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Velrada public sector services brochure

  1. 1. Problem Solved Information is everything.
  2. 2. Velradahasavisiontobetheregion’sforemost transformationalconsultingcompany;where clientscometoderiveimmensevaluefrom systemandprocesschange. 02 VELRADA ourclients We seek to delight clients by delivering high value outcomes, and building strategic relationships centred around trust and delivery of value. We strive to have all our clients become advocates for our work. ourpeople We attract and retain the best people through rewarding, empowering and providing opportunities for the team to develop and grow through challenging projects and a positive, sociable work environment. ourcompany We empower the intellectual capital, know-how and productivity of our people to create a sustainable company that is responsive, progressive and ethically responsible. We’re here to make a difference.
  3. 3. Welcome toVelrada. Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with who we are and what we do.We like to think we do things a little differently, as we work with our clients and each other to ensure that complex business and systems projects are delivered successfully. We don’t just deal in theories, but in the practicalities of effecting complex transformation and we aim to only recruit top business and systems consulting people, with a proven track record in successful delivery. We’ve demonstrated time and again that a model of a small group of our consultants – with our IP – working within our client’s team will guarantee the best result. We’re here to make a difference – to our clients, our people and our company. Rob Evans CEO WELCOME 03 Hello.
  4. 4. Absolute client focus. Our integrated approach to technology-enabled business transformation, and ability to engage across the entire project lifecycle, is overlaid with significant industry expertise in the state and federal public sector, not for profits, mining, oil and gas, engineering, and utilities. Our public sector clients face a range of complex challenges in transforming and improving their organisations in response to the opportunities presented by the regional and local Australian economic conditions, as well as other factors such as the move to online service delivery. Key drivers of engagement in the public sector are: ■■ Strategic information management driven by complex operational, communication, process, compliance, risk and environmental management needs across a range of agencies. ■■ Operational efficiency, through understanding systems, people and process considerations and enabling citizen centric service delivery initiatives through innovative approaches to solution design and development (e.g. business process reengineering, ICT organisation design, business intelligence and master data solutions, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning). ■■ Organisational development, reengineering and change management to support large scale business transformation, and risk and regulatory compliance. ■■ Business, technology and systems integration and requirements for strong cross-platform expertise in enterprise resource planning, shared services, and the flow on effects of public sector reform initiatives. Velradaregularlysupportspublicsectorclientsinstructuring,evaluatingandmanagingservice deliverybythirdpartiestoensurethattheyobtainbestvalueinprocurement. Wealsosupport majore-transformationprograms,mostlywithinhigh-profilepublicsectorinitiatives,providing assuranceinend-to-endbusinessanalysiscycles,projectandprogramplanning,andthesetting andmeasuringofvariousmetrics,includingservicelevelagreementsandvalueformoney. 04 VELRADA
  5. 5. Unique blend of solutions. RISK & COMPLIANCE Demonstrating value with proactive risk management. Proactive risk management is now a focus across all projects.We help organisations adopt a holistic approach that encompasses people, process, technology and culture, embedding risk as part of the organisation’s strategic plan.Thisenables ourclientstoidentifymulti-dimensionalrisks thatmayimpactachievingorganisational objectives.Ourproactiveapproachto managingriskthatisnot compliance-driven enablesustoidentifyopportunitiesthat createvalue,ratherthanjustavoidingthreats. INTEGRATED& INTELLIGENTOPERATIONS Business efficiency through automation and collaboration. Integrated Operations Centre projects represent a huge technical and operational undertaking.We are driven by a core team of specialists who have designed and implemented multiple IOCs throughout the region.We leverage our experience in program design and delivery, enterprise solutions, infrastructure services and organisational change management to give confidence in a successful outcome. OPERATIONALEFFICIENCY Focused on the push for increased productivity. The new economic environment is seeing productivity take centre stage as a pillar of sustainable competitive advantage. This has created a strong and immediate need to refine and reengineer organisation, process and support systems.The opportunity is to drive efficiency around operations and asset performance, remove duplication, optimise operations and drive significant cost improvements. SYSTEMS & ARCHITECTURE Technology capability enables business change. Wehaveanabsolutecommitmenttobusiness andtechnologyalignment,withastrong, practicalunderstandingofthechallengesof managingandoptimisingoperationaland informationtechnologyecosystems.Weare certifiedMicrosoftGoldpartnersandhavewell developedprofessionalpracticesinMicrosoft SharePoint,CRM,BI/SQLaswellasintegration andenterprisesystemdevelopment experiencewithSAP,OracleandDocumentum. