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  1. 1. M E D I A K I T Cecilia S. Aiken
  2. 2. Permission Letter  Permission Letter  Cecilia S. Aiken  2833 South Adams St.  Apt. 609- A  Tallahassee, Fl. 32301  (850)-264-1163  Kyle Harris  President of Bethel Collegiate Ministry  2544 San Miguel Drive  Tallahassee, Fl. 32304  (850)-599- 3505 office  (478)- 951- 8812 cell
  3. 3. Permission Letter Dear Kyle Harris, My name is Cecilia S. Aiken I am a senior at Florida A & M University. I am currently enrolled in a Public Relations Methods course that requires me to find a non- profit organization to create a Media Kit for a major project. I would like your permission as the President of the Bethel AME Collegiate Ministry to grant me the permission to use various materials and information provided to create a media kit for your organization. By signing this document you are giving me the permission to use your organizations information and logo to create these documents for this course. Along with your advisement as a client I will be in your service until the services rendered or production of media kit completed. Kyle Harris (printed):_________________________________________ Kyle Harris (signature): _______________________________________ Cecilia S. Aiken (printed):_____________________________________ Cecilia S. Aiken (signature): ___________________________________
  4. 4. News Release Bethel AME Presents Club Bethel Christian Night Club  Tallahassee, Fla.- Oct. 12, 2009- Bethel AME Church announced its final preparations for the annual event known as Club Bethel Nite. Club Bethel was started to provide a Christian alternative for young people between the ages of 16 to 25. Bethel AME church seeks to provide a safe place where young people can get together to celebrate their religious beliefs. The event will take place on Oct.13, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The entertainment includes a live DJ and door prizes. Additional activities at Club Bethel include the following: dance contests, poetry readings, live band performances, musical artist-MiPeace, recreational games, and prizes. There will be refreshments, dinner and desert served during the festivities. About Bethel AME Church Collegiate Ministry:  The Collegiate and Young Ministry is one of the outreach ministries at Bethel AME Church. We are dedicated to our mission of providing opportunities for college students and young adults to learn and apply the basic principles of Christianity for the enrichment of the individual, the Church and the community.
  5. 5. Fact Sheet Overview:  The Collegiate and Young Ministry is one of the outreach ministries at Bethel AME Church. We are dedicated to our mission of providing opportunities for college students and young adults to learn and apply the basic principles of Christianity for the enrichment of the individual, the Church and the community.  We are a group of young adults united by the love of Christ. As individuals, we may be in different places in life but, together, we are stronger because of our diversity. We are linked by our need to share our gifts with each other, our families, and our communities. Our Mission:  To develop an action plan of:  1. Strengthening the Collegiate and Young Adult Ministry  2. Expanding the role of young adults at Bethel AME Church  3. Providing a vehicle for the continued growth of Bethel AME Church Our Purpose:  The Collegiate and Young Adult Ministry serves as a vehicle in developing young adult members into positive Christian leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church while providing an opportunity to serve the church, the community, and God. For More Information:  Details about Bethel AME Church Collegiate Ministry may be forwarded to Kyle Harris at (478)-951- 8812 or
  6. 6. Blog Ideas  The topics for the Bethel AME Church blog can range from a variety of topics. Such as, the upcoming holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The members in the congregation could submit recopies for their famous dish in exchange a prize.  Another issue that the blog can discuss is the various sermons that the pastor has given in the past and how these sermons affected their lives.  The blog can be where members of the church come together as a unit to discuss what has been going on in the community and how it affects the congregations and what each the church can do to help make society a better place to live.
  7. 7. Critic of Website  Bethel AME Church has finally gotten their website up and running so it seems. But, if you click on more than half of the hyper links display there will be a nice display of a message that say Information Coming Soon. This is a little discouraging after the website has been out of service for a while. My first suggestion would be to hire a qualified professional to get the website operational as soon as possible. Even though this service may cost the church a considerable sum of money, the ability to showcase the facility and possibly win more souls to the Lord and even get a few new members will definitely make up for the expense.  Another problem that I see that is very visible is that fact that the information that is provided besides the operational services hours and general information is outdated. I would suggest that the leaders in charge appoint a church member who might already be on the ministry staff to monitor the information the comes in. Their job would be to input new information and filter out old information to be put into the church archives.  A technical issue concerning the website would have to be its lack of multi- media content provided to the audience. There is box designated for videos but the footage is not being displayed. The box is just empty featuring the word video coming soon. These major website design malfunctions or lack information would make me wonder why they even bothered to display an incomplete website in the first place. Maybe the simple fact is that the website is being rebuilt and in the meantime there will be missing information until the construction of the site can be completed.  Although, the photographs of the congregation and the pastor were vivid in color. I would have honestly like to have seen more interaction between the congregation and the pastor or maybe in general more photographs that shoed more action
  8. 8. Speakers Bureau List Name Position Subject Pastor Julius Lead Pastor Leadership In the Church Brother Kyle Harris President of the Collegiate Ministry Importance of Volunteer Work Bishop Mckinely Young Visiting Bishop Importance of Positive Role Models Reverend William Liptrot Associate Pastor Importance or finding ones purpose in life. Reverend Ralph L. Wilson Elder of Church Importance of Community acting as a collective unit to raise youth. Joanna Hawkins Counselor of Children Encouraging others to Volunteer or help.
