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Courtney's pp


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Courtney's pp

  1. 1. Gilmore Elementary
  2. 2. What is Texas STaR Chart?• Four Key Areas• Levels of Progress• Campus Data• Campus Data Compared to State Data• Summary• Now What?
  3. 3. What Is Texas STaR Chart? Acronym for School Technology and Reading Designed to help teachers, campus and districts determine their progress toward meeting technology goals Completed by teachers Developed around the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology Identifies progress of district and campus
  4. 4. Four Key Areas Teaching and Learning Educator Preparation and Development Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support Infrastructure for Technology
  5. 5. Levels of ProgressEarly TechDeveloping TechAdvanced TechTarget Tech
  6. 6. Campus Data 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007Teaching and Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing TechLearningEducator Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing TechPreparation andDevelopmentLeadership, Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing TechAdministrator andInstructionalSupportInfrastructure for Advanced Tech Advanced Tech Advanced TechTechnology
  7. 7. Campus Data Compared to State Data Campus State Campus State Campus State Data 08- Data 08- Data 07- Data 07- Data 06- Data 06- 09 09 08 08 07 07Teaching and Developing Developing Developing Developing Developing DevelopingLearning Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech TechEducator Developing Developing Developing Developing Developing DevelopingPreparation Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech TechandDevelopmentLeadership, Developing Advanced Developing Developing Developing DevelopingAdministration Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech TechandInstructionalSupportInfrastructure Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advancedfor Technology Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech
  8. 8. Summary Campus Strength -infrastructure for technology Campus Need For Improvement -teaching and learning -educator preparation and development -leadership, administration and instructional support
  9. 9. Now What?Continue to be life long learnersMotivate students to use technologyBe creativeBe a risk taker
  10. 10. Infrastructure of Technology In order to take advantage of new technologies in the future, CCISD will need to maintain its high-performance infrastructure.Initiatives Increase unified communications Implement a safe network for improved collaboration 24/7 anytime and anywhere Desktop Virtualization Wireless N upgrades Media Distribution Distance Learning network enhancements
  11. 11. Educator Preparation andDevelopment As students who are considered “Digital Natives” enter Clear Creek classrooms, it is essential that all professional educators acknowledge that the world as we know it now and the world that our students will enter as adults is drastically different.Initiatives Web Instructor Training Continued movement toward all technology professional development embedded in curriculum documents and training TSDP Plan 2.0 Ongoing Learning Staff Development Training Tech U-for new teacher training 24/7 Staff Development opportunities available on e4
  12. 12. Leadership, Administration andInstructional Support Implementing and sustaining school improvement and technology innovation depends on skilled and persistent leadership with the ability to share a vision and consistent expectations.Initiatives Classroom Walk-throughs Blackboard Connect Handheld Mobility Project Increased emphasis on Administrator training in the use of technology Courtneys powerpoint.pptx
  13. 13. Additional Resources Texas Long Range Plan for Technology nalCombinedLRPT2020.pdf Technology Applications/TEKS Texas STaR Chart