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Deliberate and planned approach delivering agility, enablement and collaboration. By focussing on business requirements and end user adoption, we help clients remove the barriers of traditional information systems through pragmatic and flexible designs. Our approach ensures the value and integrity of your information asset is realised and that return on investment is maximised. SOCIAL,MOBILE&WEB Designinganddeliveringoutstanding customer,clientandemployeeexperiences. RealisingROIforyournextweb,socialormobile projectisaboutgettingoutofthewayofthe needsofyouraudience,allowingthemtotransact withyouwhereandwhentheywantto.Ourteam ensuresyoursystemsandapplicationsputyour usersattheheartoftheexperience;whether buildingscalabledigitalmarketingoreCommerce platformswithfullyintegratedchannel managementandanalyticscapabilities,orline ofbusinessapplicationsdeployedacrossa rangeofinternetenableddevices. BUSINESSCHANGE Transformation delivered in practice, not just in theory. Our view of change and transformation centres on supporting fundamental analysis, rethinking and repositioning of business operations. We provide the vision, leadership support, program and project management, and organisational change management to deliver successful outcomes. CIOADVISORY Specialist knowledge and advice to realise operational efficiencies. WeprovideCIOs,andotherseniordecision- makers,withrelevantandinformedexpert advicecombinedwithpragmaticsolutions tobusinesschallenges. Thesechallenges areoftenfocusedonoperationalefficiency, businessresilience,businesstransition, project/programgovernanceandIT/ICT strategiesthatdeliverrealvalueandresults. Weseekaccountabilityforourconsulting engagementsandstrivetobecomea‘trusted advisor’toourclientsthroughacommitment todeliveryinallareasofengagement. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS 05
  6. 6. “The time saving allows more focus on valuable tasks like getting out into the field to work directly with the traditional owners.” WA State Government Department A proven track recordofsuccess. 06 CASE STUDIES Approvalsmanagement systemrevolutionises land-useapprovalsand dramaticallyreducescosts. SUCCESS STORY: MAJOR PUBLIC SECTOR AGENCY (WA) APPROVALS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Velradadeliversaninnovative, onlinecitizen-centricservice deliverysolutionleveraging existingtechnologyand reducingTCO. SUCCESS STORY: MAJOR PUBLIC SECTOR AGENCY (WA) ONLINE CITIZEN-CENTRIC SERVICE SYSTEM Velrada’strackrecord inenterprisecontent managementwas instrumentalinthe successfulimplementation ofasolutionwithover SUCCESS STORY: MAJOR PUBLIC SECTOR AGENCY (WA) KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
  7. 7. VALUE 07 Industry focused, subject matter experts. Ourdepthofindustryknowledgecomesfromhundredsofprojectssuccessfullydelivered.Oursubjectmatterexpertisecomes fromdoing,notjusttalkingaboutit.Itgivesustheconfidencetoworkwithourclientsaspartners,tosolvetheirproblems. Track record of delivery. We’re practical, hands-on and have delivered complex projects for enterprise public sector clients, global resources players, and a range of mid-tier commercial organisations. Local knowledge international experience. We live at the sharp end of our client’s business issues and our people a drawn from a range of backgrounds including tier one consulting firms such as CapGemini, Oracle, Microsoft and Andersen. Change, risk and project management. We have a business consulting team that specialises in organisational change, risk and project management – disciplines often overlooked until there is a problem. Business and technology alignment. We focus on the user and the business problem, not the technology; this is absolutely at the core of how we operate. Our vision is to be the region’s leading transformational consulting company where clients come to derive immense value from system, organisation, and process change. We have a proven track record and an absolute commitment to aligning technology to business requirements. Value without compromise.
  8. 8. Want to know more? p. +61 8 6460 0290 f. +61 8 9321 3629 e. Or come and find us online. Perth. Level 22 140 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000 Melbourne. Level 10 50 Market Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Singapore. C/ - MGI & Associates 60 Robinson Road 11 - 01 Bank of East Asia Building, Singapore Adelaide. Suite 506 147 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000 About Velrada Our vision is to be the region’s foremost transformational consulting company where clients come to derive immense value from system, organisational, and process change. We have grown to over 80 consulting staff with a presence in Perth, Adelaide, Singapore and Melbourne, and we ranked 2nd in the 2011& 2012 SmartCompany SMART50 awards, as well as 5th in the 2013 BRW Fast Starters. Our industry focus is on State & Federal Government enterprise, financial services, Earth resources and associated EPCM services. Public Sector Partner of the Year F I N A L I S T Partner Network MAPA 2012