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1.children´s ability to grasp meaning


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Published in: Technology, Education
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1.children´s ability to grasp meaning

  1. 1. TEACHING ENGLISH FOR PRIMARY EDUCATION 1.1.Children´s ability to grasp meaning Cecilia Maller, 2014
  2. 2.  Children (Ch) understand what they listen before understanding individual words.  How to help ch. to understand unknown words and phrases: - Intonation - Gestures - Facial expressions - Actions and circumstances
  3. 3. IF THEY UNDERSTAND MESSAGE… THEY UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE  To maintain this first source of understanding is a fundamental part of human communication.  Highly developed ability in primary for this, but difficult for them to follow purely verbal instructions and info.  How do we know it´s not working? They get it wrong.
  4. 4.  Ch. have interpreting skills ability to understand messages. That´s how they learn new words ,concepts and expressions in L1. How do they learn a new lg.? Ch. call on same skills to interpret new: sounds, words and structures.
  5. 5. WHAT TO DO TO SUPPORT AND DEVELOP THIS?  Use: gestures, intonation, demonstration, actions, facial expressions.  What for?  To convey meaning of what said.
  6. 6. Ch. abilities:  Perceive meaning  Great skill in producing meaningful lg. from limited sources.