Life in Japan


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This is a powerpoint about life in Japan. It should be noted that some slides eg "home delivery" and "summer breakfast" are typical in my life but quite atypical of Japan.

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  • Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa, mountain range
  • In Akita Large seasonal variation, snow markers, not all roads cleared of snow
  • In Iwate, Cherry blossoms – warmer, picnics
  • Japan Sea Coast Hand cut, dried and hung ricefields,
  • Park in Central Tokyo Japanese maples, very typical scene in a central tokyo park, common at museums, galleries,
  • Tokyo 13 million + metropolitan feeding area 35mililion.
  • Old style housing recently been demolished, narrow streets, no longer legal,
  • Shoes, raised floor level, Multi purpose, people moving to wood, beds / futon, all
  • No oven, large sink,
  • Note – while this is a typical Japanese summer meal, it would not typically be eaten at breakfast.
  • Different cooking styles, different colours, contents
  • Contents, cooking style, colours, seasonal imagery,
  • extensive
  • Buy tickets, assumption of honesty, minimum fare & top up, pass cards for all systems and shops
  • 450km -2 hours, 150km 3 hours
  • Rural tourism, rice, fairy story,
  • Cigarettes very cheap, Labels off, burnable, non burnable, paper, glass, PET, oversized, + milk cartons, food trays, batteries, cartridges etc
  • Convenience
  • Space saving, energy saving - cool biz
  • Life in Japan

    1. 1. Life in Japan  日本の生活
    2. 2. Map of Japan
    3. 3. Winter 冬
    4. 4. Spring  春
    5. 5. Summer  夏
    6. 6. Autumn  秋
    7. 7. Tokyo 京東
    8. 8. Apartments with futon hanging to dry On the way to the stationAt home in Tokyo
    9. 9. Tatami mat room Futon that fold awayShoes off inside
    10. 10. A kitchen - without an oven
    11. 11. Cooking and Eating
    12. 12. Tofu & gingerCucumberChopped green onionGrated white radishEggplant with misoTomato and OkraDipping sauceSomen noodles (wheat)Summer breakfast
    13. 13. Home made bento box
    14. 14. Department store bento box
    15. 15. Fast foodVending machine for fried foodRolled sushiBeef bowl (with rice)
    16. 16. Slow foodSundrying fish Shelling beans
    17. 17. Tokyo transport  
    18. 18. Tickets  
    19. 19. New series shinkansen(bullet train) Local train on a ruralbranch line in NorthernJapanTrains  
    20. 20. Ricefield Art
    21. 21. Home delivery with a twistChrysanthemum flowers Mountain mushrooms & vegetablesKiritanpo -rice stick and chicken hotpot Fresh vegetables, tofu, mushroom, simmeredbamboo
    22. 22. Separating rubbishRetina detectingvending machines
    23. 23. Japanese or western?Vacant or busy? Phone rechargers
    24. 24. Space saving car parksGreen curtains