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Film Pitch


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Film Pitch

  1. 1. Produced by Capi tal Cinema. OUR FILM PITCH
  3. 3. PLOT – OPENING SCENE • A boyfriend and girlfriend will be established, whilst cross cutting to a gang. • The girlfriend leaves, and is about to turn a corner when she overhears a gang talking about a widespread crime. • Girl realises the importance of what she is hearing and films it on her mobile phone. • The gang hear the sound of her phone going off. • The gang chase the girl through an urban area. • The girlfriend thinks she has escaped, and removes the SD card from her phone containing the video. • The audience hear a gun shot. • The camera then pans onto the girlfriend who they discover is the one who got shot. She has her phone in one hand and the SD card in her other hand hidden from view. • The gang approach her body and take the phone out of her hand and break it. They believe they are safe. • The final shot shall be of the girl’s hand slightly revealing the SD card still in her hand – it is safe. The audience hear the sound of sirens in the background indicating the police are on the way and the SD card shall be found. She did not die in vain.
  4. 4. OVERALL VISION OF OUR THRILLER  Continuing from the opening, the rest of the fi lm shal l be the pol ice discovering the SD card and figuring out the details about the c rime wh i c h t h e v i d e o d i d n’ t reve al, and to try and take down the gang.
  5. 5. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS From a questionnaire we created we have found out that Thriller films are most popular with males, who go to see Thrillers in the cinema mainly with their friends. The audience shall expect to see the villain wearing black clothing, and the score of the film to have a tense tone. The film is also expected to be set in an urban city location. We shall use our questionnaire results to aim our film at a male audience. We shall ensure the villain is shown in black clothing and the location shall be an urban setting. Furthermore, the score originally composed for the film shall be tense.
  6. 6. LOCATIONS We will be filming in a variety of locations including: Housing estate – Where the boyfriend and girlfriend part ways. Alley way – Where the gang are congregated. Urban streets – Where the chase scene shall take place, and where the girlfriend shall be murdered.
  7. 7. COSTUMES Gang members will be wearing black jeans, hoodies and boots because black is a Thriller code and convention for representing the villain/evil. The hoodie shall conceal the villains identities which creates a sense of mystery and intrigue. The Boyfriend and Girlfriend shall be wearing mundane clothes, such as light coloured tops to signify good and innocence. This shall show them to be the heroes of the opening scene.
  8. 8. THEMES The themes of threat and pursuing shall featured through out the opening scene, as well as themes of death, investigation and uncovering conspiracies.
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCE Our film shall be certificate 15, as it will include murder, violence, references to drug use and swearing.
  10. 10. GENRE CONVENTIONS Our film shall include Thriller genre codes and conventions such as the following: • Good Vs. Evil • Cat and Mouse Chase • Death and theme of threat • Guns • Urban city setting • Hidden identities • Investigations • Conspiracy theories