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GS0C - "How to Start" Guide

This gives brief guide on how to start preparing for GSoC

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GS0C - "How to Start" Guide

  1. 1. GSoC - “How to Start” Guide By : Chamila Wijayarathna
  2. 2. About Me : From CSE ‘10 Batch. Software Engineer at WSO2 GSoC Participant in 2013, 2014 and 2015 2013 - JRuby 2014 - Apache Software Foundation (Apache Thrift) 2015 - Ruby
  3. 3. Outline Introduction Selecting an Organization Selecting a Project How to Communicate How to start with the Project Writing Proposal
  4. 4. Introduction Hardest part of GSoC is getting your proposal Accepted. Selecting Organization and Project is important. Select organization and project so you can create a proposal without having to learn lot of new things. Before starting proposal, you’ll have to at least learn How to use the product you are contributing How to contribute to the product What’s expected from the project
  5. 5. Selecting an Organization ● 137 organizations have been selected this year. ● List of Organizations - ● Select an organization in a way, you have to learn minimum new things before creating proposal. ● Consider following : ○ Is there any organizations in the list you have already contributed to? ○ Is there organizations you haven't contributed to, but you have used their products/softwares?
  6. 6. If there are organizations you have already contributed to, give priority to them. Because You may already know how to use that product You may know which code segment affects which functionality
  7. 7. If there are no products you have contributed to, then try to select products which you have already used. Because you may at least know how it is working. Eg : Drupal, Eclipse, Fedora, git, GitHub, GNU, Joomla, JQuery, Libreoffice, Moodle, Mozilla, python
  8. 8. If you don’t have organizations yet, select organizations which uses technologies you are familiar with.
  9. 9. If you have selected more than one organization, consider following when selecting the organization to work. Which organization requires technologies that you are strongest Which organization has more accepted projects last year Give preference to organizations in the bottom of the accepted organizations page than organizations in the top.
  10. 10. Selecting a Project
  11. 11. From ideas page select a project you understand the most (You don’t need to understand everything, you can learn if there are any gaps). Give preference to projects in the bottom of the page than projects in the top. Don’t try for project if someone has already shown their interest on it, always try to avoid competition Competition is high for easy projects.
  12. 12. How to Communicate Subscribe to developer mailing list of product you are going to work with Inform organization that you are willing to work on specific project Use IRC, twitter, gtalk, etc. and talk with possible mentors about the project.
  13. 13. How to Start With Project Get product source and build it. If necessary learn required technologies such as git, maven, etc. If there is anything unclear, ask questions at mailing lists and IRC, don’t let them to forget you, always let them know that you are working. If you found anything not working or broken, report them. If possible fix them also. Discuss with possible mentors and get a clear idea about what is expected to done in the project.
  14. 14. Writing Proposal Some organizations give template for proposal. If it is given you have to follow it. If no template given, include following details in the proposal. Personal Details (Contact details, blog, git account) Education and previous related work Introduction / background Planned approach (optional) Estimated Schedule Deliverables
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. For more details, proposal-ready-for-gsoc.html If you have any questions, contact me, ○ Email -: ○ Twitter -: @cdwijayarathna
  17. 17. Good Luck!