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CEC Mini Collection


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This is a small collection of writings taken from the contest by CEC on Vietnamese Teacher's Day

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CEC Mini Collection

  2. 2. “This is a collection of candidates’ writings in the writing contest held by CEC on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day” ____ November, 2012 ____ CONTENTSIntroduction………………………………………………………….….03You saved my life! ……..................................................................04 “Sat thu”- My dear teacher………………………………………………..05 You are my best friend forever! …………...........................................06 The teacher from poetry………………………………………………….07 My young Dad …………………………………………………………..08 About writers ……..…………………………………………………….09
  3. 3. Introduction What CEC writing contest?CEC writing contests are held monthly by CEC- Community English Club. This activity is carried out in orderto promote a competitive environment for all students of Faculty of Foreign Languages to improve theirwriting skills. On the occasion of meaningful days of a month, (Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Women’s Day,etc.) this writing contest is held and lasts for a week. There are three winners in CEC writing contest with theprizes which are equivalent to their places. Who are the judges?CEC writing contests are held by CEC. However, CECers are not the judges of this writing contest. In orderto help our contest to be fairer, the judges of CEC writing contests are teachers form Faculty of ForeignLanguages. Normally, there are three teachers are the judges. The final results of writing contest are based onthe scores of all three judges, which ensures that our competition has a perfect basis in terms of evaluation. Why CEC writing contest?CEC writing competition aims to promote an environment for all students of Faculty of Foreign Languages toimprove their writing skill. Additionally, it encourages students to exchange their ideas with others and sharetheir abilities with the world. With a comparison of their writing quality, candidates have a chance to seewhere they are and what they need to improve. How to take part in?CEC writing contest has no limitation about candidates. Candidates wanting to take part in this writing have toonly wait for the announcement on our channels. Then, send your writings to our official Why CEC Mini Collection?CEC Mini Collection consists of all writings of candidates taking part in the competition. With this collection,we hope that it can keep all candidates’ memories and their contribution to this contest. Moreover, it helpsothers to understand more about our contest. ________Have a good time with CEC Mini collection!___________ CEC Mini Collection|3
  4. 4. First Place You saved my life! - Hey, you can do it - I want to talk with you after class, ok? - How do you know? - ………yes! - It’s your choice. I just want to know you - Just close your eyes and believe in yourself! better.( She smiled) She smiled as usual. This smile had a special power. That talk seemed to be unforgettable. I could Whenever I saw it, I felt like the whole world was remember exactly her every word – How do you watching and supporting me. I stepped out and started feel about our class? She asked. I pondered for a writing the first line in my poems:” Nothing but the moment and then took a glass, pouring water into images……Feel with your heart……….”.In my it until it was full. mind, her far-away voice kept me focus on the natural - Our class is like this glass. There is no place for images. When the judge announced the result, so me. Pouring anymore water just makes everything silent was the participants that my heart sank down worse. She smiled. To my surprise, she took a and it seemed to hardly pound. But then, it was petal of a rose on the table, and then put it on the relieved when they burst into clap. I could see my teacher’s face in the crowd, full of rejoice and glass. The water was still. proud…. - You see, you can make this class better. Let’s embellish that life with some pink colour rather Five years ago, I found myself completely lost. There than monotonous white. was no body. Life didn’t appear to have any meanings, just grabbing the books, running to school on time, doing my homework, and listening to my parents She knew I had a remarkable talent for literature. telling me what to do. They always wanted me to be Not only did she give me some tips to learn more top of the world but in their ways, not mine. After effectively, she also encouraged me to make poems going to school, I had to attend some extra classes, just and participated in the literature contest of our to raise my scores in Math, Physics, and Chemistry school. Had it not been for her encouragement, I and so on to satisfy my parents. But I was not really would have never won the second prize in that good at those things. No matter how hard I tried, I contest. could not catch up my peers. I felt disappointed about myself. Another miserable thing: I did not have many One day I asked her how to make friends with friends with anyone for fear that I was not as other people, and how to make how a good friend outstanding as them. People called me “introvert” was. She smiled and said: “Open your heart and because I rarely said anything to them, just burying my give them a chance. Sometimes, you have to build a head in books. wall around yourself, not to isolate you from other people, but to find who are brave enough to break “It would be better to keep your mouth shut and let this wall, to care for you.” the whole world think you’re a fool, rather than open your mouth and prove it”. That “proverb” set up Now she is married. I know she has found the one obstacle in my mind; stop me from talking to anyone. who broke her wall to care for her. Although she is And then she came. She was my new teacher, taking not my teacher anymore which means I don’t have over from the old one who was on maternity leave. I many chances to talk with her, I often ask for her didn’t know why she always paid attention to me. advice when I have to decide something important. Perhaps I looked like a fish out of water. During the This 20/11, I will visit her cozy warm house, to first few weeks, she tried to get close to all members thank for her meaningful advice, which helps me of my class, asking about personal interests, family much a mature” me” as today.” Thank you very background, learning difficulties and so on one by one. much”. Happy Vietnamese Teachers’ Day! The girl who always sat at the corner of the class-me- was the last one she interviewed Diem Thi Thu Thuy CEC Mini collection| 4
