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Follow Michelle Obama’S Fashion


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Michelle Obama is someone who knows fashion very well. What she loves will also be popular. Now she tells us how to be more beautiful and grace with the help of pearl necklace.

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Follow Michelle Obama’S Fashion

  1. 1. Follow Michelle Obama’s Fashion In the past, pearls have been a favorite of older women, grandmothers and socialites. But today, that’s all changing. Pearl necklaces and pearl sets are making a comeback in the office and in casual wear. It might have something to do with style setter Michelle Obama, but recently, pearl necklaces have really taken off as a fashion must. The great thing about pearls is that their versatility allows them to be paired with just about anything to achieve an effortless and classy look. Pearls can complement a sweater set or button down shirt for a pulled together professional look. They can dress up a pair of jeans and a tank top for cocktail hour. They can add a little something special to a basic black dress for a night out on the town. Pearl necklaces are surprisingly versatile and always beautiful. The sheen from their natural beauty adds grace and glamour to whatever outfit to which they
  2. 2. are paired. Pearls are available in a variety of colors including off-white, rose, silver and black. Black pearls are the rarest and most expensive and look phenomenal when worn as a set. To make a pearl necklace more modern, try layering the look with several necklaces of different lengths or a multi-tiered necklace. Oversize faux pearls are also very popular, especially for earrings or cocktail rings. The setting of the pearls depends on your preference, and silver is considered very of-the-moment. The key to a great pearl setting is to let the natural beauty of the pearls stand out while complementing the undertones of the stone. If you are a fan of pearls but you’re not sure how to wear them, try to subtly incorporate them into a necklace or choose a pendant with a single pearl. Many settings use Mother of Pearl or pearlized stones to achieve a shimmer effect.