  9. 9. Pitch Letter Bethel AME Church is holding its annual Christmas celebration Dec.25, 2009 in the sanctuary located on 501 West Orange Ave. Tallahassee, Fl. 32310 at 9 p.m. I think that the Christmas day celebration event would be absolutely fantastic for the Capital Outlook newspaper. Bethel AME Church has a large congregation and serves a variety of citizens in the community with their service projects. This annual event has been well attended in the past with excellent entrainment and message to the people. It marks a major holiday that everyone is sure to enjoy. This event is large enough to be considered a worthy destination. If you are interested in a good story for your religion section this December look no further than Bethel AME Christmas Celebration with family and friends. Our church in association with student volunteers is offering a story exclusively to Capital Outlook newspaper, so I would need your interest soon as you can confirm the deadline I am sure that Bethel AME Church will collaborate well with your team. Please call to let me know if there is anything that you need help with completing. I will contacting you with a call on December 15, 2009, to confirm your decision. If you need any help on the “possible” story on the Bethel Christmas day celebration don’t hesitate to keep in touch. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Cecilia S. Aiken
  10. 10. News Story Bethel Christmas Celebration Tallahassee, Fl.- The Bethel AME Church Christmas celebration is coming soon this December at the sanctuary located on 501 W. Orange Street Tallahassee, Fl. 32310 on Dec. 25, 2009. Men, women, and children of all ages are welcome to attend the Christmas Day celebration activities. Bethel AME Church is a local community church that serves a large population of the citizens on the south side and larger Tallahassee area. The annual Christmas celebration is extra special this year due to the large number of guests anticipated for the days activities. The initiative taken by Bethel as a whole to get the community more involved with church activities has increased the level of participants in the scheduled program offered this year. There will be plenty of activities set up for the youth to enjoy as well as adults. There even is an option to send your children to youth Sunday school and bible study. So everyone can enjoy the sermon given by the presiding Pastor Julius, speakers including Associate Pastor William Liptrot, Elder of Church Reverend Ralph L. Wilson and many special guests intended to speak on this very special day. Kyle Harris, the president of the youth and collegiate ministry is looking forward to the celebration. The schedule of events includes various musical selections from the local choir, selections from youth choir, musical solos, a sermon, prayer, greeting the pastor and staff, and a intercession, followed by a Banquet of food celebrating the new season.
  11. 11. Position Paper The time to change for the future is now. There needs to be more youth involvement in the church. The value of the youth participating the youth sponsored events at Bethel AME Church and other congregations would help make society a better place. Issues affecting today’s youth are serious and can change the dynamic of a community if the problem is large enough. Major social problems affecting today’s youth would be first and foremost the lack of positive role models for them to look up to a stable figure. Another, major problem would be the lack of parental guidance. Some parents do the best they can but somehow their child is still just sliding by due to a stressful home environment with a single parent household. Unfortunately, while their parents are at work all day struggling to put food on the table. Their child is being taught how to behave from a teacher due to no fault of her own has a different set of standards for solving problem. Which creates tension in the home when the parent is question about their particular form of parenting techniques. After a long day, the single parent is tired and may not be able to give their child the full attention he/she needs because of the fatigue. A suggestion would be to involve your children in after school programs in a Christian centered environment. This way you know that your child is being taken care of, they are learning the proper way to handle social situations according to your belief system, and they can learn something new about the bible and the world. The children are at day camp learning and playing as the parent you can get a much needed break from the day. When you go to pick up you child from day camp or after school program you will be well rested and able to give your full undivided attention to your growing child. The young adults and children alike need the guidance of those before them. Thus, by involving them in church activities you provide them with a valuable resource of wisdom and experience that will make their lives much easier. When the church community comes together as a whole to help direct and nurture the youth, they will more than likely grow up to be positive contributing members of society.
  12. 12. Speech Dr. Julius H. Mc Allister Jr. Senior Pastor- Speaker Subject : Finding your purpose in life. Audience: Youth and Collegiate Ministry Location: Sanctuary Date: December: 20, 2009 Directions: Reverend Julius stands behind the pulpit addressing the youth assembled in the congregation with a general greeting. How are you this evening? I hope you are as blessed as I am on this beautiful day. I am hear to talk to you today because I have a vested interest in your future. It is never too early to start your journey. You may ask yourselves, “what is he talking about?” Well, I won’t keep you guessing for too long. I am talking about finding out what your purpose is in life. This is no easy task and many times people get it wrong during the walk to understanding. This may be one of the hardest things you may have to figure out in this lifetime. But, when you do it will be all worth the wait. You will a sense of true purpose and a real meaning for your existence in this life. And those of you who do not find out what their purpose is in life right away don’t be discourage you may have to learn a little more before that particular information is given to you by our Lord and savior. The first step would be to pray and ask the Lord for patience and understanding. You may be restless and do not want to wait on the answer. Or you might feel as if when you get your answer it makes no sense to you. Be calm and remember that there are elders and other qualified members to help you during this time of transition. -The second step is the get your house in order. You can not expect to be put on a mission to help serve the outside world if you can not take care of yourself. -The third step would be to ask yourself honestly what are strengths and weaknesses and take a couple of personality profile tests to measure what you naturally good at performing. This will help you get to know yourself better and it will give you a good insight of where you might want to improve. -The fourth step would be to start volunteering, or working in new areas of activity around the church you may find your niche soon enough working with the youth ministry as a volunteer. -The fifth step is to evaluate what you think your purpose could be. Go over it in prayer to the Lord and be patient enough to wait for the answer. Your purpose in life may take you father than you have ever dreamed. But, only if you have the faith, discipline, determination, and lastly patience to endure to the end.