  5. 5. Second Place “Sat thu”- My dear teacher Always deep in my mind is the image of a teacher with Therefore, I was too confident to take that and I the gentle eye sight which contains the love for all finished the paper in half of time without going students in his career of education and training. through it carefully any longer. As a result, I was rank just the third position after two others who were not He was our former teacher for three years at high school, as good at English as I was in the comments of others, from grade 10 to grade 12. At that time, our classmates which made me disappointed about myself and used to call him with a special name: “Sat thu” one scary extremely felt shy of what I had said to my friends. So name. It has the same meaning with the word “murderer” I did not want to see my friends, and often kept silent in English while it is Nguyen Duc Duong, a name that in English class, even I quit some English extra lessons. makes us think about a friendly teacher, not a hunter. Secretly, my teacher met me and gave me a book and a Why did we call him like that? saying that: “Being confident is good but being too confident means you will loss all”, He gave me a book It was because of the reason that he was ready to forget and asked me to talk with him when I master its his lunch to be in class in order to control and correct our meaning. class style of work. It was an explanation that we were often out of the school gate at about 12:45 every Saturday Returning back home that day, I read and thought although the class finished at 11:30. He spent his free about a story that my teacher had told to our class time entering the games center to draw some games about my teacher mistakes when he was a naughty boy. addicts of our class out and sent them home. It was until He was also an unlucky student in examination and now, we even could not understand why my teacher, “sat even failed because of his carelessness. I could not help thu”, knew that some truant boys were absent to play crying while reading stories in that book, and I found games though he did not go to school. After the first that no one was perfect and I should change myself so lesson, he led these bad students to the classroom and as not to be “defeated” by this small problems. gave them strict punishment. He seemly controlled all of factors of each student from the smallest problems to the Now, I choose to be a teacher as what my dear teacher most troubled ones. No matter how hard his work was, did, love teaching and the career of educating and he spent his free time to talk and discuss with the parents training students to be the good citizens for the goal of to solve our problems in any aspects. My teacher took building as well as developing our country. I find that, care of all members of our class as if we were his sons and being a good and beloved teacher is extremely difficult daughters. He knew clearly about the condition of each but it does not mean “I am not able”, so I am trying my one’s family. That was why each problem in studying and best, day by day, to improve my knowledge and in daily life was solved appropriately through his help. teaching experiences so that I am skillful and experienced enough to teach my students. He always gave us necessary advice, which helps us to solve our problems because at this age, our understanding From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say and thinking about life were not sure enough to get over thanks and my love to my dear all troubles; however, that we did not hate him, on the teacher.“I, your stupid student, contrary, we admired his good knowledge at thank you very much and wish Mathematics and his teaching skills. The most important you are always healthy and continue thing that made me proud of my teacher is my small story the career of educating students”. that I will never forget. Quach Thi Thuy Thien Once in the contest is held, I also registered to take part in. Before, I claimed to my friends that I was sure to get the highest mark (because I was the best students at English in comparison with others). CEC Mini Collection|5
  6. 6. “He who dares to teachmust never cease to learn.” ____ Anonymous ____
  7. 7. Third Place In addition to that, it was the first time I had ever seen her smile. She asked one by one aboutThere has been a poetry reminding me of a our study, and I could realize easily that she wasteacher. When reading this poetry, everyone very satisfied when all of us had good result incan realize easily that the character study. Unfortunately, I was busy with my studymentioned in it is the teacher- great persons in this occasion later, so I didn’t have chance towho play an important role to help their visit her. Instead of this, I made a phone call tostudents become good citizens. give my wishes to my dear teacher. I was really touched that she just heard my voice, and sheI also have the same emotion. I don’t could realize who is talking to her.remember exactly how many times I haveread these verses, but I’m sure that anytime I An Teacher’s Day is coming again, and I can’tread them, I just remember about a teacher– visit her; therefore I only show my gratefulnessmy second parent. I have been taught by to my teacher by the assistant of telephone, shemany teachers, and each of them has didn’t forget asking about my study and my planinfluenced me strongly. All of them are my for my career in the future. At that time, I onlygreat teachers, and I love them so much. wish that I can meet her immediately. RightHowever, if anyone asks me that who is the after graduating from university, I will apply formost impressive to me, I will answer teaching in my old high school where I had manyimmediately that person is my English wonderful memories with my friends and I haveteacher- Mrs. Tinh. a chance to work with my dear teacher too. However, I am sure that though I can become aShe is my English teacher as well as the head great teacher, Mrs. Tinh is the greatest teacherteacher in my class in three years at high I still remember the first day thatMrs.Tinh went in my class when we were Ngo Thi Thanhgrade 10. She looked very strict. She alwaysgave punishment to lazy students, soeveryone was afraid of her. Even the lazieststudents who rarely did homework of othersubjects also tried to finish exercises whichshe asked. I was one of the best students at The teacherthis subject so this subject was not a troubleto me. There is a truth that thanks to herstrictness, my class was always in the toprank of our school. She not only taught me from poetrygood knowledge but also shared her ownexperience in teaching. Hence,I decided to become an Englishteacher like her. “I treated youseriously for only reason that Iwant you to become goodcitizens and contribute yourtalent for our country’s .Although I know that manyof you dislike me, I can accept that bad thing.” said her. Iheard these honest utterances whenI and my classmates visited her atthe first year in occasion of Teacher’s Day.She was very friendly and close to us. CEC Mini Collection | 7
