Caleb Jenkins TED evaluation


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Public speaking class assignment. Explaining Shawn Achor's speech and comparing his style to that of Ken Robinson.

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Caleb Jenkins TED evaluation

  1. 1. Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret toBetter Work
  2. 2. Shawn Achor is the worlds leader onthe connection between happinessand success.Shawn is also the founder and CEO ofGood Think Inc. A company devotedto consulting businesses to drivetowards happiness.Shawns TED talk has become on ofthe most viewed of all time!
  3. 3. Thesis: To change the way people thinkabout success as it relates to happiness andmotivation.
  4. 4. Shawn’s speech is about how to become a moresuccessful person through finding happinessbefore success. He speaks of how as humans weare goal driven and modeled to think that we canonly be happy after we succeed. Shawn’s modelsays that we need to find happiness in order to besuccessful.
  5. 5. In his speech Shawn Achordoes a great job of engaging theaudience with humor. Throughouthis speech Shawn keeps the humor comingto keep his audience engaged. He speaks about histime at Harvard University and how his friends take noteabout the dining halls similarity to the one out of HarryPotter’s Hogwarts dining hall.
  6. 6. TED Commandment VIII:Though shalt remember all the while: laughter is good.Shawn uses this commandment continuously tokeep the audience engaged.
  7. 7. I give Shawn a three fordynamism.Shawn kept the same pace andvolume throughout the speech.Whether he was presenting facts orhumor Shawn spoke at the same rateand volume. Changing it up a bitwould have made the speech moreengaging.
  8. 8. From Nancy Duarte:Shawn must have seen the samevideo that we saw from Nancy Duarte.He definitely is an expert on engagingthrough story telling!
  9. 9. I’ve gained the knowledge of free speech! What I mean by free speech is that ShawnAchor seems to speak very freely. His words aren’t forced or timid. His presence onstage is that of a man who is simply conversing, instead of “publicly speaking.” Fromthis I have learned to view public speaking as simply a person presenting information.Plain and simple.
  10. 10. Introducing Ken Robinson!
  11. 11. Shawn Achor is a similar speaker toKen Robinson, but I must say he is notas good. Shawn and Ken both do agreat job in engaging the audiencewith stories and humor. What Kengreatly outscores Shawn in isdynamism. Ken is a very dynamicspeaker.
  12. 12. Kill the stress! What I gained form watching Shawn is to kill the stress. Show somevulnerability through humor to break the ice. Also, speak about something yourcomfortable with. If you not comfortable with your material how can you make youraudience comfortable with it?
  13. 13. IMAGE SOURCES1. 144-offnen-sie-denkender-mann-mit-schwimmbad-im-inneren-denken-entspannen- konzeptionelle-bild-von-einem-.jpg11. Company_Conference.jpg13.