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Accelerated Growth


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A Primer on Accelerated Growth Marketing. Is it Right For Your Business? Core Tenets of Success and How To Prepare Your Business to Accelerate Growth.

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Accelerated Growth

  1. 1. Accelerated Growth Marketing A Primer on the Strategy of Rapid Growth March 2018 presented by TBG Marketing
  3. 3. HOW IS GROWTH STRATEGY DIFFERENT? •  Growth Strategy is about accelerating growth at a factor of 2x or more in a vertical market –  Typical business strategy aligns to existing market conditions and earning a measured share in verticals –  Typical business strategy focuses more on mining profits and methodical growth •  Growth Strategy focuses on revenues, cash flow and customers –  Growth Strategy is an aggressive market posture to rapidly gain share and catch competitors off their feet March 23, 2018 3presented by TBG Marketing
  4. 4. What is Growth Strategy? •  Growth Strategy is about accelerating growth at a factor of 2x or more in a vertical market •  Growth Strategy is about winning and keeping customers and amassing large market gains •  Growth Strategy is a change in organizational culture that requires all functions to support aggressive growth •  Growth Strategy is not just new customers, but harvesting more revenues and profits from existing customers •  There are several strategies that may work but these are the most common: –  First Mover Advantage with New Products or Services –  Targeted Markets with Weak Competitors –  Aggressive Pricing to Gain Market Share March 23, 2018 4presented by TBG Marketing
  5. 5. Core Tenets of Success •  Three basic business activities: Lift, Shift, Retain –  Lift is the process of improving the value of existing customers –  Shift is the process of acquiring customers in market –  Retain is the process of maintaining customers as active •  Growth Strategy puts Sales in the Lead and all other functions roll to a support role in the business –  Marketing identifies and qualifies leads to shorten the sales cycle –  Finance identifies optimal profit goals, maintains flexible pricing –  Operations manages the existing customer base with marketing to ensure satisfaction and growth and stemming attrition –  Executive builds a culture of winning customers, develops compensation that rewards the entire organization and offers personal authority to sales to close significant deals March 23, 2018 5presented by TBG Marketing
  6. 6. Role of Sales •  Successfully Accelerating Growth requires a strong sales force with the following characteristics: –  Motivated financially – sales people not motivated to maximize their earning potential will not perform to their potential: uncap commissions –  Intelligent collaborative leaders –sales constructs alliances within the business to provide SME consults and overcome obstacles to the close –  Pipeline management – sales MUST communicate realistic status of opportunities so that the organization can accept customers faster –  Pipeline valuation is developed and accepted by sales, marketing and finance to assign value based on position in the sales cycle –  Speed is Key – opportunities open often briefly and sales needs to move through the cycle rapidly to get to close –  Vertical Knowledge –the more knowledge, experience, and connections sales have in verticals, the higher likelihood of achieving growth goals –  Sales leadership focuses on quarterly goals progress toward company and representative goals progress in unison March 23, 2018 6presented by TBG Marketing
  7. 7. Role of Marketing •  Accelerated Growth requires the identification and acquisition of highly qualified leads by marketing –  Qualified lead ASKS for contact; Committed lead accepts an offer –  Marketing uses automation, content and forms to sift through Suspects and Prospects to get Leads –  Marketing aids in retaining existing customers through cross-sell and up-sell and manages the customer base –  Marketing mines customers for testimonials and “Advocates” who bring more qualified customers into the funnel –  Marketing provides highly personalized materials and intelligence gathering on high value customer targets to facilitate entry strategy –  Marketing develops and maintains the sales pipeline process and a view of all customers in vertical markets to be contacted –  Marketing and Finance assess the financial value of every single customer in the sales funnel to prioritize efforts on best opportunities March 23, 2018 7presented by TBG Marketing
  8. 8. Role of the Organization •  Culture of Winning and Keeping Customers –  There are no bad customers, only unprofitable ones. The organization must manage attrition through strategic negotiations, promotional offerings and extended agreements –  Finance primes the pump on pricing for being aggressive on long-term deals to ensure positive short term cash flow and long-term profitability –  No Dissention – Accelerated Growth MUST include every function of the business. Any component of the business that is marginalized or disenfranchised can derail the culture, introduce infighting and distract the business from it’s stated goals March 23, 2018 8presented by TBG Marketing
  9. 9. Role of the Executive •  Executives create the culture of customer winning by establishing one of mutual respect, collaboration and beneficial compensation linked to accelerated growth •  Executive leadership enables sales to lead the business forward with guidelines and targets on revenues and profits •  Executive leadership lends personal reputation on key strategic accounts to overcome obstacles •  Executive leadership weeds out dissention in the organization to enable fast running business •  Executive leadership ensures the business is properly funded and armed with tools and resources to engage Accelerated Growth opportunities March 23, 2018 9presented by TBG Marketing
  10. 10. SUMMARY: ACCELERATED GROWTH •  Accelerated Growth is a business strategy requiring: –  Executive leadership – lead the culture and enable growth –  Strong company culture – customer winning –  Profitable enterprise – profits are needed to fuel growth –  Viable markets – lucrative opportunities –  Profitable niche – something to seize and own –  Focus on winning customers – Lift, Shift, Retain –  Sales Leadership – collaborative work across functions •  Poor execution of Accelerated Growth Strategy could result in higher customer turnover and a lower profit pool if the business fails to maintain or increase service levels to existing and new customers March 23, 2018 10presented by TBG Marketing
  11. 11. ACCELERATE GROWTH Contact TBG Marketing | 888.358.9344 | March 23, 2018 presented by TBG Marketing 11 LOOKING FOR GROWTH? GET A FREE CONSULT