  8. 8. You are my best friend forever!Anyone finds for himself a particular direction. There Time passed over quickly, we were at grade nine.are people who dream of becoming doctors, Next year would be the time we had to choose ourteachers, architects, etc; another dream how to have high school, moreover pressures of the last year atenough money to provide their families and others secondary school made we feel stress. Miss Ha wasonly expect a normal life with a happy family. When at class more often, talked to us about our dreamsstruggling on the path of choosing for my direction, I and aspirations in the future and then gave us usefulhave met her. She is both my teacher and my friend advices. In the class activity that day, Miss Ha saidwho give the way to me so now I have a little success. touching words to us: “Boys and girls! Everybody has to eat to live. Each person chooses a job, a directionThat day I was at grade six. I was shy by nature; to provide for individual life. I ever was at your age,therefore I chose a seat in the corner without talking I also had dreams and ambitions and I ever madewith others. When our new teacher walked into mistakes but thanks to my friend’s advice so now Iclass, everyone saw her with round eyes “She is so can be here to share you my experiences. Each ofpretty!” the whispers were ringing in the class. Then you here will have your own life, a particular job, ashe introduced her name – Le Ha, the whole class passion to pursue; there is nothing bad at all.admiring again: “Her name is too nice”. My first day However, you sure that your choices are suitableat new school began in eager like that. She not only with your ability and the most important thing istaught us literature but she also taught us how to don’t give up your dreams. Do not lose yourselfdetect and avoid the pitfalls of life. She often took because of money or fame; everything can becare of our studying as well as daily life. One time, recovered, however, losing yourself means losingwhen reading stories, I saw that she was next to me; everything. Miss Ha’s words have been following menaturally I felt my heart beat faster with feverish, in my whole life. Although it may take a long time tosaying “Good morning” was not put into word. It have results, it will be the most valuable.seemed that she understood what was happening onmy mind; she sat down next to me and smiled, “Are Now, I am the last year student. I hope that I canyou reading?” she asked. “Oh, her voice is light”. become Miss Ha’s colleague in the future. For me,Although I talked to her in only fifteenth minutes in she is my best friend forever!the short break, it helps me to reduce the shame inthe new learning environment. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan CEC Mini Collection|8
  9. 9. “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” _____Socrates (BC 469-BC 399)_____
  10. 10. My Young DadWandering on the Facebook, so surprised I was mistake was the lack of experience and patience!to see the status of him: “HCM city from the It is true that, he influences me so much. Notsky!” It means he had just gone away from Thai mentioning about his admirable personalityNguyen. There was a sadness passing my head. I anymore, he may be very different from all people Ifelt that a very important person in my life went have met in my life. Sometimes, I asked myself:away. “How can such a little and simple person like him think of big ideas?” Moreover, what he is trying toYou may misunderstand what I have just said; gain is not for himself, but for a community. Ithowever, that is my real emotion. I always seems that he has a very far and broad vision.consider him to be my young dad. I will not retellthe old story which I used to share with you on Sometimes, he also gives us many meaningful talks,CEC Bi-Zine. What I would like to share here is but the ones I remember most are: “For a bettermy strong respectfulness for his great personality education!”and thought. And: “I have a dream that people all over the world willSimply, he is a rustic teacher. Always appearing study Vietnamese one day…with a bright smile, never creating a strange …but to make the dream come true, we first havedistance with us; his friendliness, humor and to learn English so that Vietnamese values andcuriosity always exists in our mind. I can also culture can be introduced to the world”learn much from his calm. Even though when All what he said is illustrated by all what he hasthings become harder, he keeps quiet and gives been doing.expensive ideas, which are strong enough to In conclusion, he looks like a man opening all doorsdefuse all our excessive fermentation. Up till and dreams for his, I still remember a memory at Mid-AutumnFestival at Tan lap Primary School. When I didn’t I, look just like a child in this huge world! So,do a good job as MC of that program, the having good directions for life is really importantmanager’s bad preparation. However, he for my life. And I am so lucky to be a student ofwas not angry with me, even a little bit. Gently, him! He turned my life to a very correct directionhe only talked to us: “You did A good job! Being by both his broad knowledge and generous heart.MC for about 10 times, and you will be confident Bui Thanh Huongand strong enough!” I really laughed after hearingthat. Obviously, I understood that my biggest CEC Mini Collection|10
  11. 11. About writers Diem Thi Thu Thuy Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan English Education K33 English Education K32 Ngo Thi Thanh Quach Thi Thuy Thien Bui Thi Thanh HuongEnglish Education K32 English Education K32 English Bachelor K34 Photo credit:
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