he balltlwitl th. Lowering prices re- die. We arc slill cn rry"g cionkc)·s and paying ~lI res a decree 10 be issuctl by the cahineT m- for Thcrr fflOtl."."JM Ihe sector is srill nOT libcralil.•·tl as per But tOO.l)" one side of ,he political di, ide call1.1W 431. Bandwitlth will then need 1( be no longer hlame rhe mher for obscructing puliq·h.nded out by the m"istrr under Ihe direc- implemenr.llion. ~ YOII don, h~"c 1""0 sides un~··t"rale general of opemtions and maimenance more so you don·t h,yC ~11)ol1e 10 dclay.w s3.itl,- agam YOIISsefS office. Bolls3ni. Thu<. Ihere:lre no mo re ~X~lIseS. "