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  1. 1. Name : Matías Armijo Renata Herrera Diego Valenzuela Class: 5ºA Miss : Laura Fonseca
  2. 2. Introduction  The surf is a sport that needs many skill and balance to realize it. It is necessary practice very much and possess a suitable equipment, being important more the table (of good quality and resistant). Objetive: 1. To know more brings over of this sport and his history. 1. Mentions some sportsman that they practice it worldwide.
  3. 3. The Surf  Sports activity in which an individual is left standing carry on a board which is driven at high speed on an ocean wave when breaking.
  4. 4.  The surf today can also be practiced in artificial wave pools.
  5. 5. Origin of the surf Two theories exist on the origin of the surf  The origin of the surf might place in the Islands of the Pacific Ocean South and of Micronesia, in the bosom of the culture Polynesia.  But engravings exist that relate to the surf with the North of Peru
  6. 6. History of the surf The history of the surf is in two places at the same time in two you were:  The age of the classic surf in Hawaii  The age of the modern surf
  7. 7. The age of the classic surf in Hawaii  It was the age previous to the discovery of Hawaii for the explorer James Cook  Not they all were using the same type of table and were using the surf to demonstrate the courage of the persons
  8. 8. The age of the modern surf  The classic surf I finish after the arrival of the western ones to the island of Hawaii Later, they took again the surf thanks to ten descendants of the former Hawaiian kings
  9. 9. Equipment the surf The first thing that we must have is a wax for the table.  A vest of sleeve talks or short.  A suit of neoprene.  A few shorts or shorts.  And principally the table
  10. 10. The neoprene is a costume made of a resilient material that protects the waterproof.uerpo frío.
  11. 11. There are many types of tables but the design used is the "3 fin thruster".
  12. 12. Most important of sport Some of the more prominent figures are :  Duke Kahanamoku  Kelly Slater  Fanning  Tom Carroll  Andy Irons  Felipe Pomar  Laird Hamilton  Tom Curren  C.J.
  13. 13. Conclusion  For us as a group was important and entertaining research about this sport. details about him that we did not handle.  We also learned that you need to have a good team great sportsmanship to practice.  Know too, that not only can sorfear at sea, there are other places qualified as wave pools, to practice.
  15. 15.  Actividad deportiva en la que una persona se deja llevar de pie sobre una tabla que es impulsada a alta velocidad en una ola del mar al romper.
  16. 16. El surf hoy en día también se puede practicar en piscinas de olas artificiales.
  17. 17.  Lo primero que debemos tener es una cera para la tabla. Un chaleco de conversaciones o manga corta. Un traje de neopreno. Unos shorts o pantalones cortos. Y sobre todo la mesa
  18. 18.  El neopreno  es un traje hecho con un material elástico e impermeable que protege el cuerpo  Hay muchos tipos de tablas pero el diseño más utilizado es el  “thruster de 3 quillas”.
  19. 19.  Algunos de los mas unambles figuras prominentes son: Duke Kahanamoku, Kelly Slater, Fanning, Tom Carroll, Andy Irons, Felipe Pomar, Laird Hamilton, Tom Curren, CJ
  20. 20.  Para nosotros como grupo fue importante y entretenido investigar acerca de este deporte. Conocer detalles de él que no manejamos. También hemos aprendido que es necesario tener un buen equipo y un gran espíritu deportivo para practicar. Sepa también, que no sólo puede sorfear en el mar, hay otros lugares calificados como piscinas de olas, para practicar


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